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14:06 Rojava Footage from the YPG action in Rajo
13:56 Features "Our resistance has changed the political and diplomatic balance"
12:59 Rojava YPG/YPJ hit invading forces in Rajo
12:36 Rojava People’s Council at work for the residents of Jindires
12:25 Rojava 176 civilians massacred by the Turkish state in Afrin in 34 days
11:41 Rojava "The Syrian forces fulfill their duty at the border"
11:05 Rojava Syrian military forces deployed in districts of Afrin
10:59 News America’s forgotten allies in Syria
10:36 News Operation Cizire Storm: 1776 jihadists were killed in 20 days
10:11 Rojava Turkish jets strike villages of Mabeta
09:40 Rojava People of Cizire on their way to Afrin for solidarity
00:30 Kurdistan Kurdish Writer Ferec: Those who don’t kneel will prevail in Afrin
00:25 News “Kurdish community must be part of Syria’s peace process”
00:20 News “Turkish invasion against Afrin violates international law”
00:15 News Internationalist Afrin Resistance Committee Berlin founded
00:10 Rojava Notes from Afrin's Jindires district
00:05 Rojava Afrin: Resistance and solidarity instead of flight
00:00 News Uca to German, Turkish governments: Are all these a coincidence?
20:40 Rojava Footage of Turkish military vehicle destroyed in Afrin
20:11 Rojava Second group from the Syrian army arrives in Afrin
15:36 Rojava SDF: Two military vehicles destroyed in Shera
14:25 News CDU spokesman Hardt calls on Turkey to withdraw from Afrin
12:44 Kurdistan Kirkuk’s former governor accused of corruption
12:26 Kurdistan Kurdish guerrillas kill seven Turkish soldiers in Hakkari
11:54 Women Woman writer imprisoned in Iran on hunger strike for 18 days
11:29 News Prosecutor demands 7-year sentence for whistling a Kurdish song
10:22 News 4,200 students out of school due to attacks in Rajo
10:04 News Two Turkish soldiers killed in Southern Kurdistan
09:31 Rojava Turkish artillery fire wounds six in Afrin city centre
00:15 News UN demands an end to military operation in Afrin
00:11 News Turkey arrests 16 political activists in Istanbul
00:10 Women Turkish army kills 17 women and wounds 44 in Afrin
00:05 News 100 German policemen storm a building to confiscate a banner
00:00 News “Afrin must not fall”
00:00 Features Grandfather against Franco, grandson against Erdoğan
20:43 Rojava Turkish army attacks Syrian military convoy
19:29 Women Kurdish women activist Ata arrested by court
18:28 News SDF: 40 Turkish soldiers killed in the last 24 hours
14:26 News Demirtaş: “Mr. Öcalan didn’t bow down, and neither did we”
14:06 Rojava People of Aleppo and Afrin on their way to Shera
13:20 Rojava Report about the Turkish massacre in Afrin’s Basuteh village
12:36 Kurdistan Guerrilla very active despite winter conditions
12:11 Rojava Another act of barbarism in Afrin: Disabled citizen killed
12:04 Rojava People of Aleppo: “We will not let Erdoğan through”
11:51 News Together against the Turkish attacks on Afrin!
11:18 Rojava 20 soldiers/gang members killed in Shera, one tank destroyed
11:11 Rojava Aleppo residents travel to resistance areas in Afrin
10:52 News Kemalbay released with foreign travel ban
10:38 Rojava Clashes intensify on Afrin resistance front
09:27 News Ums Ganze Alliance in solidarity with Afrin