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20:20 Rojava MSD: There is a need for decentralized strategic political change
18:00 Kurdistan HPG: 8 Turkish soldiers killed in Bradost, Southern Kurdistan
16:00 Human Rights HRW: Turkey stops registering Syrian asylum seekers
15:20 Rojava Doctors in Shehba call for urgent aid for the people of Afrin
14:55 News Trial of journalists and lawyers opens in Istanbul
14:30 News After the People's Tribunal verdict on Turkey, a meeting
13:00 Kurdistan Gerîla TV releases footage of an action in Hakkari
12:50 News Police attack families of Soma mine disaster victims in Ankara
12:25 Features HPG Commander: Qandil war a battle to defend Southern Kurdistan
11:45 News Will AKP perpetuate the State of Emergency?
11:25 Kurdistan Police rifle that killed 17-year-old in Amed sent to Afrin
10:45 Rojava Third Congress of MSD kicks off in Tabqa
10:30 News 16 detained in raid on HDP office in Istanbul
10:15 Women Yazidi women in Yerevan protest the isolation of Öcalan
10:00 Rojava Egyptian delegation on the way to Rojava
09:45 Rojava Manbij Military Council: Last YPG advisory group left the city
09:30 Rojava Syrian Democratic Council goes to Congress
09:00 Features Interview with FARC president Rodrigo Londoño, Timochenko
08:30 News If 10 times are not enough: The farce of Erciş Hospital
08:00 News Group of women members of DAESH arrested in Raqqa
07:30 Rojava Seminar on the importance of the Rojava Revolution
19:25 Women Important decisions made at the Kongreya Star Congress in Kobane
18:00 Culture Rojava Film Commune opens offices in Kobanê
17:15 News Protesters in Iraq set up a Demonstrators Council
16:05 Rojava Afrin witness: It was like being a stranger in my own city
15:20 Women Kongreya Star Congress begins in Kobanê
15:00 Rojava MSD Co-chair: Dialogue is the basis for a solution in Syria
14:40 News Protests in Iraq spread as people ignore bans
14:10 Women Kurdish student ‘disappeared’ in Iran tortured to death
13:55 Features Political annihilation campaign against Kurds in Germany
12:45 Human Rights Zeinab Jalaliyan calls for joint stand against executions
12:00 News 100 fighters start training to join the SDF
11:45 Rojava 7 civilians abducted in Afrin
11:30 News Kurdish politician from German Left Party detained in Turkey
11:10 Kurdistan Two people die in a clash in Van
10:20 Kurdistan Turkish attacks destroy the nature in Southern Kurdistan
09:45 Women Bedouins in northern Syria: far from technology
08:30 News Irish Senate voted against Palestinian occupation 
08:00 Rojava New commune set up in Sheikh Maqsoud
07:30 Women Academy for women teachers opened in Kobanê
21:00 Women Women support sacked workers of Flormar
20:30 Kurdistan Shengal youth protest against Turkish occupation attacks
20:00 Kurdistan HPG: 4 Turkish soldiers killed in sabotage action in Kars
19:30 Women Kurdish student ‘disappeared’ in Iran
19:00 News Commemorative demonstration for Halim Dener murdered in Germany
18:30 News UK trade unionist: Kurds have many friends and Durham shows it
17:30 Human Rights Justice for disappeared people demanded in Amed
17:00 News Protests in South Iraq leave three dead
16:30 Human Rights Saturday Mothers meet in Galatasaray for the 649th time
15:15 News Durham Miners Festival dedicated to Öcalan continues