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19:04 NEWS Iran warns that “Israeli embassies are no longer safe”
18:35 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 ‘One out of every two people in Şırnak on election day was a soldier or policeman’
17:53 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Elections will not be renewed in Halfeti, Siverek and Ürgüp
17:29 NEWS Abdullah Öcalan’s book distributed to people in Athens
16:00 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 7 AKP members arrested for burning ballot papers in Hilvan
15:27 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Elections to be renewed in Siverek
14:52 NEWS HBDH militia sets fire to a factory in Bursa
14:18 NEWS 100,000 people protest against Netanyahu in Tel Aviv
13:39 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 'We will take Hilvan again’
12:54 NEWS Co-Mayor of Tatvan: Young people and women will govern together
12:02 WOMEN PYD Women's Council in Europe holds congress in Gelsenkirchen
11:13 KURDISTAN Vigil for Öcalan in Maxmur handed over to the 53rd group of activists
10:34 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Bakırhan: Resistance and solidarity won in Van
09:55 NEWS Mine explosion in Daraa kills 7 children
09:12 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM party objects to Provincial Election Council decision to rerun elections in Halfeti
08:33 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 YSK rejects DEM Party's objections for Kars, Çukurca, Baykan, Dihê, and Hilvan
07:50 FEATURES Karasu: A democratic revolution has definitely taken place in North Kurdistan
18:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA New colonial houses in built in Jindires, Afrin
17:49 KURDISTAN Co-mayors of İdil remove the 'Security' booth
17:01 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 YSK: Court decision on Zeydan is devoid of legal value
16:23 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Co-mayors of Van take office: The resisting people won
15:39 WOMEN YPJ announces the death of two fighters in Turkish airstrike
14:58 WOMEN Kurdish women visit the Vatican for freedom for Abdullah Öcalan
13:38 ROJAVA-SYRIA 9 killed in HRE actions against occupation forces
12:54 KURDISTAN Gerîla TV broadcasts footage of downed ANKA drone in Zap
12:01 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS 165 days in custody and still no news of journalist Silêman Ehmed
11:13 ROJAVA-SYRIA Ela: The Turkish state and its mercenaries made Idlib a center of terrorism
10:34 WOMEN Men killed 24 women in Turkey in March
09:55 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM Party applies to YSK for cancellation and renewal of elections in Kars
09:12 KURDISTAN HPG: Five soldiers killed
08:33 CULTURE Graphic novel about Öcalan's life presented in Berlin
07:49 KURDISTAN HPG pays tribute to guerrillas Rodî and Şêrawa
19:42 ROJAVA-SYRIA 3,200 signatures collected for Abdullah Öcalan’s freedom in Damascus
19:06 WOMEN TJK-E launches 'One Thousand Women, One Voice' campaign
18:31 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM Party removes X-ray device and wires at Viranşehir Municipality
17:53 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS DFG and MKG call for the release of detained journalists
17:01 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Elections to be renewed in Halfeti
16:24 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM Party dismantles the door of the mayor’s office in Akdeniz, Mersin
15:39 KURDISTAN Co-mayors of Van receive certificate of election
14:40 NEWS Kurdish Community Office opens in California
13:08 KURDISTAN HPG releases balance sheet for March: 43 occupiers killed
12:01 NEWS Al-Nusra Front leader Al Qahtani killed
11:35 KURDISTAN MAK claims responsibility for sabotage action on the oil pipeline in Amed
11:02 KURDISTAN HPG pays tribute to guerrilla commander Edessa Cejna
10:34 KURDISTAN Culture and Sports Festival in Maxmur celebrates Öcalan's birthday
09:55 HUMAN RIGHTS Health of 75-year-old prisoner Yıldız deteriorating
09:12 KURDISTAN Guerrillas carry out action in Zap
08:33 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Council of Judges and Prosecutors opens investigation on restoration of rights to mayor Zeydan
07:49 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 DEM Party co-mayors enter municipalities with the people, putting an end to the trustee rule
19:01 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish army and allied mercenaries attack Rojava