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18:53 ROJAVA-SYRIA ISIS suicide bombers engaged in foiled attack were disguised as SDF fighters
18:29 KURDISTAN Kurdish mothers call for an end to Turkish attacks after KCK’s halt of military actions
17:23 NEWS Another company stops oil exports from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
16:28 ROJAVA-SYRIA The Command of Military Academies launches new military course
15:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Two ISIS suicide bombers killed in Heseke
15:12 KURDISTAN HPG: Turkish army attacked guerrilla areas with banned weapons
14:39 NEWS Austrian National Council passes resolution calling for protection of the Kurds
14:00 NEWS After a visit to Turkey, Swiss Socialist Party calls for international pressure for free elections
13:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA Family of German internationalist Konstantin Gedig visits Rojava
12:33 KURDISTAN Human bones discovered in central Van
11:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA Internationalist Commune of Rojava launches new website
11:16 NEWS TÖP: On 14 May we can stop fascism!
10:48 HUMAN RIGHTS Guards beat women prisoners in Kayseri Bünyan Women's Closed jail
10:19 WOMEN Amude Kongra Star Coordination publishes program for 4 April, Abdullah Öcalan's birthday
09:52 CULTURE Martyr Yekta Herekol Theater Festival continues with play "Snow also suffers"
09:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA Abdullah Öcalan's birthday celebrated in Kobanê and Sirîne
08:51 NEWS 23 people sent to prison in Suruç
08:22 NEWS Iraqi Intelligence Unit captures 5 ISIS mercenaries
07:49 NEWS HDP launches its election campaign under the banner of the Green Left Party
18:46 KURDISTAN HPG reports increasingly ongoing Turkish attacks on guerrilla areas
17:45 FEATURES Internationalist martyrs of the Rojava Revolution – IV: Keith Broomfield
16:19 HUMAN RIGHTS CPT report for 2022 provides no information about Imrali
15:54 KURDISTAN YRK guerrilla: The isolation of Öcalan is directed against the entire Kurdish people
14:58 NEWS 10 people detained in Antalya
14:27 HUMAN RIGHTS Lawyer Şahin: Government commits a crime in İmralı
13:48 NEWS 7 people, including a Turk, arrested in Belgium over possible terrorist attacks
13:11 NEWS Swiss BastA Party supports the Green Left Party in Turkey’s elections
12:36 NEWS Austrian parliament to debate Turkish attacks on Kurdish territories
11:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA Two Syrian soldiers killed in an Israeli airstrike near Damascus
11:24 HUMAN RIGHTS Amnesty: Torture and injustice are systematic, impunity prevails in Iran
10:48 NEWS Tent cities in Hatay flood because of heavy rain
10:19 CULTURE Martyr Yekta Herekol Theater Festival continues
09:52 CULTURE Afrin Hilala Zêrin Movement publishes new song
09:23 HUMAN RIGHTS Mother of seriously ill prisoner Ekim Polat says her son needs urgent treatment
08:51 NEWS Green Left Party to announce its Election Manifesto today
08:22 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS YouTube closes Med Music TV channel without any explanation
07:49 NEWS 'Counterpower' meeting at the Rojava Parliament in the Netherlands
18:53 KURDISTAN People of Maxmur pay tribute to HPG Commander Fazıl Botan
18:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA Thousands protest the Jindires massacre in Qamishlo
17:18 HUMAN RIGHTS Justice Vigil of Şenyaşar family on day 737
16:39 NEWS ADGB resumes campaign for Öcalan’s freedom
15:53 KURDISTAN HPG reports ongoing Turkish attacks with prohibited weapons
15:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA Damascus government embargo on Shehba continues in Ramadan
14:32 NEWS EMEP to contest Turkey's elections on the list of the Green Left Party
13:56 KURDISTAN PJAK Co-Chair Vejin: Öcalan's birth is our birth
13:28 NEWS Families of slain Iranian protestors commemorate Amini
12:30 FEATURES International martyrs of the Rojava Revolution - III: Emir Qubadi
11:59 FEATURES Sociology of Freedom available in Italian
11:21 KURDISTAN Reconnaissance drone belonging to the international anti-ISIS coalition crashes in Hewlêr
10:48 NEWS Woller: I am honored to stand by the Kurds