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18:41 ROJAVA-SYRIA Another civilian kidnapped in Turkish-occupied Afrin
18:00 KURDISTAN Victims of Cizre basement massacre commemorated
17:21 KURDISTAN Access ban to Mount Gabar extended once again
16:36 KURDISTAN Turkey shells Mount Garê in South Kurdistan
16:02 NEWS Israeli attacks kill 217 Hezbollah members
15:20 NEWS Declaration "We must talk about solution again" announced in Amed
13:41 ROJAVA-SYRIA Assembly of Martyrs’ Families calls on the CPT to visit İmralı
12:59 KURDISTAN HPG calls on the Iraqi army to act with awareness regarding the troop deployment in South Kurdistan
12:01 KURDISTAN DEM youngest co-mayor candidate is 21-year-old Aşan Ateş in Konakkuran
11:23 NEWS 4-day hunger strike in Bordeaux demanding freedom for Öcalan ends with a meeting
10:34 CULTURE Marseille hosts second Kurdish cultural festival to mark Newroz 2024
09:55 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Gültan Kışanak sends letter to female journalists
09:12 NEWS Kurds in Berlin send postcards to Abdullah Öcalan
08:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA ISIS mine explosion in Raqqa desert leaves 13 dead
07:50 FEATURES Kalkan: Everyone sees what the guerrillas are capable of and how they fought
18:04 NEWS Freedom and Democracy Rally: We will break the door of Imrali!
17:25 KURDISTAN Gerîla TV releases footage of revolutionary operation in Zap
16:29 NEWS Kurdish association in Bremen reacts to racist threat
15:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA Press statements in North-East Syria demand “Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan”
15:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA 16 ISIS members and facilitators captured in Heseke
14:23 NEWS Thousands on their way to the Freedom and Democracy Rally in Istanbul
13:17 FEATURES Former Parastin member: The forces deployed to guerrilla areas are affiliated to the KDP
12:01 ECOLOGY Kahraman: Iliç mine disaster will have serious consequences for at least a century
11:13 KURDISTAN Background to the troops deployment in South Kurdistan
10:34 ROJAVA-SYRIA Music lessons in Raqqa
09:55 ROJAVA-SYRIA Manbij Military Council renews its leadership
09:12 FEATURES Orhan: We will make Sûr a people's municipality again
08:33 WOMEN Women in Northern and Eastern Syria are getting ready to celebrate 8 March
07:49 FEATURES Kalkan: Öcalan's resistance is against the attempts to exterminate Kurds
21:37 NEWS Lawyer Şakar: Öcalan is a prisoner of the international conspiracy
18:27 KURDISTAN Six detained at DEM Party election campaign event in Şırnak
17:46 NEWS Conference in Geneva: There is no law in İmralı
17:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA A group of Arab and Kurdish youth join the ranks of the HRE
16:14 NEWS KCDK-E: The CPT is acting as an indirect promoter and supporter of torture and the Turkish regime
15:36 HUMAN RIGHTS Öcalan’s lawyers: CPT’s approach is not compatible with its duty to prevent conditions of torture
14:09 NEWS 25 years of İmralı resistance and torture system discussed in Geneva
13:11 WOMEN Naela Quadri: Kurdish women's struggle against ISIS is a historic epic
12:01 CULTURE Music for children in Maxmur
11:13 NEWS All ready for DEM Party 'Freedom and Democracy Rally' to be held in Istanbul tomorrow
10:34 FEATURES Jonasson: Prerequisite for resumption of peace negotiations is release of Öcalan
09:55 HUMAN RIGHTS Lawyer and human rights defender Çiftçi sent to prison
09:12 NEWS Conference on political prisoners at Geneva University
08:33 NEWS CPT went to Turkey and returned to Europe without visiting Imrali
07:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA RIC publishes Northern and Eastern Syria ISIS sleeper cell report for 2023
17:47 KURDISTAN DBP Co-Chair: We are Kurds and we will live as Kurds
16:25 NEWS Nazi threat against Kurdish association in Bremen
15:00 KURDISTAN KNK condemns the massacre of civilians in South Kurdistan, calls for action against Turkish attacks
14:17 ROJAVA-SYRIA 2 invaders killed in retaliatory actions by Afrin Liberation Forces
13:39 FEATURES Planned chaos in Syria
12:54 KURDISTAN KDP deploys troops to Amadiya