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14:17 KURDISTAN Turkish drone strikes a vehicle in Shengal
13:38 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Police attack people objecting to election fraud in Bitlis
12:59 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM Party: We urge the AKP Government to respect the will of the people of Van
12:01 NEWS SMJÊ members take over Freedom for Öcalan Vigil in Strasbourg
11:03 CULTURE Rojava Film Commune pays tribute to director Halil Dağ
10:34 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Counting brings municipalities won by DEM Party to 78
09:55 FEATURES KCK: Everyone should take into account the will of the Kurdish people
09:12 HUMAN RIGHTS Grup Yorum members in Buca prison on a hunger strike for 38 days to protest violation of rights
08:33 NEWS KESK calls for 1 May rally in Taksim Square
07:50 NEWS Kurdistan National Congress congratulates Kurdish people and DEM Party for election results
20:23 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM Party Europe thanks all international parties and friends for solidarity during elections
19:04 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF Commander-In-Chief congratulates the Syriac Military Council on Akito Day
18:33 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM Party election victory celebrated in many cities
17:57 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 KCDK-E: The will of the Kurdish people won
17:19 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Open election fraud in Kars: Transported soldiers and police officers leave the city
16:37 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 People of Uludere protest against AKP's election fraud
15:26 KURDISTAN 4 kolbars wounded in attack by Iranian forces
14:58 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Danish MP Villumsen: Kurdish people succeeded despite all attacks
14:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA Afrin-Shehba region attacked at least 121 times in one month
13:49 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM Party Co-Chair: Kars, Bitlis and Şırnak are ours regardless of the result!
13:16 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Municipalities usurped in Kurdistan with military and police votes
12:50 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 YSK announces early election results
12:03 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish soldier kidnapped and tortured 2 Arab teenagers
11:03 ROJAVA-SYRIA Kongra Star organizes event in Aleppo to mark Öcalan's birthday
10:22 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM Party wins all 14 municipalities in Van
10:01 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Record result in Siirt despite external votes
09:40 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM Party: In Batman we won with the 'Jin Jiyan Azadî' philosophy
09:09 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 'Urban consensus' wins in Esenyurt
08:58 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM Party wins 75 municipalities
08:50 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM Party wins 7 municipalities in Urfa
08:25 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Election victory in Xelfetî offered to Abdullah Öcalan
07:50 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 People in Kurdistan say DEM!
23:55 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Local Elections in Kurdistan and Turkey: LIVE BLOG
16:32 ROJAVA-SYRIA SOHR: ISIS executed 14 Syrian soldiers, including two officers
15:10 KURDISTAN Polls close in Kurdistan
12:27 KURDISTAN KDP deploys military force near Mount Garê
10:59 NEWS Mother forced to speak Turkish at visit with her prisoner son
10:20 ROJAVA-SYRIA Car bomb explodes in Azaz, leaving 8 dead and over 20 injured
09:41 ROJAVA-SYRIA Autonomous Administration wishes Syriacs a happy Akitu
08:33 KURDISTAN March for guerrillas in Maxmur Camp
07:50 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Provocation by AKP candidate in Nusaybin
18:54 ROJAVA-SYRIA 800 trees planted in Kobanê on the occasion of Öcalan’s birthday
18:26 NEWS Farewell to Michalis Charalambidis, a long-time friend of the Kurds
17:46 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 KCK: Vote for the people’s candidates!
17:00 HUMAN RIGHTS Mutlak Tozun, a prisoner of 30 years, dies
16:24 NEWS KCK obituary for Michalis Charalambidis
15:38 ROJAVA-SYRIA Over 30 thousand signatures collected in Ain Issa region demanding “freedom for Öcalan”
14:49 NEWS KCK: The attackers on Kurds in Belgium were the Turkish ISIS
14:06 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF announces the identity of 2 fighters killed in ISIS attack in Raqqa
13:20 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM Party to guard the ballot boxes with thousands of polling station attendants