Latest News

15:00 Kurdistan Van HDP demands release of Hakkari deputy Leyla Güven
14:35 Culture Mazlum Doğan Youth Festival in The Hague
14:15 News Attack on the homes of Gerry Adams and Bobby Storey
13:30 Kurdistan The Spirit of July 14 will prevail against genocidal colonialism
13:10 News Uprisings in southern Iraq
12:55 News 14 people including HDP MP candidate detained
12:25 Kurdistan “Qandil will be a dream for the enemy as long as Xakurkê stands"
11:15 Freedom of the Press Pressure against JinNews: News director on trial
11:00 News Two gang members involved in Afrin’s invasion killed in Idlib
10:40 Culture Book on Öcalan promoted in London
10:00 Kurdistan Footage of action against Turkish ‘Special Operations Teams’
09:50 Kurdistan Turkish aerial attacks against Southern Kurdistan continue
09:40 Kurdistan Village guards set fire to forested land in Cudi
09:30 Culture Durham Miners Festival dedicated to Öcalan kicks off
09:00 News Record prison sentences asked for Kışanak and Tuncel
08:30 Human Rights Justice for Soma action at Abbasağa Park
08:00 Kurdistan PKK pays tribute to the Great Resistance of 14 July 1982
07:30 Kurdistan Occupying Turkish Army hit in Hakkari, Şirnak and Mardin
22:35 Rojava At least 24 civilians abducted in Afrin in three days
15:40 News New air strike leaves 26 ISIS members dead
15:05 Rojava Cizire Canton’s Saruxan: Afrin will be liberated from invaders
14:40 Features HPG Commander: It’s not easy to enter or leave these lands
14:15 Rojava Mine explosion kills a 13-year-old girl in Afrin
13:15 Kurdistan Young Harun killed by the state trustee's practice in Van
12:20 Features Turkish army defeated in Lêlîkan as well
11:55 News Political genocide operations in Hatay and Urfa
11:40 News Village guards kill three brothers in Urfa
11:25 News "The new cabinet is a tribe and family business"
11:05 Kurdistan Tevgera Azadî member arrested in Hewler
10:55 News AKP extorts prisoners
09:55 Rojava Invaders murder another civilian in Afrin
09:30 News HDP and ESP members detained in Istanbul
09:00 Rojava Editing and recording studio opens in Serdem Camp 
08:30 Kurdistan KODAR and PJAK presented road map
08:00 Features Nothing Dies for Nothing
07:00 News Durham Miner’s Gala Dedicated to the Freedom For Öcalan Campaign
20:40 Rojava Turkish-backed gangs brutally murder 70-year-old man in Afrin
20:25 Rojava Invading forces kidnap 9 civilians in Sherawa, Afrin
19:30 Kurdistan Roboski families: Those responsible for the massacre are awarded
19:00 News Families of Soma mine disaster victims march for justice
17:15 News Bonfire violence in the North of Ireland
16:45 News Two released in Hrant Dink case
16:05 Rojava Preparations to mark the beginning of Rojava Revolution underway
15:30 Culture Children's Festival in Shengal
15:00 Rojava TEV-DEM statement on Afrin and Daraa
14:35 Rojava Second Middle East Youth Conference to be held in Rojava
14:15 Kurdistan Turkish bombing starts fire in Lis Mountain in Amed countryside
13:55 Kurdistan “Hewler and Sulaymaniyah will fall if Qandil falls”
13:20 Freedom of the Press Police raid the office of JIN News Agency in Amed
12:50 Human Rights Non-Turkish speaker female prisoner denied medical treatment