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07:30 News Call for support for jailed workers of Istanbul 3rd Airport
19:00 Rojava-Northern Syria DAESH mine injured three people from Afrin in Shehba
18:30 Culture Kobanê International Film Festival has begun
17:45 Human Rights Cizre Case in the ECHR: Government gives elusive answers
17:00 Human Rights HDP MP Güven: My protest will continue until isolation is lifted
16:30 News Kurds protest the US decision in Hamburg
16:00 News Kartal: Kurds have the experience and power to repel the attacks
15:30 Kurdistan KDP poses conditions for the new government
15:00 Culture British director Ken Loach sends message to Kobane Film Festival
14:45 News 18 people detained in Ağrı and Ankara
14:25 Human Rights 85 years old Kurdish woman in Turkish jail: Take me to my village
14:00 News Kurds protest in Geneva and Stockholm for Öcalan
13:10 News ISIS attacks Hashd al-Shaabi in Anbar: 9 dead
12:45 Kurdistan YBŞ celebrates anniversary of Shengal’s liberation
11:50 Human Rights Lawyers submit the 763rd appeal to visit Öcalan
11:30 Women Iran executes a Kurdish woman
11:00 News Armed attack on HDP office in Bismil
10:00 Kurdistan KCK congratulates the guerrillas on new tactical offensive
09:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Amudê cinema massacre to be remembered at Kobanê Film Festival
09:15 Kurdistan Turkish jets strike Qandil
09:00 Culture Kobanê International Film Festival kicks off today
08:30 News HDP calls on international community to break their silence
08:00 News Cuban President ending his long international tour
07:30 News Report: Unification of Ireland can prevent Brexit economic crisis
17:00 Women Preparations for November 25 completed in Euphrates region
16:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Martyrs’ Families in Rojava rally against the US decision
16:00 News Protests against the US decision in Athens and Brussels
15:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Policies of assimilation and cultural genocide continue in Afrin
15:10 Rojava-Northern Syria SDF Commanders start new trainings
14:50 News Assyrian-Syriac association condemns US decision
14:30 News Protest against the US decision in Austria
13:45 Human Rights All eyes on the ECHR verdict for Cizre
13:00 Human Rights 181 unidentified bodies in Malatya
12:20 News Heyva Sor A Kurdistane opens office in Livorno
12:00 Human Rights Protests against the isolation of Öcalan grow in Rojava
11:00 News Iran executes 22 people
10:00 Kurdistan Iranian forces kill a kolbar, wound two others
09:30 Culture Occupiers are plundering the sites of Alevi faith in Afrin
09:00 Kurdistan Special forces storm a family house in Van
08:40 Culture Art outlasts the ISIS
08:20 News Paris: Thousands protest against Erdoğan and Trump
08:00 Kurdistan PJAK: US decision serves Erdogan and ISIS
18:20 Rojava-Northern Syria SDF resumes Operation Cizire Storm in Deir ez-Zor
17:15 News Mother of PKK’s Mazlum Doğan passes away
17:00 News Buldan: Attacking people’s will with tanks is called fascism
16:30 News HDP’s Başaran: Aydın's arrest aims to prevent the youth congress
16:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Tirbespiyê Council of Martyrs’ Families condemns the US decision
15:30 News HDP announces plan of actions to support MP Güven on hunger strike
14:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Mine explosion kills a child from Afrin in Shehba
14:00 Kurdistan HPG: 17 soldiers killed, 37 wounded, 9 missing in Şemdinli