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22:24 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey-linked mercenaries kidnap 10 civilians in Afrin
21:53 NEWS US sanction companies "helping" Iran
18:51 NEWS The UN will discuss Turkey's human rights record
17:50 NEWS 13 people including an HDP member jailed in Amed
17:01 NEWS HBDH destroys business center of pro-AKP member of TFF
16:33 WOMEN Women's Foundation in Rojava expands its field of activity
16:04 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkmens reject Russian aid: We just want Turkish troops to leave
15:31 NEWS Lawyers appeal to visit Öcalan on Imralı
14:57 NEWS Fascist attack against the German Left Party in Bremen
14:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA Yazidis from Afrin: We will never surrender to Turkey
13:53 NEWS Court decision lands to the Council of State
13:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF commander in Ain Issa: Targeted attacks against civilians
12:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE: 1 Turkish soldier and 1 jihadist killed in Mare and Azaz
12:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish forces patrolling in Kobane attack people
12:02 HUMAN RIGHTS Lawyers apply to Constitutional Court over "Imrali regime"
11:37 NEWS Architect Yapıcı: Kanal Istanbul project must be rejected
10:56 KURDISTAN Van Governorate extends ban on actions for further 15 days
10:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA The bloody history of the Ottomans in Syria
09:57 NEWS British Parliament approves Brexit agreement
09:31 HUMAN RIGHTS What is happening in Tarsus Prison?
08:58 NEWS Militia commander killed in Iran
08:22 NEWS Twelve bar associations say law is ignored in Gezi Trial
07:49 WOMEN Human chain in Amed to protest murders of women
22:32 ROJAVA-SYRIA Heavy clashes in Kefer Hemra, Aleppo
20:02 NEWS Iraqi female activist shot dead during protests in Basra
19:25 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation forces attack villages in Sherawa
19:11 ROJAVA-SYRIA Masses protest in Sherawa, Afrin against Turkish invasion
18:39 NEWS Week 396 in the Freedom for Öcalan Vigil in Strasbourg
18:07 ROJAVA-SYRIA People of Siluk protest against invaders amid ongoing attacks
17:29 NEWS Demo against Iran in Brussels
16:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA 1,500 jihadist families settled in Serekaniye
16:21 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Journalist Hacı Yusuf Topaloğlu released from prison
15:48 NEWS Iraqi Hezbollah threatens President Barham Salih
15:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA 109 families leave Hol Camp and return to Deir ez-Zor
14:43 ROJAVA-SYRIA Reduced-priced essentials in response to financial crisis
14:06 KURDISTAN Footage from guerrilla action that killed 7 soldiers in Heftanin
13:41 FEATURES New ISIS head is Erdoğan sympathizer
13:07 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish attacks on villages in Shera, Afrin continue
12:37 ROJAVA-SYRIA Komalên Ciwan pays tribute to fallen comrade Bawer Agir
12:05 HUMAN RIGHTS People tortured at home before being taken into custody
11:33 NEWS Thousands in Colombia say: Let's Defend Peace!
11:01 KURDISTAN HPG pays tribute to five guerrillas
10:31 KURDISTAN Prisoners of the snow in Van and Hakkari
09:57 WOMEN Young women go to congress
09:29 CULTURE Kurdish Literature Association established in Amed
08:59 CULTURE The documentary about MLKP is ready
08:21 NEWS Sinn Féin presents its 42 candidates to the 8 February elections
07:47 NEWS Trump faces trial
22:05 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish army bombing village of Girê Spî
21:38 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey bombs villages in Shera and Shehba