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08:30 News Workers' Day celebration to be held in Bakırköy
08:01 News Silent action in Düsseldorf to support the hunger strikers
07:30 News Hunger strikers commended in Italy
18:40 News Turkish soldiers raided villages in Batman
18:20 News Rally in front of EU Parliament: Stop the silence!
17:45 News Day 2 in civil disobedience at Amnesty International office
17:15 Women A black-covered widow army
16:40 News Relatives of martyrs visited Leyla Güven on 169th day of her fast
16:16 Rojava-Northern Syria New campaign "#riseup4rojava – smash Turkish fascism!"
15:45 News Mothers in Gebze: We will stand by our children to the end
15:15 Rojava-Northern Syria Turkish state tears down Afrin villages to build wall
14:50 Kurdistan Footage released from guerrilla action in Cukurca
14:30 News Civil disobedience against isolation continues in London
14:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Armenian fighters promise to “fight perpetrators of genocide”
13:30 Features Prostitution through Turkey in Afrin
12:30 Kurdistan Explosion in bus terminal in Kirkuk: 2 wounded
12:01 News HDP's Demir: The entire Turkey is suffering from isolation
11:30 News Nasır Yağız: 156 days on hunger strike
11:01 News Swiss MP tabled motion on Afrin
10:28 News No Workers' Day celebration in Taksim square
10:00 News Leyla Güven: 169 day on hunger strike against isolation
09:30 News Prisoner Yilmaz refused treatment and he is sent back to prison
09:02 News Don't forget to put up your poster for hunger strikers today!
08:29 News Solidarity with the hunger strikers in Marble Arch
08:02 News Family visited hunger striker Şiyar Xelil
07:35 News Kurdish activists in Strasbourg reached day 130
22:32 News HDP: We share the sorrow and mourning of 104 years…
22:07 Rojava-Northern Syria Turkish army attacked a town of Shehba Canton
21:51 News Kurdish activist on hunger strike for 108 days hospitalized
21:33 News Hunger strike commenced at Amnesty International office in London
16:30 News Die Linke candidates to EP call on CPT
16:00 News Demonstration in front of CoE on week 5
15:40 News Mothers of prisoners on hunger strike start sit-in in Amed
15:15 Kurdistan Protest against isolation in front of the UN office in Hewler
14:50 Rojava-Northern Syria Victims of Armenian Genocide remembered in Qamishlo
14:30 News Civil disobedience at Amnesty International offices in London
14:10 News Police obstructs mothers for hunger strikers in Amed
13:55 News German doctors: The state of the hunger strikers is concerning
13:10 Rojava-Northern Syria Nubar Ozanyan Armenian Brigade declared
12:45 Rojava-Northern Syria Invaders attack Armenian families in Bab
12:15 News Police terrorism against HDP in Bingol: 9 detained
11:50 Kurdistan Hunger strike in South Kurdistan continues
11:20 Rojava-Northern Syria People of al-Hasaka rallied to support hunger strikers
10:50 News Twitter storm for the hunger strike resistance today at 8 pm
10:15 News Hunger strike in Strasbourg: Day 129
09:46 News Solidarity hunger strike in Florence
09:15 News Protest against isolation in Marseille
08:49 News Day of Action for the hunger strikers on 25 April
08:12 News Leyla Güven: 168 day on hunger strike
07:36 Features Today marks the 104th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide