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12:00 Rojava-Northern Syria 200 US soldiers to remain in Syria
11:30 News German media distorts Sakar’s action
11:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Syriac Cosar on trial for fighting ISIS
10:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Kurdish parties discussed political situation in Qamishlo
10:00 News Hunger strikers in Strasbourg speak up – Mustafa Sarıkaya
09:25 Rojava-Northern Syria 4 Turkish soldiers and 3 mercenaries killed in Jarablus
09:15 Rojava-Northern Syria 25 terrorists killed, 36 others wounded in Afrin
09:00 News Attack on the graves of Suruç and Ankara massacre victims
08:30 Culture “ECHR takes no responsibility for Hasankeyf”
08:15 News Kurdish parties signed alliance protocol for local elections
20:00 Culture Mother Language activities in several cities despite ban
18:35 Kurdistan Turkish jets shell Sidekan region in South Kurdistan
18:15 News Hunger striker in Toronto hospitalized and refused treatment
17:45 Rojava-Northern Syria ISIS massacred 15 civilians in a town of Deir ez-Zor
17:35 Women Peace Mothers paid solidarity visit to Leyla Güven
16:45 Culture Prison sentences asked for directors of 'Bakur' documentary
16:05 News MSD Co-chair Ehmed speaks in the UK Parliament
15:50 Rojava-Northern Syria Explosion in Afrin
15:30 Rojava-Northern Syria 2nd Middle East Youth Conference in Kobanê continues
15:00 News "The German state also responsible for Sakar’s self-immolation"
14:30 News Yazidi Women's Asayish Unit established in Shengal
14:15 News Hunger striker Koc: CPT’s stance is immoral and must be exposed
13:55 Kurdistan Hunger strikes in South Kurdistan continue
13:25 News ECHR issues another scandalous verdict on Hasankeyf
12:30 News Police brutality in Wales discussed in Parliament
11:50 News Appeal to international academics, intellectuals and philosophers
10:15 News KCK Education Committee marks International Mother Language Day
09:55 Rojava-Northern Syria SDF rescued thousands of civilians from ISIS in Deir ez-Zor
09:30 Rojava-Northern Syria One Turkish soldier and three mercenaries killed in Afrin
09:15 Freedom of the Press Journalist Okatan taken into custody
09:00 News Hunger strike in Strasbourg: Day 67
08:00 Women Tabqa women prepare 8 March program
07:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Second day of Middle East Youth Conference opens in Kobanê
22:00 News Şakar who burned himself against isolation in critical condition
21:45 News Abdullah Öcalan Democracy Foundation soon to be announced
21:15 Rojava-Northern Syria Clash between Turkey’s mercenaries and Bab Military Council
21:05 News Strasbourg hunger striker: Pressure on CPT should be increased
18:55 News Doctors turned away police wanting to take a statement from Şakar
18:40 News Uğur Şakar burned himself to protest the isolation of Öcalan
18:30 News Doctor Fincancı visited Leyla Güven
18:00 News HDP co-chair Sezai Temelli visited Leyla Güven
17:00 Culture Democratic Regions Party celebrates Mother Language Day
16:30 News “German government criticizes the isolation but does nothing”
16:00 Culture Marivan's organizations on International Mother Language Day
15:30 News Strasbourg hunger strikers' call to European public opinion
15:10 News Kurdish activist starts hunger strike outside the UN office
14:45 Rojava-Northern Syria Middle Eastern youth discuss common struggle in Kobanê
14:15 News German ISIS members in YPG custody in limbo
13:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Leyla Guven: The peoples of the Middle East need Ocalan
12:50 Kurdistan 10 more people detained in Duhok