Latest News

18:18 NEWS DBP elects new party leadership at the 5th Ordinary Congress
17:45 ROJAVA-SYRIA People of North-East Syria rally in Ain Issa against occupation
15:57 KURDISTAN Military operation and clash in Lice
14:28 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF reports ongoing attacks against northern Syria
13:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE: Two mercenaries killed in Bab
13:31 KURDISTAN PKK founding anniversary celebrated in Kurdistan mountains
13:07 NEWS ISIS increases activities in Iraq and Southern Kurdistan
12:38 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS MA journalists Eser and Topaloğlu in police custody
12:03 NEWS Freedom for Müslüm Elma march to be held on 2 December
11:31 NEWS German police gives information, Turkish police puts in prison
10:51 KURDISTAN Hunger strike activist Ceyhan: We still owe our people
10:26 NEWS Freedom for Öcalan Vigil reaches week 388
09:58 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Custody period for MA journalist Altan extended
09:28 KURDISTAN Identity of 4 HPG guerrillas who fell martyrs disclosed
08:56 NEWS Ban on actions extended for an extra 15 days in Hakkari
08:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA Autonomous Administration issues call to international community
07:45 NEWS Brazilian President Bolsonaro sued for fires in the Amazon
22:37 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS No news about two MA journalists
21:26 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish mercenaries attacked Syrian regime forces in Til Temir
19:57 HUMAN RIGHTS Women's prison stormed, prisoner taken away by special task force
19:19 NEWS Rojava Solidarity Committee established in Corsica
18:41 NEWS PM announces resignation, five more demonstrators killed in Iraq
18:02 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF: Attacks of the occupation forces continue
17:03 NEWS Geneva talks for Syrian Constitution concluded with a deadlock
16:29 NEWS Make Rojava Green Again and Fridays For Future on Climate Strike
16:07 ROJAVA-SYRIA Villages of Gire Spi under attack
14:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA Violent explosion in Afrin
14:04 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE: 2 Turkish soldiers and 2 mercenaries killed
13:20 ROJAVA-SYRIA Jibur Tribal Association calls on Arabs to stand against invasion
12:49 KURDISTAN Five young people jailed in Van
12:33 NEWS German Parliament report: Turkey-linked mercenaries resemble ISIS
12:06 KURDISTAN Hevsel Gardens, a wonder of nature colors
11:35 NEWS KCDK-E calls on Kurds to join the Climate Strike
11:03 NEWS New application by families of prisoners in Imrali
10:35 NEWS Workers Party of Argentina commemorates PKK 41st anniversary
09:58 NEWS Violence deepens in Iraq, over 40 activists killed
09:17 NEWS Right-wing candidate wins presidential elections in Uruguay
08:53 ROJAVA-SYRIA Three fighters laid to rest in Qamishlo
08:18 NEWS Political police operations protested in Batman
07:45 ROJAVA-SYRIA Young people march in support of the SDF in Girkê Legê
23:41 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation forces send reinforcements to Ain Issa region
21:02 ROJAVA-SYRIA Bab Military Council fighter martyred in Ain Issa
20:31 NEWS Call for an international day of action for Rojava on 14 December
19:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA Number of IDPs at Washokani Camp near Heseke exceeds two thousand
19:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA Two martyrs laid to rest in Raqqa
18:56 ROJAVA-SYRIA Hoshan and Dibis villages of Ain Issa under attack
18:19 ROJAVA-SYRIA 4 Turkish soldiers and 2 mercenaries killed in Gire Spi
16:36 NEWS 5 jailed, 2 detained in political genocide operations
16:04 NEWS Lawyers' associations demand an end to cooperation with Ankara
15:22 NEWS Tahir Elçi remembered in Amed