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12:40 Kurdistan Delegation from Qandil holds talks in KRG parliament
12:20 Rojava Four more civilians kidnapped in Afrin
11:55 Rojava Unidentified UAV hits the mercenaries in a village of Afrin
11:45 News 12 academics for peace dismissed
11:15 Culture 4th Festival in memory of Ivana Hoffmann held in Germany
10:50 Women No news from Taşdemir extradited to Turkey for 4 days
10:40 Culture The old Haj Church in Van is nothing more than stones
10:30 Rojava MSD Youth Organization member and her sister murdered
10:00 Kurdistan Turkish bombardment starts huge wildfire in Bradost
09:00 Features Dams are a danger for Kurdistan 
08:30 News Tevgera Azadi co-chair: National Unity is the key to succeed
08:00 Rojava A theatre play in Shehba refugee camp
07:30 News Residents of Kirazlıtepe say they won't leave their houses
07:00 Women Young Women's Union calls for action against Turkey's occupation
22:15 Rojava YPG: 2 Turkish soldiers and 3 mercenaries killed in Afrin
22:10 Kurdistan HPG reports guerrilla actions in Lelikan and Bitlis
22:00 Rojava Mercenaries in Afrin continue with kidnapping and extorsion
21:30 Rojava Villagers kidnapped and tortured by mercenaries in Afrin
19:00 News Red t-shirts to remain human
18:00 Human Rights Saturday Mothers demand justice for the disappeared in Istanbul
16:55 Kurdistan Kurdish politician Vedat Aydın commemorated in Amed
16:15 Kurdistan Gerîla TV releases footage of action in Siirt
16:00 News Iran cuts flow of electricity to Iraq
15:45 Freedom of the Press Action to demand freedom for jailed journalists in Turkey
15:15 Rojava Turkish state cuts off waters of Euphrates again
14:45 News HDP deputy Beştaş condemns prison sentence for Siirt co-mayor
13:45 News METU students detained for Erdoğan cartoons
13:30 News HDP assigns roles in the Parliament
13:10 Rojava TEV-DEM: Barzani encourages Turkish invasion
12:25 News 8 men with “ties to ISIS” executed in Tehran
12:05 News SDF: 31 villages liberated in Operation Cizire Storm
11:00 News Jailed Co-mayor of Siirt sentenced to 10 years in prison
10:00 Kurdistan Turkish army bombs a village in South Kurdistan
09:30 News Elections in Mexico: The challenges waiting López Obrador
09:00 Women KJK condemns threats against HDP Co-chair Pervin Buldan
08:30 Women Norway must follow the fate of Gülizar Taşdemir  
08:00 Rojava A boy lost his life when mercenaries opened fire in Jinderes
07:30 Women Academic Gulmen taken into custody
07:00 Women Demonstration in Brussels for Kurdish woman activist
00:10 Features Gabriel Angel: The voice of Colombian guerrillas and peasants
00:05 Kurdistan Turkish soldiers kill a civilian in Kanimasi, South Kurdistan
00:00 News Bomb attack kills 10 civilians in Deir ez-Zor
17:00 News Amed lawyers demand justice for Tahir Elçi
16:30 News Deal reached in Daraa: Armed groups surrender
16:00 Rojava MSD condemns Manbij attack, holds Ankara responsible
15:30 Rojava Crimes and atrocities Turkey and mercenaries committed in Afrin
14:45 Kurdistan Xakurkê summit: Epics of resistance in every position
14:20 News HDP’s Temelli: We will struggle in Parliament against this regime
13:40 Freedom of the Press Campaign for jailed journalist Demirci in Germany
13:15 Human Rights Sick prisoner operated on without anesthesia