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20:36 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation attacks on Ain Issa region continue
19:58 NEWS Activist kidnapped by the “Invisibles” speaks of torture he suffered
18:07 ROJAVA-SYRIA Autonomous Administration: Kobane victory is a legacy for the whole world and humanity
17:06 KURDISTAN Kolbars buried by avalanche in Van laid to rest in Urmia
16:24 NEWS HDK co-spokesperson released from prison
15:42 HUMAN RIGHTS Cizire Region Lawyers Union assigns lawyers for Öcalan's defense
14:53 KURDISTAN HPG: Four guerrilla fighters martyred in Metina
14:24 WOMEN Woman abducted and brutally murdered in Sardasht
13:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA YPG on Kobane victory: We will continue to do everything to defend our people and our revolution
13:23 WOMEN Woman killed in Iğdır by husband she was divorcing
12:54 KURDISTAN Military activity and curfew in Bagok Mountain area
12:27 ROJAVA-SYRIA MSD says Turkey will be held accountable for Til Rifat massacre
11:59 NEWS Young activists take over Freedom for Öcalan Vigil in Strasbourg
11:28 NEWS Police detain HDP members Akdağ and Dönmez
11:01 FEATURES RiseUp4Rojava celebrates 6th anniversary of the liberation of Kobanê
10:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA Explosion in Girê Spî, dead and wounded
10:37 NEWS Suspicious death of a soldier from Amed
10:10 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish military activity on the border with Derik
09:38 ROJAVA-SYRIA Ilham Ehmed: ISIS is targeting women and the Autonomous Administration
09:03 NEWS Activist Gökhan Güneş released
08:49 NEWS Houses of Alevis marked with crosses in western Turkey
08:18 ROJAVA-SYRIA Anti-ISIS operation in Deir ez-Zor and Qamishlo
07:45 FEATURES Turkish charm offensive for a new war
20:37 KURDISTAN Bodies of five kolbars found by families in border area
19:59 NEWS EFA calls for the end of Öcalan’s isolation and freedom for political prisoners in Turkey
19:21 NEWS New round of Syria talks in Geneva
18:40 NEWS Sit-in in Geneva: UN should talk with the peoples, not mercenaries
17:58 NEWS Eğitim Sen: Lack of education in mother tongue led to a disruption in education
16:32 WOMEN Yazidi women face Turkish massacre from Shengal to Afrin
15:42 ROJAVA-SYRIA “Turkey is committing a genocide, must be brought to account immediately”
15:07 KURDISTAN 20th group takes over the hunger strike in Maxmur
14:33 KURDISTAN State terror in Lice: 27 people jailed on terror charges
13:59 NEWS KNK: Iran’s crimes and violence are a sign of the weakness of the regime
13:27 WOMEN YPJ Commander: We will liberate the Turkish occupied areas
12:56 WOMEN PYD Women's Council condemns murder of two of its members
12:23 FEATURES Maxmur residents: The embargo is more dangerous than Covid-19
11:48 CULTURE Peace in Kurdistan: US memorandum gives Turkey legal rights over Kurdish heritage
11:17 ROJAVA-SYRIA Autonomous Administration: Situation in Hol Camp concerns the whole world
10:45 HUMAN RIGHTS UK Kurdish MP Clark calls for action over disappearance of Gökhan Güneş
10:16 WOMEN TJK-E condemns silence surrounding killing of al-Harmoush and al-Khedr
09:47 HUMAN RIGHTS IHD and TUHAY-DER call on people to support prisoners on hunger strike
09:18 NEWS 78 prisoners in Urfa demand to be transferred to Imrali
08:50 NEWS Kurdish politician who died in KDP jail buried in Çaldıran
08:22 FEATURES Catalan MP praises NE Syria's Autonomous Administration model
07:49 HUMAN RIGHTS Police take family and friends of Gökhan Güneş into custody
23:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA Til Rifat victims increase to 4
19:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA Afrin people bid farewell to victim of Til Rifat massacre: Resistance will continue
19:09 ROJAVA-SYRIA Internal Security Forces: NDF attack seeks to destabilize the region
17:45 ROJAVA-SYRIA Residents of Kobane’s Memit village attacked by Turkey: We will resist
16:35 NEWS Europe-wide demonstrations for Öcalan