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09:47 Culture Nuremberg Kurdish Culture Days ends today
09:14 Culture KON-MED called on people to join First Yazidi Culture Festival
08:46 News Signature campaign demanding freedom for Veli Encu
08:10 News Hundreds in Istanbul to mark anniversary of Gezi Park Resistance
07:40 Features A general strike in Argentina paralyses the country
21:21 News Corpse of Italian internationalist Orsetti reached Rome
16:45 News Hunger strikers Bagdur and Kobane: The struggle isn't over
16:00 News Prisoners’ mothers: Our children are not treated
15:30 News ISIS sets fields on fire in Kirkuk
15:05 News Kirkuk City Council: Terrorist attacks aim for fitna
14:40 News AKP government launches “Dersim” investigation
14:15 Kurdistan Turkish state threatens villagers to evacuate villages in Sidekan
13:41 Rojava-Northern Syria Repairs start in Tabqa’s schools
12:30 News Turkish economy continues to shrink
12:00 News Prisoners are refused treatment at Kurkculer Prison
11:29 Kurdistan Binarê Qandil people: Turkish attacks put our lives in danger
10:47 News Ban on demonstrations in Van reached day 921
10:13 News Remains of international fighter Orsetti arrive today in Rome
09:37 News FARC deputy Santrich free at last
09:00 News Long march in Italy reached Modena
08:30 Culture Nuremberg Kurdish Culture Days continue with success
08:00 News Öcalan's lawyers applied to visit their client
07:33 News Six explosion rocked Kirkuk, casualties reported
19:22 Women Femen action in Paris: Stop Feminicide!
18:08 Rojava-Northern Syria SDF and YPJ launch operation against ISIS in the desert
16:06 Kurdistan HPG: 16 Turkish soldiers killed in Xakurke and Hakkari
15:01 Women Kurdish Literacy Courses for mothers in Kobanê
14:39 Features From Kurdistan to Great Britain - why the hunger strikes matter
14:04 Kurdistan 3,000 Yazidis still missing
13:48 Rojava-Northern Syria Occupation terror against people in Afrin: 10 civilians injured
12:51 Kurdistan ISIS attack on villages of Kirkuk repelled by people
12:10 News HDP protests usurpation of people's will by the AKP
11:40 Kurdistan HPG guerrillas frustrated Turkish army operation in Xakurkê
11:13 News HDP: Stop the illegal military operation in South Kurdistan
10:44 Features AKP turning Kurdish region into a land of prisons
10:12 Rojava-Northern Syria Women and children of DAESH members delivered to Uzbekistan
09:39 News Kerem Solhan welcomed back in Marseille
09:10 News Colombia's Supreme Court ordered immediate release of Santrich
08:44 News Kurdish activist Yusuf Iba taken to hospital in Toronto
08:06 News 13 people remanded in custody in Halfeti
07:40 News Prisoners in Van discharged from hospital
18:00 News Activists Kobanê and Bağdur taken under treatment in Berlin
17:30 News Treatment of 27 prisoners in Amed continues
17:00 News 3 HDP MPs and 10 activists discharged from hospital
16:30 Kurdistan HPG reports Turkish air raids in South Kurdistan
16:00 News EU issues report on Turkey: Regression in all areas
15:30 News Leyla Guven’s hearing held in Amed
15:00 News Families of soldiers/policemen captured by HPG meet IHD and HDP
14:30 News Peace emerges from society - isolation attacks us all
14:00 Kurdistan Turkish army bombed Sheladize in South Kurdistan