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15:30 Kurdistan Female prisoners in Tehran protest the executions
15:00 Kurdistan New formula for government that includes Kurds in Iraq
14:34 Kurdistan Turkish army still bombing Amediye
14:20 News Ozgunes: We must stop the inhumane practices in prisons
13:46 News Colombian ELN rejects pre-conditions set by new president
13:46 Kurdistan Tuberculosis threat looms over camps in Shehba
13:27 News Kurdish organizations in Russia condemned attacks
12:50 Human Rights Van Court sentenced Kurdish politicians to prison - NEW
12:15 News Protests banned, drugs go free in Mardin
11:10 News Kurdish politicians tried in Van sentenced
10:45 News Professor Üstün: The West must see the fires burning Dersim
10:05 Human Rights Cyprus received record number of refugees
09:45 Features Plunder in Hasankeyf continues
09:20 Culture Great Kurdish director Yılmaz Güney remembered in Paris
08:50 Rojava-Northern Syria Regime forces and mercenaries clashed near Aleppo
08:30 Kurdistan Campaign for Kurdistan Parliamentary elections to begin tomorrow
08:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Sixty citizens kidnapped by mercenaries and Turkish army
18:19 Kurdistan HPG carried out sabotage action against Turkish army in Hakkari
16:51 Rojava-Northern Syria Ten more citizens kidnapped in Afrin
16:00 News Hashd al-Shaabi blamed US for Basra unrest
15:08 Rojava-Northern Syria Big explosion shakes Afrin city centre
15:00 Kurdistan Iran shelling Bradost area
14:38 Human Rights Bodies of three Kurdish activists executed not given to families
14:14 News Many taken into custody in Cizre
13:46 Freedom of the Press Women Journalists call to join trials of women reporters
13:00 Features Sinn Fein: Choosing between reunification or disaster
12:05 Human Rights HDP Women's Council condemned Iranian execution of Kurds
11:30 Rojava-Northern Syria YPG actions against invaders in Afrin
11:11 Kurdistan KCK condemned Iran attacks, expressed condolences to families
10:57 Kurdistan Turkish warplanes bombing Amediye
10:30 News Protests in Basra growing as resignation of al-Abadi demanded
10:00 Human Rights Political Prisoners: Hunger strike against isolation
09:31 Culture Scandinavian Kurdish Culture Festival in Stockholm
08:58 Kurdistan Iraqi President Masun issued statement on Koye attack
08:52 News Municipal usurper engaged in “separatist” activity
08:22 News Xelil: We promise Afrin will be saved from invaders 
07:50 Human Rights Demonstration in solidarity with Saturday Mothers in Basel
19:30 News Çelik: Those who impose the isolation will answer for it
18:54 Rojava-Northern Syria Stories of terror coming out of Afrin
18:10 Kurdistan HPG statement on action and conflict in Hakkari province
17:36 News Mayor of Riace sent message to Dusseldorf rally
17:00 Kurdistan Number of casualties in Koyê rose to 21
16:58 News SDF: Forbidden to reclute youth under 18
16:18 Rojava-Northern Syria ISIS officer: Suicide bombers were sent to Europe by MİT
15:47 Kurdistan Number of dead of attack against Koyê increased
15:11 Rojava-Northern Syria Russian planes bombing Idlib
14:45 Human Rights Iran executed three Kurdish political prisoners
13:58 Rojava-Northern Syria Asayish statement on clashes in Qamishlo
13:30 Women Saturday Mothers meet despite police threats
13:00 News Düsseldorf rally starts with high enthusiasm