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12:01 CULTURE Zagros Film Festival shows selection of Kurdish movies online
11:13 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Çalpan: Candidacy of Gültan Kışanak brings hope to Ankara
10:34 CULTURE Documentary about JITEM Case in competition at 43rd Istanbul Film Festival
09:55 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM party ends election campaign in Nusaybin with torchlight rally
09:12 NEWS KCK commemorates martyrs of Mahabad and Kizildere
08:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA 12 ISIS mercenaries escaped thanks to the cooperation with other gangs
07:50 FEATURES Besê Hozat: The municipal elections are being held in a very undemocratic and fascist atmosphere
18:42 KURDISTAN Turkey bombs Bradost in South Kurdistan
18:04 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Election rally in Van: We will send the trustees away on 31 March
17:17 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM Party files criminal complaint over 15,249 'illegal voters'
16:29 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Police barriers placed around the Akdeniz Municipality in Mersin
15:43 ROJAVA-SYRIA Co-chairs of the Court for the Protection of the Social Contract elected
14:00 NEWS US delegation continues talks with Turkish officials in Ankara
13:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRW: Syrians face dire conditions in Turkish-occupied ‘Safe Zone’
12:01 HUMAN RIGHTS Saçaklıdır: Prisoners on hunger strike want their demands accepted
11:13 CULTURE Science for Society - Revolutionary Political Thought of Kurdistan, a conference by ADM
10:34 HUMAN RIGHTS Iranian state forces take Kurdish artist Zade into custody in Ilam
09:55 NEWS Israeli attack on Aleppo: At least 42 dead
09:12 HUMAN RIGHTS Guards attack political prisoners who refused to take off their shoes in Bakırköy Women's jail
08:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA Anti-Terrorist Forces thwart suicide attack by ISIS in Hesekê
07:50 FEATURES Besê Hozat: We started social resistance
18:28 WOMEN YJA Star guerrillas celebrate Newroz in the mountains of Kurdistan
17:49 NEWS DEM Party: AKP acts as the spokesperson of racists in Belgium
17:00 NEWS Corsican Assembly adopts proposal for 'autonomy within the Republic'
16:08 NEWS KON-MED warns the Kurdish people and organisations of 'provocations'
15:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA 3 killed in ISIS attack in Syria
14:26 NEWS Hunger strike of political prisoners in Turkey on day 123
13:39 KURDISTAN Gerîla TV releases footage of action in Zap
12:57 NEWS HBDH Mazlum Doğan Militia claims responsibility for two actions in Istanbul
12:01 HUMAN RIGHTS Öcalan's lawyers file new application to visit Imrali
11:13 KURDISTAN HSM celebrates the Heroism Week
10:34 NEWS The racist attack against Kurds in Belgium protested in Nuremberg
09:55 NEWS Akkuyu nuclear plant workers protest for unpaid wages
09:12 NEWS Racists attacks against Kurds in Belgium protested in Aachen
08:33 HUMAN RIGHTS EMEP was prevented from supporting Emine Şenyaşar
07:49 HUMAN RIGHTS KHRAG calls on Amnesty International to investigate appalling conditions of Öcalan’s incarceration
18:52 NEWS DEM Party Youth Assembly members detained in Istanbul
18:18 ROJAVA-SYRIA Political parties discuss draft agreement on Kurdish unity and solution to the Kurdish question
17:39 NEWS Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan Vigil in Strasbourg in its 613th week
16:55 NEWS KCDK-E: Turkish state seeks provocations in Europe
16:04 ROJAVA-SYRIA Attack kills two security officers of Raqqa Military Council
15:28 HUMAN RIGHTS Bar Associations and NGOs call on the CPT to “take immediate steps for İmralı”
14:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA Terrorist cell eliminated while trying to plant a mine on a road in Deir ez-Zor
13:27 ROJAVA-SYRIA 'UN report on Syria important but deficient'
12:49 KURDISTAN Over 30 people detained in Şırnak and Urfa
12:01 NEWS Newroz celebrated in Toronto
11:13 HUMAN RIGHTS Kurdish political prisoners Moradi and Azizi, 8 months in Evin prison without trial
10:34 NEWS NAV-BEL calls for an end to the tension after Turkish fascist group attacked Kurds in Belgium
09:55 KURDISTAN Police take eight people into custody in Şirnak
09:12 HUMAN RIGHTS 15-year-old kolbar child dies of cold in Saqqez