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13:40 News SDF fighters reach the Euphrates river
13:30 Kurdistan 11 minors on trial in the Sur case sentenced to 36 years
13:05 Kurdistan HPG: 19 Turkish soldiers killed in yesterday’s action in Lelikan
13:00 News People fleeing the Baath regime continue to cross into SDF areas
12:50 Freedom of the Press Özgür Gündem publisher Sancılı arrested
12:40 Kurdistan Vehicles in HDP convoy in Şırnak issued fines
12:00 News Here are the 5 ISIS officials captured by SDF and the Iraqi army
11:45 Kurdistan Explosion in Dersim leaves casualties among Turkish soldiers
11:25 Kurdistan Turkish army uses cluster bombs in Bradost
11:10 Rojava Turkish army and gangs know no bounds in immorality in Afrin
10:55 News Rebuilding of Raqqa shows success
10:40 News Call for protest before Erdoğan’s visit to London
10:15 News 30.000 march in Munich with giant YPG flag
10:00 Rojava YPG: 12 invaders were killed in Afrin
09:50 Rojava Ethnic cleansing in Afrin: Demographic structure changed
09:00 Features ETA last interview: We dissolve into the people
00:30 News The complexity of the Iraqi elections
00:20 Women Meetings in Shehba as part of #WomenRiseUpForAfrin
00:15 News "There can be no question of fair elections in Turkey"
00:10 News New tensions between Israel and Iran
00:00 Women YPJ martyr Alina Sanchez remembered in Buenos Aires
21:50 News Five top ISIS officials captured in Deir ez-Zor operation
21:00 News Boycott Tourism in Turkey campaign in Stockholm
15:00 News HDP to publish election manifestos on Monday
14:00 News Education workers protesting in Rojhilat and Tehran
13:30 Kurdistan Turkish fighter jets bomb hill with their own soldiers
13:15 Kurdistan Insurgency of kolbars and kasibkars: Bane resisting for 26 days
12:45 News Assad: Any Turkish soldier on Syrian soil represents occupation
12:30 Human Rights Sick prisoners in Meneman on hunger strike for 21 days
12:15 Rojava HBDH announces revolutionaries who lost their lives in Afrin
11:00 Kurdistan Large scale action by guerrillas in southern Kurdistan
10:30 News Iraqi elections: Voting starts
10:00 Rojava Turkish state marks doors in Afrin
09:55 News Israel-Iran tensions rise in Syria
09:00 News SDF fighters about to reach the Euphrates River
00:20 News 52 institutions and organisations in Europe stand with the HDP
00:15 Kurdistan No peace for Nusaybin
00:10 News Former FARC guerrilla killed, peace struggling in Colombia
00:05 News Coalition,partner forces look to deal final blow to ISIS in Syria
00:00 Features Al-Baghdadi’s whereabouts and the end of ISIS
16:00 News Demirtaş’s message on CHP presidential candidate İnce’s visit
15:15 Kurdistan Remembering five Kurdish activists executed in Iran
14:40 News CHP’s İnce visits HDP’s Demirtaş in prison
13:45 News German government approves submarine export to Turkey
13:25 Kurdistan 7 Turkish soldiers killed in actions by YJA-STAR guerrillas
13:15 Kurdistan 5 people detained in Van
12:50 Kurdistan Governor of Van campaigns for AKP ahead of elections
12:15 News Israel fires missiles into Syria
11:55 News Mass protests against weapons giant Rheinmetall
11:30 News “Turkey must lift state of emergency for credible elections"