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17:14 KURDISTAN Forest fire in Şırnak countryside
16:34 NEWS Visit to the grave of French internationalist in Marseille
15:59 KURDISTAN Guerrillas hit Turkish soldiers in Şemdinli
15:28 KURDISTAN Youth demonstration in Shengal: Down with treason!
14:51 KURDISTAN Footage from guerrilla action that killed 6 soldiers in Çukurca
14:19 WOMEN The femicide and the resistance of Yazidi women
13:44 KURDISTAN Police shots a minor on the face in Van
13:11 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish attack injures a civilian on M4 highway
12:36 NEWS Action for Shengal in the French city of Bordeaux
12:07 HUMAN RIGHTS The smuggling of ISIS women from Hol camp, new report by WDR
11:35 NEWS Black Lives Matter protest in New York City
11:04 HUMAN RIGHTS IHD president speaks out for lawyers on death fast
10:32 NEWS TEV-DEM commends the YBŞ and YJŞ fighters who defended Shengal
10:03 KURDISTAN Guerrillas run to help their people in Shengal
09:31 NEWS Activists in Bielefeld protest the ISIS massacre in Shengal
08:58 NEWS Activists in Duisburg protest massacres against Kurdistan
08:23 NEWS Activists in Göttingen pay tribute to victim of Shengal massacre
07:49 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoner Subaşı has cancer and must be released, says the IHD
22:28 KURDISTAN Turkish warplanes target civilian vehicle, kill two
20:26 KURDISTAN 1 August 2015 - The Zergele massacre
19:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Attack by occupation forces injures 3 children in Ain Issa
19:22 NEWS Protest against Shengal massacre in Bremen
18:39 WOMEN Femicide in Turkey: 36 women murdered in July
17:53 NEWS 14,000 children in Sudan without access to health services
17:19 NEWS WFP calls for urgent international support for Zimbabweans
16:37 HUMAN RIGHTS Demo for lawyers on death fast in Istanbul
15:54 HUMAN RIGHTS Yazidi child survivors of IS facing unprecedented health crisis
14:32 NEWS Technology for Turkish warheads from Germany
13:51 KURDISTAN Soldiers arrest civilians in Şırnak
13:19 NEWS 1153 people injured in the slaughter of animals in Istanbul
12:46 NEWS KCDK-E calls on people to join actions for Shengal on 3 August
12:09 KURDISTAN People in Behdinan: Guerrillas should not be left alone
11:34 KURDISTAN The songs of Heftanin
11:01 WOMEN KJK calls on women to strengthen resistance
10:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA MSD: We continue our work with Syrian people's representatives
10:02 NEWS Young people in Strasbourg support the resistance in Heftanin
09:31 NEWS Venezuela asks Italy to extradite PDVSA former president
08:58 NEWS Number of homeless increases in Dublin
08:23 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoners in Silivri go on hunger strike for Timtik and Ünsal
07:49 NEWS Prisoners on hunger strike in Aksaray call for people's support
20:31 CULTURE Call for Turkey to keep Hagia Sophia an inter-cultural space
19:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA 14-day lockdown in Raqqa
18:39 NEWS HPG guerrilla remembered by his grave in Helsinki
17:51 NEWS Drunk soldier in Congo shoots dead at least 12 civilians
17:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA People in North and East Syria visit cemeteries on Eid al-Adha
16:15 NEWS KON-MED calls for autonomous status for Êzîdxan
15:33 KURDISTAN HPG: Four Turkish soldiers killed in Şırnak countryside
14:54 NEWS Poland: US to deploy at least 1,000 troops on eastern border
14:27 WOMEN Man kills 4 family members of woman who rejected wedding proposal
13:49 WOMEN 50-year-old victim of torture in Afrin speaks out