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07:46 KURDISTAN Funeral of 4 YBŞ martyrs fallen in Shengal to take place today
22:01 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation forces attack villages in Shera, Afrin
21:18 HUMAN RIGHTS Remains of prisoner Nurcan Bakir finally delivered to her family
20:20 KURDISTAN HPG guerilla Adil Nuda buried after 77 days
19:50 NEWS "They want to eradicate the Alevi faith”
19:10 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish army bombs village in Girê Spî
18:39 WOMEN Two sisters run a carpentry workshop in Raqqa
18:02 NEWS “Attack on HDP is not an isolated incident”
17:33 NEWS Syriac priest released from prison
17:00 WOMEN “We will defend our land and defeat fascism and occupation”
16:29 KURDISTAN Shengal Council: Turkish attack continuation of Yazidi genocide
15:56 NEWS KCDK-E calls for action for Shengal on January 18
15:27 NEWS Russia’s Prime Minister submits resignation to President Putin
15:02 ROJAVA-SYRIA 7 invaders killed, 7 others wounded in HRE actions
14:34 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Azadiya Welat editor in chief sentenced to 7,5 years in prison
14:07 NEWS Armed attack on HDP office in Beyoğlu, Istanbul
13:44 WOMEN Ill prisoner jailed for 28 years ends her life
13:14 KURDISTAN Turkish air raid in Shengal causes material damage
12:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Fire in Hol Camp leaves a woman and her children wounded
12:08 FEATURES Internationalist march: Another dimension of self-defense
11:31 KURDISTAN Poverty and unemployment are increasing in Kurdistan
11:03 NEWS Berlin is hosting conference on Libya on 19 January
10:35 WOMEN Police take woman into custody in Istanbul
10:32 WOMEN Police take 5 women into custody in Ankara
10:16 KURDISTAN Turkish state bombs Shengal
09:48 NEWS New video of Ukranian civilian plane downing published
09:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA Syrian military air base hit by missiles
08:54 ROJAVA-SYRIA Autonomous Administration outlines work to be carried out in 2020
08:19 NEWS Ireland to hold general elections on 8 February
07:48 NEWS UK PM rejects second referendum on Scottish Independence
19:21 KURDISTAN HDP district council members deposed in Tatvan
18:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Kongreya Star launches action against the isolation of Öcalan
18:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA Yet another woman murdered in the Hol Camp
17:13 ROJAVA-SYRIA Annual meeting of the Autonomous Administration continues
16:41 NEWS Three mercenaries Erdoğan sent from Syria to Libya killed
16:16 NEWS Dozens of demonstrators arrested in Iran
15:44 NEWS PKK case at the Court of Cassation of Belgium
14:58 ROJAVA-SYRIA Gangs to the people of Serekaniye: This is not your home anymore
14:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF training session in Deir ez-Zor concluded
13:39 KURDISTAN Three guerrillas martyred in Ağrı
12:44 WOMEN Women's football club in Amude moves up to Syrian league
12:16 HUMAN RIGHTS Violations of rights in Van prisons increase
11:46 NEWS Freedom for Öcalan Vigil taken over by activists from Rennes
11:17 NEWS Abdullah Öcalan's lawyers apply to visit their client in Imrali
10:55 NEWS Program of the Long March-Youth Branch starts on 8 February
10:27 NEWS Rouhani: All those responsible for plane crash will be punished
10:01 NEWS Commander Haftar leaves Moscow without signing ceasefire deal
09:27 HUMAN RIGHTS Marriage Equality finally legal in the North of Ireland
08:57 CULTURE Special screening in Qamishlo of the film Ji Bo Azadiyê
08:18 ROJAVA-SYRIA People attacked in Kobanê by joint Turkey-Russia patrol