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22:45 News Lawyer Özen: Leyla Güven’s health is deteriorating
18:15 News Hunger strike in Strasbourg reached day 27
17:45 Human Rights Sit-in for ill prisoners blocked by Istanbul police
17:15 Women Women from all over the world in solidarity with Leyla Güven
16:45 News YPG Spokesman Nuri Mahmud responds to accusations by Turkey
16:10 News Thousands demanded justice for Sakine, Fidan and Leyla in Paris
15:40 Human Rights Saturday Mothers met for the 720th time
15:15 Kurdistan HDP Council Member Yagiz on day 53 of hunger strike in Hewler
14:50 Kurdistan Detainees in Sulaymaniyah go on hunger strike
14:30 Kurdistan Hunger strikes against isolation grow in South Kurdistan
14:05 Kurdistan HPG reports Turkish air raids in South Kurdistan
13:55 News March for justice in Paris: We know the murderers
13:00 News Prisoner on hunger strike placed in solitary confinement 
12:50 News 26th Day in Strasbourg: Visits from the UK
12:25 Rojava-Northern Syria 4 Euphrates Shield members surrendered to Manbij Military Council
12:15 News Kurds and allies in Paris "for justice, against impunity”
11:25 News Police block people marching to Amed prison where Güven is held
11:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Mine explosion kills two security members in Manbij
10:30 News Berlin in solidarity with the hunger strikers for Öcalan
10:00 News Petition to end the isolation of Öcalan
09:30 News Eight Caribbean countries ban polystyrene
09:00 News Women against isolation in Hannover
08:30 News Rally in Paris for Sakine, Fidan and Leyla
08:00 News Swedish MP: The world should speak up against Turkish threats
07:30 News Demo in Sydney in solidarity with hunger strikes for Öcalan
21:15 Rojava-Northern Syria PYD went to Congress in Qenaya district of Kobanê
20:45 Kurdistan 50 detained for remembering Sakine, Fidan, Leyla in Sulaymaniyah
20:30 News 26th day in Strasbourg: Busy visits and preparations for actions
20:00 News Sinn Fein MEP calls for international action for Leyla Guven
16:30 Women Literacy classes for women in Raqqa
16:00 News KESK: Local elections will be a sort of referendum
15:30 Rojava-Northern Syria MMC Spokesperson: Russian patrols coordinate with us
15:00 Rojava-Northern Syria “Everybody knows the bloody history Erdogan wants back”
14:30 News French institutions call for participation in Paris rally
14:00 News Swiss MP urges Europe to take action against the isolation
13:45 Kurdistan 98% disabled Kurdish man arrested in Mardin
13:30 News Sakine, Fidan and Leyla remembered in Bologna
13:00 News Guven hears sounds of protest in front of prison
12:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Despite many challenges, Afrin youth open a workshop in ​​Shehba
12:00 News Strasbourg hunger strikers call for participation in Paris rally
11:30 News Germany’s weapons sales to Turkey increased threefold
11:00 News US-led coalition says withdrawal from Syria has begun
10:30 News International call for Öcalan and political prisoners in Turkey
10:00 Kurdistan Iranian intelligence tortured Kurdish lawyer in Urmia
09:30 News Taşdemir: Women should give voice to Leyla Güven
09:00 Human Rights Lawyer Çelik: Situation in prisons worsening
08:30 News Petition to the CPT to end the isolation of Öcalan
08:00 News Right violations amid ongoing hunger strike in Tarsus prison
07:30 Freedom of the Press ÖGİ: Journalists in Turkey are forced to behave as soldiers
07:00 News French Foreign Minister: We need to support the SDF