Latest News

16:15 News KNK: Support the Global Action Day against Turkey’s invasion
15:45 News 16 year and 8-month prison sentence for HDP’s Baluken
15:30 News HDP Declaration for a solution of the Kurdish Question
15:00 News PUK delegation meets with Iraqi President
14:30 News EP won’t be sending observers to the June 24 elections
14:05 Kurdistan Guerilla TV publishes footage from two actions in Çukurca
13:45 Kurdistan Congratulatory message for guerrillas in Hakurk
13:15 Rojava Turkish ID papers for Afrin residents for the election
12:30 Rojava Italian delegation arrives in Rojava
12:20 Kurdistan Soran guerrillas also in Bradost
11:45 Features Moslem: Let’s protest against Turkish invasion on May 26
11:00 Human Rights Amnesty International calls for urgent action for Panahi
10:40 News Dozens of militias lose their lives in ISIS attack
10:15 News Turkish economy collapsing
10:00 Kurdistan Suspicious minor death in Cizre
09:45 News HDP delegation meets with SPD Foreign Affairs Spokesman
08:00 Rojava Report on Afrin's displaced people published
00:30 Culture Movie on Amed prison resistance screened in St. Petersburg
00:15 News Raqqa health service getting on its feet again
00:05 Culture The art of making clothes
00:00 Features Karasu: Solution process is to fight against AKP fascism
22:45 News Turkish backed gangs attack Sheikh Maqsoud
22:00 Kurdistan Footage from guerrilla action against Turkish troops in Lelikan
21:30 Kurdistan A candidate to reclaim justice for Sur
20:45 Kurdistan Co-mayor of Van not released
20:40 Rojava Oil tanker explodes in Derik, killing a child
20:00 Women Meet the Traffic Women Police in Rojava
18:00 News HDP to announce declaration for a solution of Kurdish question
17:30 Kurdistan MCGurk meets with parties objecting to election results
17:00 Women Carpet weaving women without work insurance in Iran
16:30 News The government cannot hide economic crisis
15:15 News HDP presents its candidates for the elections
14:45 News Leyla Şaylemez’s family joins the Vigil for Öcalan in Strasbourg
14:30 News Turkish economy on its way down, USD and Euro break new records
14:15 News Peoples' Tribunal to deliver its verdict on Turkey on 24 May
13:40 News HDP Co-chairs call on the judiciary to release Demirtaş
13:15 News Demirtaş: “It’s time to win, not to be pushed down”
12:50 Kurdistan McGurk visits PUK and Barham Salih
12:25 Women HDP has the most female candidates running for parliament
12:10 News AKP nominates Al-Qaeda prisoner
11:45 Women Kongreya Star issues call to “Rise up for the women of Afrin”
11:10 Women Female prisoners: Our hope is the HDP
10:45 Rojava Extortion and abduction in Afrin
10:10 Kurdistan Turkish army suffers heavy losses in Bradost
09:45 Rojava Overview of the demographic change in Afrin
08:00 Features HDP candidates: Bringing all identities together
00:30 News KCDK-E joins Global Action Day for Afrin on 26 May
00:15 News Votes from 103 polling stations in Iraq and Kurdistan cancelled
00:00 Culture Turkish army destroys another historic site in Afrin
22:50 Kurdistan Turkish warplanes shell Bradost area in northern Iraq