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14:25 Kurdistan Guerilla actions in Barzan, Lêlîkan and Hakkari
13:55 Kurdistan 53 areas in Besta and Cudi Mountain banned
13:30 Rojava Medical workers and rights defenders abducted in Afrin
13:20 News Turkey sends troops to Idlib’s Jisr al-Shughour city
12:40 Rojava Turkish state and their gangs now pillage the wheat in Afrin
12:20 News New records from USD and Euro in Turkey
12:10 News OPCW confirms likely use of chlorine in Idlib
11:55 Kurdistan Kirkuk and Duhok results announced, discussions continue
10:55 News Towards the end for ISIS in Deir ez-Zor
10:30 News Germany still turns a blind eye to Afrin
10:15 News Anna Campbell's friends occupy Airbus roof overnight
10:00 News Police operation against ESP members in Istanbul
09:55 Rojava Explosion kills 2 in Qamishlo
09:00 News Venezuela to vote for new President on Sunday
00:30 Rojava The Rojava Revolution favours new education system
00:20 Features Palestinian writer: Jerusalem is the dream we have grown up with
00:15 Culture NAV-DEM: Kurds should defend their language
00:10 Rojava At least 200 villagers abducted in Sherawa area
00:00 News HDP co-chair: Palestine turned into propaganda material in Turkey
19:30 News Turkey jails artist Pınar Aydınlar
16:00 Kurdistan PKK condemns Gaza massacre
15:00 Culture Tan: Comprehensive struggle needed to defend Kurdish language
14:10 Kurdistan 5 Turkish soldiers killed in Lêlîkan and Barzan
13:45 News USD breaks new records every time Erdoğan speaks
13:30 News A 30 km area to the east of the Euphrates has been liberated
13:15 News Baghous village liberated by SDF cleared of mines
13:00 News Activists drop huge banner on Westminister Bridge in London
12:45 Kurdistan Landmine explosions in Bane and Piranshahr: 2 kolbars wounded
12:30 Rojava Refugees in Manbij suffer from heavy rainfall
12:20 News When a murderer protests the massacre in Gaza
11:45 News ISIS uses civilians as human shields in Deir ez-Zor
11:15 News Election results announced for 6 more provinces in Iraq
11:00 Features MEP Ward: There is a form of ethnic cleansing in Afrin
10:30 News Appeal for HDP presidential candidate Demirtaş’s release
10:10 News London chants “Terrorist Erdoğan”
09:00 Features "HDP should play a pivotal role in the 24 June election"
00:40 Women "Rojava shows us that another world is possible"
00:30 Kurdistan Six parties claim for new elections in South Kurdistan
00:20 Women PYD women condemn Turkish occupation of Afrin
00:10 News Iraqi election results will not bring stability
00:00 Kurdistan KCK Education Committee celebrates Kurdish Language Day
16:30 News HDP election manifesto: We will change this power!
16:10 News Demirtaş’s election manifesto vows to end the one-man rule
15:20 News At least 51 Palestinians killed, over 1500 wounded in Gaza-NEW
15:00 News HDP’s Temelli: Today is the time for a fresh start
13:25 News 4 ISIS members killed in Kirkuk
13:20 Rojava Invading Turkish army attacks a village in Kobanê
13:05 News Vatan Party Amed administration resigns, calls for votes for HDP
13:00 Culture Girls of the Sun against ISIS
11:45 News SDF fighters: “ISIS will suffocate in the Cizire Storm”