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09:32 KURDISTAN Cemil Bayık: Everyone should claim the Heftanin Resistance
08:58 NEWS Governor in Urfa issues ban on actions for 30 days
08:23 FEATURES What is behind the Egypt-Greece maritime deal
07:49 NEWS Police detain 13 young people in Adana in new political operation
20:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish armed UAV bombs a workplace in Qamishlo
19:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA Three historical artifact smugglers arrested in Ain Issa
18:52 NEWS "The state wants our children to die of the pandemic"
17:53 KURDISTAN Kurdish forbidden in shopping mall in Cizre
17:05 HUMAN RIGHTS Asrin Law Office calls on the CPT to take on responsibility
16:03 NEWS Another rapist released from prison in Turkey
15:32 NEWS German left-wing politician acquitted in in PKK trial
14:51 KURDISTAN 13 Turkish soldiers killed in YJA-Star actions in Heftanin
14:17 WOMEN Hêvî Gabar - a breathless life full of enthusiasm
13:49 NEWS Beirut: 137 dead, 5,000 injured, 300,000 homeless
13:17 ECOLOGY Sewage water from Turkish brigade in Hakkari spreads diseases
12:07 WOMEN UN research finds Covid affected working women in Turkey the most
11:34 ROJAVA-SYRIA Mercenaries kidnapped 78 civilians in Afrin in the month of July
11:02 KURDISTAN Guerrilla Zap: The Kurdish people and guerrillas will win
10:33 NEWS Activists in Kiel protest Turkey's attacks on Kurds
10:02 HUMAN RIGHTS Information stand for Zeynab Jalalian in Copenhagen
09:31 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS DFG Association says 98 journalists are currently in prison
08:58 NEWS Van governor extends ban on actions for another two weeks
08:24 HUMAN RIGHTS New decision on release of lawyers on death fast expected
07:49 HUMAN RIGHTS Şeyhmus Koç and four other prisoners on hunger strike
21:01 WOMEN 16 detained in police attack on women’s rally in İzmir
20:19 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish army and mercenaries attack Ain Issa
19:37 NEWS Farewell to Gülistan Aksoy in Berlin
18:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA Pandemic measures multiplied in Deir ez-Zor
18:16 NEWS HBDH militia destroy a truck of MSC company
17:38 WOMEN Kurdish revolutionary Aksoy passes away in Berlin
16:59 NEWS Rojava Event on Crete
16:21 WOMEN Male violence leaves two women seriously injured in Amed
15:48 CULTURE Grup Yorum members taken into custody
14:53 KURDISTAN HPG: Five Turkish soldiers killed in Heftanin
14:14 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey systematically leaves Rojava without water
13:47 ROJAVA-SYRIA Khabur Guards: If Turkey's attacks continue, we will respond
13:13 NEWS Autonomous Administration declares solidarity with Lebanon
12:41 NEWS Senator Cepeda says that no one is above the law, not even Uribe
12:02 NEWS Görgü: Remove the PKK from the terrorist organisations list
11:34 NEWS Health workers in Bolivia on hunger strike to protest government
11:05 KURDISTAN HPG disclose identities of 3 guerrillas fallen in Van
10:33 KURDISTAN The last call of Osyan martyrs: Protect your values
09:59 NEWS CPT: Restrictions in Imrali are not acceptable
09:31 NEWS National mourning in Lebanon as death toll in Beirut exceeds 100
08:58 NEWS Arrest warrant for former Colombian president Uribe
08:23 NEWS Activists in Darmstadt condemn Shengal massacre
07:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF announce new operation against ISIS cells in Deir ez-Zor
21:34 HUMAN RIGHTS Lawyer on day 215 of death fast: We will win no matter what
21:01 WOMEN Demo in Berlin against femicide and genocide in Shengal
20:29 HUMAN RIGHTS Leaked letters reveal Iran’s denial of COVID-19 crisis in prisons