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18:49 Women Saturday Mothers: Unrelenting cry for justice for 22 years
17:39 Rojava Demo for freedom for Öcalan in Qamishlo
16:12 Human Rights CPT and IHD discussed the isolation of Öcalan
14:48 Kurdistan HPG: Two intelligence members killed in Batman
14:17 Rojava Efrîn Canton welcomes 2,240 more refugees
13:53 News Operation on the last ISIS-occupied neighborhoods in Mosul
13:28 Features Kurdish youths refusing to be inducted into the army join the PKK
12:35 Kurdistan Hashd al-Shaabi takes control of the Shengal-Beac road
12:10 Rojava YPG statement on ongoing attacks by Turkey and allied gangs
11:07 Kurdistan Three Kurdish politicians jailed in Amed
10:56 News Several students detained in Istanbul and Amed
10:33 Features British YBŞ fighter sends a message on Manchester attack
20:55 Kurdistan One soldier killed, another wounded in clash in Siirt
15:20 Kurdistan HPG: 57 soldiers killed in Tendürek and Kato
14:36 Kurdistan Peshmerga commander killed by unidentified persons
13:45 Women Female Commanders in SDF: We are close to the finale in Raqqa
12:53 Women Women's Cooperative in Gürpınar handed over to Sümeyye Erdoğan
12:25 Kurdistan Iranian regime forces kill another kolbar at border
11:11 Kurdistan Guerrillas hit Turkish soldiers in Çukurca
11:04 Features A day with a SDF fighter en route to Raqqa
10:44 Kurdistan 11 university students detained in Van
10:14 Features “ISIS is over, we are rid of ISIS, we are free”
09:35 News 23 ISIS members killed northwest of Raqqa
22:01 Kurdistan HPG: 8 soldiers killed in Dersim
19:52 News Foreign Affairs Committee approves resolution condemning Turkey
18:00 News Manchester bomber flew from Turkey before the attack
15:58 Kurdistan 4 soldiers killed in ongoing clashes in Tendürek
15:10 News Turkish PM’s illegal fortune offshore: 140 million Euros
14:54 News Invading gangs in al-Bab kill each other
13:51 Rojava Turkish army attacks villages of Efrîn
13:28 News North of Al-Hurriya Dam cleared of ISIS
12:44 Features Abu Layla’s fighters on their way to Raqqa
12:09 Kurdistan Turkish army suffers casualties in Tendürek
11:41 Human Rights CPT visited Turkey, didn’t visit Imralı
11:15 Kurdistan Two DTK members taken into custody
10:33 Rojava In Azaz, gangs fight each other but it’s the civilians who die
10:20 News Masses protest Trump and Erdoğan in Brussels
09:44 Kurdistan Dozens including politicians detained in Van
19:49 Freedom of the Press Arrest warrant for NRT Director after the detention of a reporter
19:29 News Nigeria seizes illegal arms shipment from Turkey
16:51 Human Rights HRW calls on the EU to make rights central to Erdoğan meeting
15:02 Kurdistan Water cut off in Sur amid ongoing demolition
13:38 News Roth: What Ankara is doing is political provocation
13:21 News KNK sends condolences to the British people for Manchester attack
13:09 Rojava Migrants start settling in Eastern Manbij Camp
12:49 News AKP media greets Manchester massacre with joy
12:18 News Journey to Raqqa with a SDF driver
11:31 Features Turkish weapons sent to ISIS found near Raqqa
11:16 Freedom of the Press French press unions: Eutelsat action supports Erdoğan's policies
10:10 News One town and one village liberated in Raqqa operation