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17:00 Features The magic of Anzela pool in Sur
16:00 Rojava-Northern Syria MSD: Language of threats won’t resolve the crisis
15:00 Features “Sochi didn’t succeed, it’s just that the weapons are hidden”
14:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Sabotage action in Sherawa by YPG: 4 dead
14:15 Kurdistan HPG: One “agent” punished in Semdinli
13:45 Rojava-Northern Syria Gangs attack Shehba villages and vicinity of dam
13:30 Kurdistan Explosion in Khanaqin: 1 dead, 4 wounded
13:15 Kurdistan Kermanshah residents to spend one more winter in tents
12:46 Rojava-Northern Syria International Peace Mothers visited Rojava
12:14 Culture Historical sites destroyed by DAESH
11:40 Women Heseke women: Afrin will be liberated
11:11 News Over 100 thousand people affected by polluted water in Basra
10:50 Human Rights Marseille group takes over the Vigil for Öcalan
10:20 News People's Houses Executives detained
09:50 Women Violence against women on the rise in Southern Kurdistan
09:20 Rojava-Northern Syria “We will liberate Afrin from invaders”
09:00 Rojava-Northern Syria School Year opens in Sherawa and Shehba
08:30 Rojava-Northern Syria New clinic to open in Hawl refugee camp
08:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Raqqa pumping station working at full scale
07:30 News HDP to start local elections work on 20 October
07:00 Kurdistan 32 fighters join the YBŞ in Shengal
20:45 Kurdistan International conspiracy against Öcalan protested in Shengal
15:45 Rojava-Northern Syria New camp to open for people of Afrin
15:15 Rojava-Northern Syria 800 ISIS members from 46 countries imprisoned in Rojava
14:45 Kurdistan Footage from Turkish vehicle destroyed by guerrillas
14:30 News Lawyers and human rights defenders to discuss the PKK ban
14:15 Rojava-Northern Syria One mercenary involved in the invasion of Afrin killed
13:30 Kurdistan Wave of strikes in Iran and Rojhilat
12:45 Rojava-Northern Syria Important projects for women’s economy
12:20 Rojava-Northern Syria Atrocities in Afrin continue in front of the whole world to see
11:50 Rojava-Northern Syria Clashes in Azaz spread to Afrin
11:30 Features HDP's Sarıyıldız and KJAR's Sinê on European Court verdict on Öcalan
11:00 Women Syriac, Kurdish and Arab women shared their experience in Hamburg
10:30 Features What the chances for New Caledonia to gain independence?
10:00 News Syria-Jordan border to reopen
09:30 News Hamburg, Turin, Pinerolo, Toulouse say no to isolation
09:00 Features French YPG fighter Farid Medjahed commemorated in Marseille
08:30 Women Young Women's Union Centre opened in Tabqa
08:00 News Lawyer Cihan Aydın elected Amed new Bar President
07:30 News Kurds marched in Bordeaux for Öcalan
18:11 Kurdistan Curfew in Bitlis
17:00 News The migrants dead in the accident in Izmir are 22
16:01 Freedom of the Press HDP's Temelli in Van talked about freedom of the press
14:25 News HDP deputy Taşdemir on latest political operations
13:40 Culture Yellow Envelope, a book by former IHD chair Akin Birdal
12:50 News Freiburg demands freedom for Öcalan
12:28 Culture Literature Festival Osman Sabri ends in Qamishlo
12:00 News European cities demanded freedom for Öcalan
11:25 Rojava-Northern Syria School Year to kick off in the Federation of Northern Syria
11:05 News Number of migrants dead in Izmir accident rose to 19