Latest News

12:00 WOMEN Women’s declaration against Turkish invasion of NE Syria
11:30 NEWS Turkish occupation attacks protested in Yerevan
11:02 NEWS Leader of Kurdistan Communist Party taken into custody
10:30 NEWS Nashville Courthouse and bridges lit with the colors of Kurdistan
10:00 WOMEN Letter to the people of Rojava by over 200 Irish feminists
09:34 NEWS Thousands in Italy take to the streets for Rojava
09:00 NEWS EESC Workers' Group condemned Turkish attack in North East Syria
08:32 NEWS Protests against Turkish attacks in Den Haag and Marseille
08:20 NEWS French Parliament and Senate call for urgent action on Syria
08:02 NEWS Turkish invasion protested in 4 German cities
07:54 ROJAVA-SYRIA Heavy clashes in Serêkaniyê
07:30 NEWS Black wrath left in front of Turkish embassy in London
07:00 NEWS Turkish occupation of North East Syria protested in Stockholm
23:09 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish troops and mercenaries attack Serekaniye from three sides
23:01 FEATURES People's Resistance: DAY 7 - LIVE BLOG
22:33 NEWS Man, 74, brutally assaulted for speaking Kurdish in Çanakkale
21:30 ROJAVA-SYRIA Three martyrs of resistance laid to rest in Raqqa
21:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA Farewell to eight martyrs of battle against invasion in Kobanê
20:40 ROJAVA-SYRIA 60 Turkish soldiers and mercenaries killed in Alya and Erbagin
20:30 ROJAVA-SYRIA Moving ceremony for the martyrs of the resistance in Dirbêsiyê
20:19 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish armored vehicle seized by SDF fighters
20:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA Villagers around Çelebiyê forced to leave their houses
19:36 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish army and mercenaries attacked the Euphrates area
19:32 ROJAVA-SYRIA People in Ayn Issa marched in support to the SDF
19:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA Ceremony for six martyrs in Dêrîk
18:30 ROJAVA-SYRIA Identities of Honor Resistance martyrs disclosed
18:00 NEWS Spain joins embargo on arms sales to Turkey
17:37 ROJAVA-SYRIA Kurdish Red Crescent urges international action against incursion
17:10 KURDISTAN 'Rojava' resolutions in the South Kurdistan Parliament
16:44 WOMEN Komalên Jinên Ciwan calls on women to join the Rojava resistance
16:23 NEWS HDP Youth Councils call for action for Rojava
15:30 NEWS Lavrentiev denied Ankara’s operation cleared by Moscow in advance
15:00 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS RSF: Northeastern Syria turning into news black hole
14:40 NEWS Heavy ambulances traffic in Urfa
14:19 NEWS UN: Turkey could be deemed responsible for executions in Syria
14:00 NEWS UK suspends arms sales to Turkey
13:48 NEWS Turkish Colonel coordinating the incursion wounded
13:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA Injured journalist: We are not intimidated by the invasion forces
13:10 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF balance sheet: 103 members of the occupation forces killed
12:44 NEWS Öcalan's lawyers apply to visit Imralı
12:21 NEWS Volkswagen delays plan on new plant in Turkey over incursion
12:00 NEWS Turkish embassy in Warsaw labels demonstrators “PKK supporters”
11:27 NEWS Over 500 Iranian professors condemn the Turkish incursion
10:54 FEATURES Operations against ISIS cells reactivated amid Turkish invasion
10:31 NEWS Message of solidarity with Rojava from the Colombian ELN
10:00 NEWS Fridays for Future Switzerland: Join strike for Rojava on Friday
09:45 NEWS Police operation in Malatya, Bursa and Istanbul
09:30 NEWS Dozens of parties and organisations call for no-fly zone
09:00 NEWS Erciş HDP co-mayors taken into custody
08:31 ROJAVA-SYRIA Martyrs of the Honor Resistance bid farewell in Qamishlo