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15:15 News Syria meeting in Riyadh
14:45 Human Rights 250 lawyers take action for Öcalan
13:30 News Alevis under threat in Malatya: Homes marked
13:00 News How many ISIS members have entered Turkey?
12:40 Women 7.645 women subjected to violence in 9 months in Bashur
11:00 Features Another round in Syrian negotiations
10:20 Culture Nazeri and Kamkars hold benefit concert for earthquake victims
10:00 News 150 academics will stand trial on terrorism charges
00:00 News “Aid organizations should fulfill their responsibility"
00:00 News Kartal: Our people will protest until they receive a response
00:00 News 'Freedom for Öcalan' demonstration in London
00:00 Features SDF advances in the Deir ez-Zor desert like a storm
15:20 News YPG flag held up in the German parliament
14:55 Freedom of the Press Two journalists released after 8 months in prison
14:45 News More arrested in political genocide operations
14:15 News 11 guerrilla bodies buried in cemetery of the nameless
12:30 Rojava YPG/YPJ fighters: We are ready, more than ever, to defend Efrîn
12:00 Kurdistan Iranian forces attack kolbars, killing one, wounding two
11:00 Features PKK's Karayilan: Efrîn will turn into Kobanê if Turkey attacks
10:25 Kurdistan Nechirvan Barzani: We withdrew voluntarily
10:00 Kurdistan Kurdish student attacked by fascists held in intensive care
00:00 Women First combat, excitement, victory
00:00 News Turkish justice releases one more ISIS member
00:00 News 3 neighborhoods in Raqqa turned over to Domestic Security Forces
00:00 Kurdistan PKK celebrates its 40th anniversary in Medya Defense Zones
14:40 Rojava Efrîn Foreign Affairs Council’s statement on Turkish attacks
13:45 Rojava YPG/YPJ retaliate attacks on Efrîn
12:30 Women Story of an Arab woman from slavery to fighting for freedom
11:50 Rojava Military build-up by Turkish army on the Efrîn border
11:30 Kurdistan Earthquake victims spend the night on streets in Qasr-e Shirin
10:50 News Number of refugees from Deir ez-Zor exceeds 15 thousand
09:50 News Iraqi Federal Court announces decision on independence referendum
00:00 Culture Rastak band to donate concert proceeds to earthquake victims
00:00 Women Buldan: Isolation on Öcalan is the reason behind today’s attacks
00:00 Women Êzidî woman tells of her story under ISIS captivity
00:00 Kurdistan A group of youths from Southern Kurdistan joins HPG ranks
16:27 Rojava 150 fighters leave Euphrates Shield and join the SDF
13:22 News HPG: Ten Turkish soldiers killed in Sirnak
12:46 News Ankara governate bans LGBT activities
11:38 News Germany in talks with Interpol to protect refugees from Turkey
10:46 Rojava Turkish warplanes fly over Afrin canton
10:28 News EU turns off the fountain of money to Turkey
09:49 News Gerry Adams: Ocalan should not be imprisoned
00:00 News SDF liberates another village southeast of Deir ez-Zor
00:00 Rojava YPG declares 8th regiment in Efrîn
00:00 News Eight Êzidî women and children rescued in Deir ez-Zor
00:00 Features BBC's credibility at stake
15:20 Kurdistan HPG: At least thirty Turkish soldiers killed in Hakkari and Agri
14:30 News More arrested in political genocide operations in Turkey
14:00 Rojava Mine explosion kills three civilians in Efrîn