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12:10 News Turkish left-wing groups surveilled by German intelligence
11:40 News Erdoğan’s Ottoman gang ‘Osmanen Germania’ banned in Germany
11:20 News Turkish Lira is collapsing, foreign press warns
10:45 News What did Erdoğan talk about with his first guest, Barzani?
10:30 Rojava YPG: At least 11 terrorists killed in Afrin
10:10 News Yazidi Kurds take over the vigil for Öcalan in Strasbourg
09:45 Rojava Hesekê bids farewell to MSD member Dilan and her sister Dilyar
09:35 News Political genocide operation in İzmir
09:25 Kurdistan "There is an international agreement on the occupation of Bashur"
08:50 Rojava Mercenaries torture an elderly man and disabled woman in Afrin
08:20 Features The Internationalist Commune of Rojava is one year old
07:30 Culture Abdullah Öcalan and the Kurdish Question in Erdoğan's Turkey
20:20 Rojava Turkish soldiers kill a pregnant woman at Rojava border
20:10 Kurdistan HPG: 10 Turkish soldiers killed in guerrilla actions
20:00 News After 95 years: system change in Turkey
19:45 News Solidarity demonstrations for Gülizar Taşdemir in Latin America
17:40 Kurdistan Nusaybin trial resumed in Mardin
17:10 News Deir ez-Zor Civic Council holds its 3rd Assembly meeting
16:45 Freedom of the Press Journalist Oruç released from prison
15:45 Culture Youth Centre opens in Raqqa
15:15 Freedom of the Press Özgür Gündem hearing postponed to 9 October
14:50 Human Rights Taşdemir case taken to the European Court of Human Rights
14:15 Rojava Invaders pillage Afrin’s history
14:00 Kurdistan Human shield demonstration in Qandil leaves one month behind
13:45 Kurdistan Qandil Delegation: We might go to Baghdad
13:20 News Six people detained in house raids in Karakoçan villages
13:00 Features Turkish state barbarism in Afrin knows no bounds
12:15 News Vote counting begins in Sulaymaniyah
12:00 Women Women from Afrin ready to join the campaign to liberate home
11:45 News Nechirvan Barzani to attend Erdoğan's ceremony
11:25 Kurdistan Shengal Assembly: KDP’s approach is unacceptable
11:00 News Ban for the train crash, “sultan” ceremony for Erdoğan
10:30 Rojava Mercenaries torture a woman to death, kidnap her husband in Afrin
09:45 Rojava An abduction victim from Afrin speaks of atrocities he suffered
09:00 Features Return to Kobane - Part II
08:00 Kurdistan KNK’s Umer: Barzani’s statement does not serve the Kurdish people
07:00 Women Kongreya Star is preparing its annual Conference in Kobanê
22:40 Rojava Turkish jets strike several locations in Afrin
20:30 News Violence in the North of Ireland as Orangist march approaches
20:00 Rojava Turkish army and mercenaries burn olive trees in Afrin
16:55 News "Syrian constitution must be written by the peoples of Syria"
16:20 Rojava Support course for kids starting primary school in Tabqa
15:55 News HPG: Four Turkish soldiers killed in guerrilla actions
15:30 Rojava The 'Turkification' policy in Northern Syria goes on
14:45 News More bodies recovered in Raqqa's mass graves
14:20 Rojava Two babies lost their life in Berxwedan Camp in Shehba
14:00 News Demonstration for Taşdemir in Freiburg, Germany
13:30 Freedom of the Press Three dailies shut down with a statutory decree
13:25 Kurdistan Father of Cemile, murdered by state forces in Cizre, jailed
13:00 News Lawyers and family denied access to Taşdemir extradited to Turkey