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01:20 News HDP: We are ready for the elections
01:10 Women French women delegation visits Women’s Village in Rojava
01:00 Kurdistan Ezidi Democracy and Freedom Party presents elections program
00:50 Women Remembering internationalist Helin of the YPJ
00:40 Rojava Report: The invasion plan aims to return to Misak-i Milli borders
00:30 Kurdistan Karayılan: Kurds have victory in their hands
15:10 News Former Swiss Foreign Minister: “Arms sales need to be stopped”
14:45 News The Netherlands: “Erdoğan propaganda is a threat to public order”
13:30 Kurdistan Kolber and kesibkar insurgency in Rojhilat
12:40 Kurdistan Shengalis to run in the election with PADÊ
12:05 News German prosecution: “Call to boycott Turkish goods is legal”
11:45 Rojava Arab tribes: Terrorist is he who invades the lands of others
11:20 Rojava Latest developments in Afrin and Northern Syria
10:20 Rojava Polat Can: “ISIS has reorganised with Turkish attacks on Afrin”
09:55 News AKP pays the salaries of gangs with spoils of war
00:15 Rojava Bodies of two men killed by Turkish soldiers at border found
00:10 Women Turkmen guerrilla: PKK fights for all peoples
00:05 News Turkish elections: will Germany allow Erdogan to rally?
00:00 Women Farewell to YPJ fighter from Latin America in Derik
16:20 Kurdistan Village guards kill two brothers in Bitlis countryside - UPDATE
16:05 Kurdistan Turkish army shells civilian areas in Bagok
15:15 Kurdistan Footage from guerrilla action in Cizre
14:20 Rojava Photos prove torture in Afrin
13:25 Kurdistan HPG: 11 Turkish soldiers killed in southern Kurdistan
12:40 Kurdistan Sixth day of boycott in eastern Kurdistan
12:25 Kurdistan Guerrillas hit the Turkish forces in southern Kurdistan
12:10 News Austria won’t allow Erdoğan rallies for election campaign
11:55 News Russia starts questioning the territorial integrity of Syria
11:40 News 21 young people detained in Istanbul
11:30 Culture Turkmen association to be opened in Manbij
10:45 Kurdistan Fire started by Turkish military attacks in Dersim spreads
10:30 Women Delegation of women from France visits Rojava for solidarity
10:20 Rojava People of Afrin protest the international silence
10:00 Kurdistan Wedding dresses for little girls at ‘Marriage Fair’ in Van
09:35 Kurdistan ISIS carries out another suicide attack in Kirkuk
09:30 News History of US military support for Turkey
00:25 News HDP’s Buldan: Our house is open to everybody
00:20 Culture Ken Loach greets London Kurdish Film Festival
00:15 Culture Photograph exhibition shows alternative life in Makhmur
00:10 Rojava “Turkey wants no trace of Kurdishness left in Afrin”
00:05 News Turkey cutting off Euphrates waters adversely affects agriculture
00:00 News Kürkçü on EU progress report:"the mountain gave birth to a mouse"
15:35 News Miguel Diaz Canel new President of Cuba
15:15 News HDP MPs Irmak and Baydemir lose seats in Turkish parliament
14:30 Kurdistan Protest actions in Rojhilat continue
13:30 Kurdistan Graves of HPG guerrillas desecrated in Tatvan
13:15 Freedom of the Press Zehra Doğan: “Continue to write the news, without fear”
12:10 News Iran’s statement on Turkey’s attacks
11:30 News Municipality of Raqqa accelerates construction efforts
11:00 Rojava Health risk for people from Afrin in Shehba