Latest News

20:30 News SDF fighters liberate two more villages from ISIS
20:25 Kurdistan HPG reports guerrilla action in South Kurdistan
20:20 News Explosion in Raqqa results in injuries
20:05 Rojava Northern Syrian Internal Security Forces hold congress in Raqqa
19:00 News Iraqi army launches operation against ISIS sleeper cells
18:30 News Supreme Election Board publishes final election results
18:00 News Piri: We will call for membership talks to be halted with Turkey
17:10 Women HDP Women’s Council says Ministry for Children's Rights needed
16:30 Women 39 women murdered in Turkey in June
16:00 Rojava Communes in Shehba engaged in aid deliveries to Afrin refugees
15:30 Human Rights Abuse of minors increases 700% during AKP government
15:00 News UK trade unions support the Freedom for Öcalan Campaign
14:25 Freedom of the Press Free Journalists Initiative: 192 journalists still in prison
14:00 News Berlin declares stance on Customs Union, HDP and Afrin
13:15 Features “Normalization” plot in Afrin: Are Turkish troops withdrawing?
13:05 News Norway extradites Kurdish politician to Turkey
12:45 Kurdistan Barzani congratulates Erdoğan, calls PKK “occupant”
12:15 Rojava 12 more civilians kidnapped in Afrin
11:50 News ISIS gangs put children through scarring pain
11:30 News Official transition into dictatorship on July 9
10:55 Kurdistan Ava sûsê, the marvellous drink in Amed
10:25 Human Rights Ramin Hossein Panahi, Iranian Kurd, still on Death Row
10:00 News Demonstration against the raid on Kurdish association in Germany
09:00 News Kurdish politician in Germany harassed by police
08:30 News Women call to boycott Flormar and support workers
08:00 News KCDK-E condemns the raid on the Kurdish DKTM centre in Bielefeld
07:30 Women TJA activist Ormanci: Women are much more than mothers
07:00 Women Manbij women set up projects for economic independence
21:45 Kurdistan HPG: 20 Turkish soldiers killed in Yüksekova
21:35 Kurdistan Turkish warplanes bomb Bradost region in northern Iraq
21:30 News Reconstruction efforts continue in Raqqa
17:20 Culture Culture, a weapon against Turkish occupation
16:45 News Dozens of mercenaries captured in Deir ez-Zor
16:35 News Kurdish politician at risk of being extradited to Turkey
16:20 News Votes recounted in Kirkuk
15:55 Kurdistan Turkish airstrikes on Qandil region continue
15:50 Rojava Civilian tortured to death by mercenaries in Afrin
15:35 News HDP’s Bilgen: Turkey is a mafia state, not just a one-party state
15:05 News Uneasiness within the CHP
14:35 News NAV-DEM condemns the raid on Kurdish association in Bielefeld
14:15 News HDP appeals to the YSK for election results in Hakkari
13:55 Human Rights HRW issues call on mass graves in former ISIS areas
13:35 Human Rights Panahi’s lawyer: His health is worse, risk of execution continues
13:10 Human Rights Öcalan’s lawyers appeal to Constitutional Court against isolation
12:30 News Turkish economy in the rough, inflation hits hard
11:55 News German police raid Bielefeld Kurdish Society Center for books
11:10 Human Rights HDP writes to Iranian Ambassador for Panahi
10:35 Rojava Mercenaries in Afrin go into another clash for “spoils”
10:25 News How the Turkish police fights the colors yellow-red-green
10:05 Women Iran: Women protest dancing against headscarf imposition