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11:29 News SDF captures the grain silos northeast of Deir ez-Zor
11:07 News Russian warplanes bomb SDF positions northeast of Deir ez-Zor
10:34 News 14 ISIS members killed in Raqqa
10:29 Kurdistan Southern Kurdistan people vote in Independence Referendum
01:10 Women Women defy the cycling ban in Mariwan
00:35 Kurdistan Continued attacks on kolbers in Rojhilat
00:25 Kurdistan Two Êzidî children freed from ISIS, reunited with families
00:00 Features "We crushed ISIS in Raqqa, we'll finish them also in Deir ez-Zor"
00:00 Rojava Turkish soldiers detain and torture two youths from Syria
00:00 News Demonstrations for Öcalan in Russia, Germany and France
22:34 Kurdistan Call for Êzidîs not to vote in independence referendum
22:04 News PUK calls for ‘Yes’ vote in independence referendum
16:15 News 35 civilians rescued amid ongoing clashes in Raqqa
16:00 News Agreement between the Peshmerga and Iraqi army on Hawija
15:30 News MSD Co-chair: People of Deir ez-Zor ready to govern themselves
14:55 Culture Iran closes airspace to Southern Kurdistan
13:30 Women Joint declaration from 100 women’s organizations for freedom
12:30 Features Turkish agent Sayan in Germany was a mobile operative of the MİT
12:00 Women 42 female fighters join the ranks of Manbij Military Council
11:40 News Thousands from Deir ez-Zor rescued in Operation Cizire Storm
11:05 Kurdistan Iranian forces bomb Southern Kurdistan soil
10:50 Kurdistan Gerîla TV releases footage from action on Grana outpost
01:40 Women Meetings on Jineology continue in Argentine
00:20 News 4 peshmergas wounded in mine explosion in Daquq
00:00 News SDF seizes several missiles and vehicles from ISIS in Raqqa
00:00 News Worldwide actions for Hasankeyf against Ilısu Dam
00:00 Kurdistan “History and memory detonated in Hasankeyf”
00:00 Kurdistan Turkish press in Roboski, KDP media in Sheladizê
00:00 Human Rights Öcalan’s lawyer: “We can only assume he is alive”
22:20 News PUK sends military reinforcement to Kirkuk
19:55 Rojava Turkish-backed gangs shell Efrîn’s villages
19:48 News Turkish parliament extends mandate for cross-border operations
17:34 Kurdistan High Council: The referendum will be held on time
17:30 News SDF fighters advancing in Raqqa
15:18 News Delegation from Hewler in Baghdad for talks on referendum
15:10 News 14 captured in operation on ISIS sleeper cells near Deir ez-Zor
14:10 Kurdistan AKP reopens the historic Hasankeyf Fortress for demolition
13:55 News Germany warns: Referendum a danger to military collaboration
13:40 News Turkish PM threatens Southern Kurdistan with military measures
12:24 Rojava Rojava Revolution motivated by alternative questions and answers
12:04 News Iraqi army captures 40 villages and hamlets of Hawija from ISIS
11:42 News Municipality of Pinerolo awards Öcalan with Honorary Citizenship
10:52 News Two strategic oil factories liberated near Deir ez-Zor
10:39 Kurdistan YBŞ: We will protect the areas we liberated from ISIS
10:13 Kurdistan Footage from guerrilla action on Koordine Hill
00:45 News 2nd Day of Global Action for Hasankeyf
00:30 Kurdistan Dersim's forests burned down for three months now
00:00 Rojava Election enthusiasm in Shehba
00:00 Rojava People voted in Democratic Northern Syria Federation elections
21:30 News 17 ISIS members killed as clashes intensify in Raqqa