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17:30 News Political coup before elections: 89 Kurdish politicians sentenced
16:40 Kurdistan Turkish jets bomb civilian areas in northern Iraq
16:30 Rojava Kobanê will rally against occupation on Global Action Day
16:00 Kurdistan Youth Conference in Sulaymaniyah
15:15 Kurdistan KCK: Say no to the occupation of Afrin on 26 May
14:40 News Ghandi's grandaughter: Stop Turkish occupation of Kurdistan
14:20 Women Kurdish politician Tuncel sentenced to 5 months in prison
14:00 News HDP Co-chairs Buldan and Temelli not permitted to visit Demirtaş
13:00 News NAV-DEM calls for action on May 26
12:30 News Prosecutor declares Suruç victim Şen a “terrorist”
11:45 Kurdistan Soldiers take down HDP banners
11:30 Kurdistan People of Southern Kurdistan take to the streets against invasion
11:00 Human Rights Wrote letter to Demirtaş, served 4 extra months in prison
10:30 News AKP’s election campaign: 5 detained in Kocaeli
09:30 Human Rights Peace Mothers from Aleppo condemn the isolation of Öcalan
08:00 News A strategy to overthrow the Government of Venezuela
00:15 Kurdistan HDP flags in front of election office torn down
00:10 Kurdistan Turkish military operation in Şırnak countryside
00:05 Human Rights Lawyers’ appeal to meet with Öcalan rejected for the 758th time
00:00 Features AKP: 16 years of terror – PART II
20:00 News Reactions to PM May’s remarks on Kurds
18:00 News U.S. designates Turkish entities in latest Iran sanctions move
17:40 News 900 bodies exhumed from mass graves in Raqqa
17:30 Features Peoples’ Tribunal verdict: A historic day for justice and truth
17:00 Rojava Italian delegation continues talks and visits in Rojava
16:30 Rojava Displaced people of Afrin: We won't leave our land to invaders
16:10 News SDF arrests the most dangerous ISIS terrorist from France
15:00 News Another appeal for Demirtaş’s release rejected
14:45 Kurdistan HDP Hakkari candidate Güven sends letter from prison
13:45 Kurdistan KCK: “The Turkish army has no chance against heroic guerrillas”
13:10 Human Rights Peoples’ Tribunal finds Turkey violated international laws
12:50 Kurdistan Kurdish politician Adel Murad laid to rest
12:30 Kurdistan Turkish jets shell Hakurk and Bradost
12:20 Rojava List of Afrin residents abducted by Turkish forces and gangs
11:40 News Iraq moves forward in efforts to form a government
11:15 News Asian countries will also protest Turkish occupation of Kurdistan
10:45 Women Êzidî mother who lost three sons continues to resist in Shehba
10:15 News Tabqa’s Watani Hospital back in service after 7 years
10:00 News SDF Commander: “We will move on to liberate Hajin, too”
09:45 News Israil to discuss the 1915 Armenian Genocide in the Parliament
09:30 Kurdistan Casualties among village guards after explosion in Hakkari
09:15 Kurdistan Police severely wounds child in Muş
08:30 Women Ireland to vote in historic abortion referendum
00:10 Culture Living Together through cinema
00:05 News 1st Military Regiment declared in Deir ez-Zor
00:00 Culture FilmAmed Festival returns after a year forced stop
21:50 News German Greens Party pays solidarity visit to the HDP in Cologne
21:30 Features AKP: 16 years of terror – PART I
17:00 Women Kurdish Women’s Workshop issues final declaration
16:45 Kurdistan HDP’s Buldan: Amed will send 12 deputies to Parliament