Latest News

09:16 Features Citizen’s Assembly on gender to be established in Ireland
08:48 Culture 6th Sara Women Festival kicks off in Zurich
08:18 Freedom of the Press Offices of ETHA News Agency raided
07:45 Rojava-Northern Syria Five died in fire in Til Koçer
20:00 News Two former FARC guerrillas killed in less than 48 hours
19:04 Women Şema Ednan: We'll resist Turkish attacks in South Kurdistan
18:00 Women “Öcalan holds the key to the issues in the Middle East”
17:00 News Temelli: Let's give the AKP a red card on 23 June
16:31 Women TJA: Nesrin Sotudeh must be released now
15:50 News Sinn Féin called on Turkey to release Öcalan
15:04 Features Girê Spi: Four years on, a liberated city
14:30 Women Activists in Biel dedicated a street to Sakine Cansız
13:50 Rojava-Northern Syria Turkish state invasion attacks protested in Aleppo
13:18 Kurdistan People in Maxmur condemned Turkish state attacks
12:52 Women “Women’s struggle entered a new phase”
12:18 News Land feud leaves 6 dead in Siverek
12:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Two people injured in explosion in Hesekê
11:40 News Kurds in Marseille protest attacks against South Kurdistan
11:17 News Families’ appeal to visit Imralı rejected
10:43 News Moody’s downgraded Turkey's rating to B1
10:15 Features Signature campaign for Hasankeyf
09:46 Features U.S. tariffs affect Mexico
09:19 News YPG martyr Lorenzo Tekoşer Orsetti back to his hometown
08:44 Culture Almodóvar Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at Venice Festival
08:16 Kurdistan Human shield action started in Qandil against Turkish invasion
07:45 News Families of Imralı prisoners applied to Bursa Prosecutor's Office
17:32 Women Kurdish women joined the strike in Switzerland
17:30 News 5 people remanded in custody in Urfa
17:01 Kurdistan Guerrillas strike Turkish forces in Şemzinan
16:27 Kurdistan Call from Ömeryan: Volunteers wanted to fight the fire
15:53 News More Turks’ asylum claims approved in Germany than Kurds
15:21 Women Yusif: Women’s Assembly will solve social problems
14:50 Kurdistan Villagers fight fire set by Turkish army in Nusaybin
14:30 Kurdistan HPG: Attacks against civilians are part of the invasion plan
14:00 News HDP former MP Ferhat Encü released from prison
13:41 Rojava-Northern Syria Turkish army bombed villages in Afrin’s Shera district
13:24 Kurdistan Human shields take action against invasion
12:47 Features Öcalan’s message to death fast and hunger strike activists
12:31 Women Northern and Eastern Syrian women's assembly to be founded
12:17 Features Liberal Party Swedish MP Malm: Turkey could attack Rojava
11:45 Features "The right to identity is not negotiable", said grandson 130
11:14 News Prisoner Remziye Karadağ not getting proper treatement
10:45 News Kurdish activist acquitted for chanting 'Bijî Serok Apo'
10:15 News Kurdish activist Şiyar Xelil taken to hospital
09:44 News Prohibitions before Istanbul elections began
09:17 Features Irish Presidential Voting Referendum nears
08:43 Women Women to go on strike today in Switzerland
08:13 News 12th hearing of HDP's Yüksekdağ trial to be held today
07:40 Women Human Rights Association sent cards to women prisoners
19:09 Rojava-Northern Syria Demo against Turkish invasion in Til Kocher