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21:30 NEWS At least 14 dead in earthquake in Izmir and Greece
21:18 ROJAVA-SYRIA Explosion in Afrin
20:26 KURDISTAN War jets fly over Shengal
17:42 NEWS TJA condemns the political genocide
17:09 KURDISTAN Footage from guerrilla action in Southern Kurdistan
16:31 NEWS Earthquake kills at least four people in İzmir
16:08 NEWS HDP Amed co-chairs imprisoned
14:57 KURDISTAN Rojava people: KDP serves the enemy
14:30 NEWS Van under blockade ahead of Erdoğan's visit
12:26 NEWS KCDK-E: Europe should stop Erdoğan
11:52 NEWS Man tries to rape child in Erzurum, people rescue the girl
11:21 NEWS Families of Öcalan and 3 other prisoners apply to go Imrali
10:46 ROJAVA-SYRIA Terami: those behind the attack on my life won't succeed
10:22 NEWS Former prime minister Mesut Yilmaz passes away
10:05 NEWS Turkish jihadists terrorize the French city of Dijon
09:39 ROJAVA-SYRIA Thirteen villagers injured in village raid in Afrin
08:57 NEWS Police detain 5 people in Adana
08:38 WOMEN TJA spokesperson detained in Amed
08:17 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish military deployment to “de-escalation zone” continues
07:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA 18 more civilians kidnapped in occupied Afrin
20:27 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS JinNews website blocked again
19:42 HUMAN RIGHTS MEBYA-DER: Enemy law executed on martyrs’ bodies
19:08 KURDISTAN Drones flying over Shengal
18:38 NEWS Armenian Central Council: Do not allow a second 1915
17:58 NEWS HDP:Massacre in France caused by exploitation of religious belief
17:19 HUMAN RIGHTS Violations increase in Antalya L Type Closed Prison
15:41 NEWS HPG announces guerrilla action in Iskenderun
15:07 KURDISTAN YBŞ: We don't need any other force in Shengal
14:33 KURDISTAN HPG guerrillas target Botaş Oil Pipeline
14:02 ROJAVA-SYRIA Teachers in Hesekê: Education in Kurdish cannot be touched!
13:27 HUMAN RIGHTS Police opens grave of HPG guerrilla in Bitlis
12:56 NEWS KCDK-E calls on people to join actions on World Kobanê Day
12:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA 186 people test positive to coronavirus in North East Syria
11:55 NEWS German Minister says Turkey should allow visit to Imrali - UPDATE
11:24 NEWS Abdullah Öcalan's lawyers file new request to visit their client
11:02 NEWS 93 people taken into custody in 12 different cities
10:55 KURDISTAN 'I am shy with my friends, not with the enemy'
10:22 HUMAN RIGHTS Four Kurds die as refugee boat sinks off the coast of France
09:53 KURDISTAN Duran Kalkan: Be creative and resist!
09:21 NEWS Former President Morales will return to Bolivia on 9 November
08:48 NEWS "Ideas cannot be imprisoned"
08:17 NEWS US says 'very real' risk of Turkey sanctions over Russian arms
07:44 NEWS Escalation in Southern Kurdistan: Ismail Özen appeals to Barzani
21:27 NEWS Three people detained in Nusaybin
20:59 NEWS Internationalists demand freedom for Öcalan at Strasbourg vigil
20:23 NEWS More Turkish-backed mercenaries arrive in Azerbaijan
19:15 NEWS Several people detained in Hatay and Mersin
17:52 NEWS Collapse in Turkish economy cannot be stopped
16:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Long march by young people in Serêkaniyê
16:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA First group of Syrian families leaves Hol Camp