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16:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA ISIS exploits crises and conflicts for resurgence
15:37 WOMEN 8 women killed in Turkey in the last three days
14:56 ROJAVA-SYRIA Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan Initiative visits Armenian Community Assembly in Qamishlo
14:17 KURDISTAN CHP delegation visits families of the deadly fire victims in Amed-Mardin
13:36 NEWS Support from Ljubljana to the campaign for Öcalan
12:02 FEATURES New dossier records 8 months of actions for Öcalan
11:13 HUMAN RIGHTS CISST publishes interactive "Prisons Map"
10:34 NEWS Press conference on Abdullah Öcalan in Strasbourg to be held on Tuesday
09:55 KURDISTAN HPG pays tribute to guerrillas who fell as martyrs in Heskîf
09:11 NEWS KCDK-E: Tomorrow we will take to the streets to end 25 years of lawlessness!
08:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA Women’s Protection Units meet Assyrian Women’s Force of the Khabur Defense Council
07:50 FEATURES Sabri Ok: The Turkish government is waging a psychological, economic, and political war
19:14 WOMEN 33-year-old woman murdered in the street in Amed
18:33 KURDISTAN Jêhat Bager, a valiant fighter for the Kurdish nation and his country
17:20 NEWS KON-MED holds 4th Interim Meeting
16:24 KURDISTAN Young Kurdish kolbar killed by Iranian border forces in Hawraman
15:39 NEWS Hamas: Death toll in the Gaza Strip rose to 37,598
14:57 KURDISTAN Turkish military operations in Batman and Bitlis continue
14:19 ROJAVA-SYRIA AANES expresses solidarity with the families affected by the fires in North Kurdistan
13:40 ECOLOGY South Kurdistan Women's Initiative protests Turkish state's attacks on the nature of Kurdistan
12:57 HUMAN RIGHTS Kurdish political prisoner Ayçiçek released after 17 years in jail
12:02 CULTURE When The Seedlings Grow available on Rojava Film Commune's YouTube Channel
11:13 ECOLOGY KCK Ecology Committee: DEDAŞ committed three massacres at once
10:34 NEWS Mardin Medical Chamber's report: Insufficient response to fire, no burn unit
09:55 WOMEN Manbij Education and Training Board Women's Committee holds annual meeting
09:12 FEATURES Besê Hozat: Guerrillas wage a relentless struggle against the Turkish state’s genocidal attacks
08:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA YPJ General Command pays tribute to martyr Delila Cûdî
07:50 FEATURES Sabri Ok: Abdullah Öcalan's situation should be everyone's main agenda
19:02 KURDISTAN Large-scale military operation launched in Yüksekova
18:27 WOMEN Women in Basel send 1300 letters to the CPT
17:48 KURDISTAN KCDK-E calls for solidarity with the victims of the fire in Mardin-Amed
17:00 WOMEN Tehran holds court hearings for two Kurdish political prisoners
16:04 KURDISTAN DEM Party and DBP: DEDAŞ is responsible for the deaths
15:19 KURDISTAN KJK: There is no natural disaster but a genocidal state disaster in Kurdistan
14:36 KURDISTAN Mazıdağı Co-Mayor who lost 10 relatives in the fire: DEDAŞ is a big problem here
13:52 KURDISTAN KNK calls for solidarity with the victims of the devastating fire in North Kurdistan
13:01 NEWS Kurdish activists stage civil disobedience at music festival in Marseille
12:28 NEWS Peace in Kurdistan: We'll all gain if progressive independents win seats in UK general election
11:49 KURDISTAN Death toll in the field fire between Amed and Mardin rises to 14
11:13 NEWS Global week of events: Dialogues with Öcalan in Edinburgh
10:34 KURDISTAN Guerrillas: We continue to walk on the path of Comrade Zîlan
09:55 KURDISTAN Nine days of chemical attack on Girê FM
09:12 NEWS Heyva Sor launches aid campaign as 12 people are confirmed dead in fire in North Kurdistan
08:33 KURDISTAN HPG pays tribute to guerrilla commander Şêxmûs Milazgir
07:50 FEATURES Hozat: Usurping the will of the people is part of Turkish genocide policies
19:33 CULTURE Holat: We need all-out struggle against special assimilation policies in Kurdistan
18:50 HUMAN RIGHTS Ill political prisoner dies after being sent to hospital
18:18 KURDISTAN KCK: Our people should do everything necessary, without expecting anything from the state
17:36 NEWS DEM Party: We will experience our pain together and heal our wounds together
16:58 ECOLOGY Ecology Union: The state and DEDAŞ are responsible for the fires