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18:00 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM Party co-mayors in Kulp and Ziyaret receive their certificates of election
17:29 NEWS Bodies of 3 missing girls found after migrant boat sinks in Greece
16:54 NEWS Death toll in Gaza rises to 33,482
16:17 KURDISTAN Residents of Maxmur visit the camp cemetery on the first day of Eid
15:33 NEWS Freedom for Turkish assassin, deportation for Kurdish refugees in France
14:58 NEWS 37 MPs call on Serbia to immediately release Ecevit Piroğlu
14:01 NEWS Iran's supreme leader: Israel will be punished
13:26 ROJAVA-SYRIA Eid visits to martyrs' cemeteries in Northern and Eastern Syria
12:47 NEWS KCDK-E: May Eid al-Fitr be an occasion for solidarity and sharing
12:02 NEWS Abdullah Öcalan's books read at the Sorbonne university
11:13 KURDISTAN Entrance to Cûdî and Gabar banned for 15 days
10:34 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Trustee appointed to Hilvan before rerun of elections on 2 June
09:55 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Halfeti: The trustee left a debt of 400 million
09:12 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey continues to cut off water supply to Alouk Station in Hesekê
08:33 NEWS Eğitim Sen: MIT is targeting children
07:49 NEWS "Political Prisoners: Isolation, ill-treatment and torture" conference in Brussels
19:29 WOMEN Woman raped by a soldier in Suruç
18:57 NEWS YSK rejects the applications for Şırnak and Bingöl
18:18 NEWS Security Council to decide on Palestinian accession to the UN
17:39 KURDISTAN KONGRA-GEL: The spirit of resistance should be spread to all areas with Eid visits
16:48 NEWS 33,360 killed in the Gaza Strip in six months
16:10 HUMAN RIGHTS Report: Police used violence, gas and rubber bullets during intervention in protests in Van
15:09 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 CHP fails with appeal against election results in Hatay
14:27 HUMAN RIGHTS Swedish lawyers: Säpo's criminalisation of Kurds in Sweden must end
13:31 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Co-mayor of Iğdır: We will thank the people with service
12:53 KURDISTAN HPG exposes the facts concealed by the occupying Turkish state
12:01 KURDISTAN Village guards to participate in invasion attack selected
11:13 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Amed co-mayor Bucak: We will rebuild our city
10:34 HUMAN RIGHTS DEM Party visits Emine Şenyaşar
09:55 ROJAVA-SYRIA Prisoners benefiting from amnesty issued by Democratic Autonomous Administration released
09:12 ECOLOGY Make Rojava Green Again publishes new report
08:33 HUMAN RIGHTS IHD exposes rights violations in Samsun Kavak S Type Prison
07:50 FEATURES KNK: Erdoğan’s army is now preparing to attack Maxmur and Shengal
18:41 NEWS MAK targets the Grey Wolves Hearths in Siirt
18:08 KURDISTAN More than 30 people detained during latest protests for Van imprisoned
17:29 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Co-Mayor of Kızıltepe: They did not even leave a seat to welcome our guests!
16:46 CULTURE Ramadan Feast enthusiasm in Northern and Eastern Syria
16:02 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS MKG report: Pressure and attacks on women journalists continue
15:28 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 People and co-mayors enter the municipality building in Amed
14:49 NEWS Freedom Vigil activists in Strasbourg: EU should stick to the laws it passed
14:01 ROJAVA-SYRIA 4 people, including two brothers, kidnapped, hundreds of olive trees cut down in Afrin
13:24 ROJAVA-SYRIA 3 million 700 thousand signatures for “Freedom for Öcalan”
12:48 KURDISTAN Gerîla TV broadcasts footage of two actions in Zap
12:02 NEWS 60 women prisoners send a letter to the government to protest isolation in Imrali
11:13 NEWS KON-MED prepares interim meeting
10:34 NEWS 4 April celebrated in Strasbourg at Freedom for Öcalan Vigil
09:55 NEWS Verdict in trial of Kurdish activist Çakas expected on Wednesday
09:12 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish state mercenaries torture a man and son
08:33 WOMEN Internationalist Commune of Rojava pays tribute to guerrilla Sara Dorşîn
07:50 FEATURES Karasu: Kurdish women are at the vanguard of a revolution to change society