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00:00 Women Guerrilla Lavîn calls on women to break their chains
00:00 Women Mizgîn from Hesekê's Arab community joins the PKK
00:00 Features July 24 marked the beginning of the end for AKP
00:00 Features Impressions from Raqqa: They even fight in sandals
17:39 News 4 bomb-laden vehicles destroyed, 35 ISIS members killed in Raqqa
17:16 Kurdistan Turkish army retreats from the village they shelled in Dersim
16:53 Freedom of the Press OSCE Representative calls on Turkey to release jailed journalists
16:48 News Yet another grave of a HPG guerrilla desecrated
15:38 News All talk and no action: The EU is still fond of Erdoğan
14:56 News HDP deputies to launch 'Vigil of Resistance'
14:48 News Öcalan's isolation condemned, Rojava Revolution saluted in Europe
14:04 Kurdistan HDP executive and one DBP member taken into custody
13:54 Kurdistan AKP hires rapist as village guard
13:25 News Raqqa Operation: Dubat Lodgings cleared
13:10 Kurdistan HPG announces the balance sheet of war for two years
12:23 Features Erdoğan after new murders in Europe
11:00 News Mine explosion leaves 4 peshmergas wounded in Mount Hemrîn
00:40 Kurdistan One hand handles the arm, the other the first aid kit
00:00 Rojava Medical Academy of Mesopotamia opened in Rojava
00:00 Features Rubari: Öcalan's philosophy enlightened our way
00:00 News Coalition representative meets with Raqqa Civil Council
00:00 Rojava 288 fighters join the SDF ranks
22:01 News 14 ISIS members killed in heavy clashes in Raqqa
21:32 Rojava Turkish army kills a civilian in Girê Spî
16:06 Kurdistan Kurdish signboard in Gürpınar replaced with an Arabic one
15:40 News 45 percent of Raqqa under SDF control
15:16 Kurdistan YBŞ commanders Bawer and Amed laid to rest in Mount Shengal
14:01 Features Rescuing civilians is the main task in Raqqa
13:28 Human Rights Turkey jails two more human rights defenders
13:13 Rojava Youths march in Qamishlo: We will fight against invasion
13:01 Kurdistan Two YBŞ fighters martyred in mine explosion
12:44 Kurdistan Village guards lay down arms after the murder of a civilian
11:56 Rojava Turkish army and gangs shell Efrîn and Shehba
11:47 Rojava YPG releases balance sheet of attacks on Rojava
10:58 News YPG clinic in Raqqa treats civilians and fighters
10:29 News Kurds protest the Lausanne Treaty at the 94th anniversary
00:01 Features From some rifles to an army: The history of the YPG
00:00 Human Rights AI: Re-arrest of four human rights defenders a cruel step
00:00 Features Guerrilla has the initiative in Botan
00:00 Women Bêrîvan, mother of one, joins the PKK for all the children
00:00 Rojava YPG Spokesperson: Nobody should believe the Turkish media
00:00 Rojava Attacks on Shehba target civilian settlements
17:29 Rojava Turkey-backed gangs shell Rubar Camp and villages in Efrîn
14:00 Kurdistan Afghan refugee flow to Van continues 
13:30 News Suruç martyrs remembered, freedom for journalists demanded in Ulm
13:06 Human Rights Hunger strike in Stuttgart in solidarity with Nuriye and Semih
12:48 Rojava Turkish army shells Ayn Daqna village in Shehba
12:33 Features Turkish army targets villagers’ homes in Metina
12:10 News Kurds salute the Rojava Revolution in Russia
11:46 News 2 kilometers left until two SDF fronts are joined in Raqqa