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17:40 NEWS US withdraw thousand soldiers, threaten new sanctions
17:20 NEWS Kurdistan People's Initiative: We are coming!
17:12 ROJAVA-SYRIA Civilian massacre carried out by Turkey in Serêkaniyê - UPDATE
17:00 NEWS New iniatitive against Turkish occupation by youth in Europe
16:47 ROJAVA-SYRIA ANHA journalist Ehmed fell martyr in Turkish attacks on civilians
16:23 NEWS March in Norway, meeting in Germany
16:07 ROJAVA-SYRIA Footage of the Turkish massacre of civilians
15:10 ROJAVA-SYRIA Civilian massacre by the Turkish army in northern Syria - UPDATE
14:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF balance sheet of battle for 12 October: 87 mercenaries killed
13:53 ROJAVA-SYRIA 20 civilians rescued by SDF in Serekaniye
13:22 KURDISTAN YRK: We are ready to defend Rojava
12:50 ROJAVA-SYRIA Around 800 ISIS members flee from the Ain Issa camp
12:30 NEWS Hundreds of intellectuals expressed solidarity to Kurds
11:57 NEWS What can ecologists do to support the resistance in NE Syria?
11:30 ROJAVA-SYRIA Urgent appeal about ISIS families fleeing from Eyn Isa
11:19 WOMEN YPJ General Command paid tribute to martyr Hevrîn Xelef
11:00 NEWS Three people taken into custody in Cizre and Silopi
10:47 NEWS Demos in Ireland to condemn Turkish invasion of Rojava
10:03 NEWS UEFA to look into racist military salute by Turkish players
09:47 FEATURES News from Serêkaniyê Front
09:33 NEWS Italian metal worker union FIOM condems Turkish invasion
09:30 KURDISTAN Karayılan: The Rojava Resistance will win
09:00 NEWS UK Labour leader calls for economic sanctions against Turkey
08:33 NEWS Tarragona council condemned Turkish attack on Kurds
08:00 NEWS Enviromentalist organisations condemn Turkish war against Rojava
07:33 NEWS Thousands took the streets in Germany against Turkish genocide
06:00 NEWS Activists in Florence protested the Turkish invasion of Rojava
01:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA MSD pays tribute to murdered Future Syria Party Hevrin Khalaf
00:17 NEWS Thousands took to the streets in Iran and Rojhilat
23:35 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish warplanes bombing Serêkaniyê
23:00 NEWS France halt exports of arms to Turkey
22:50 ROJAVA-SYRIA The Armenian Battalion taking part in defense of Serêkaniyê
22:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA Explosion in Afrin
21:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA Images of Ceyş Al Vatani mercenaries destroying bodies
20:30 NEWS PACE President: Turkey must end military operation
20:10 ROJAVA-SYRIA Images from Serêkaniyê front
19:53 ROJAVA-SYRIA Clashes in Serêkaniyê: 75 Turkish soldiers dead - UPDATE
19:30 ROJAVA-SYRIA Qamishlo bid farewell to its four martyrs
19:00 NEWS Arab League: Turkey violating sovereignity with occupation
18:07 NEWS Germany suspends arms exports to Turkey
18:00 NEWS Lawyers condemned Turkey's invasion of North East Syria
17:41 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF press conference - UPDATE
17:30 ROJAVA-SYRIA Identities of SDF martyrs fallen fighting the invasion disclosed
17:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA Jazira and Deir Ez-Zor tribes: We declare permanent mobilisation
16:30 ROJAVA-SYRIA A fighter in Serêkaniyê: We broke them, our front is solid
16:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF Serêkaniyê commander Amude: The city is under our control
15:40 ROJAVA-SYRIA Statement on attack against prison holding ISIS mercenaries
15:30 ROJAVA-SYRIA Burial ceremony for the martyrs of the resistance in Til Temir
15:05 NEWS SDF: 118 invading forces members killed
15:00 NEWS 70 UK MPs: Erdogan seeks destruction ethnic cleansing