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09:25 News HDP’s Buldan: People’s will to prevail at local elections
09:00 Kurdistan Turkish jets bomb villages in northern Iraq
08:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Turkish attacks on Gire Spi continue
16:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Eighty-one bakeries working in Raqqa
16:00 Culture How to transmit young people the love for books?
15:15 News Explosion kills 2, injures 11 in Khanaqin
15:00 Rojava-Northern Syria SDF: Attacks pushed back, 79 terrorists killed in two weeks
14:15 Rojava-Northern Syria SDF fighters: We fight to soothe the pain of the people
13:45 Kurdistan Footage from Turkish position destroyed by guerrillas
13:35 Rojava-Northern Syria YPG: Three Turkish-backed terrorists killed in Afrin
13:25 Features Photographs from Deir ez-Zor’s battle fronts
12:45 Human Rights Kurds to gather in front of the CPT and ECHR for Öcalan
11:45 News Syrian government: Turkey is not complying with Idlib agreement
10:15 Human Rights 76-year-old Kurdish woman remains in custody on terrorism charges
09:50 Kurdistan Turkish army bombs Mount Cudi
09:30 Culture Mobile Book Fair in Serêkaniyê
09:00 News Temelli: Local elections are an opportunity to work for peace
08:45 Rojava-Northern Syria Factory reopens in Raqqa after 5 years
08:30 Rojava-Northern Syria MSD: Turkish state prevents the fight against ISIS
08:00 News 1 November is World Kobanê Day 
17:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Mesopotamia Academy’s successful and innovative education system
16:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Kobanê villagers on Turkish attacks: We won't abandon our lands
16:00 News Nine parties get together in defence of Kurdish language
15:30 Rojava-Northern Syria People of Afrin: It will be a winter of resistance
15:00 Rojava-Northern Syria TEV-DEM: UN and EU must take action against Turkey
14:15 Features Macron, Merkel and Putin hold visit to support fascism
13:50 Kurdistan 23 people detained in Şırnak
13:40 News New PM of Iraq visits military forces
12:40 Kurdistan HPG: Three Turkish soldiers killed in Çukurca
12:25 Features Tied to vehicle and sent to SDF position as suicide bomber
11:55 Women ‘Girls of the Sun’ in the Geneva Film Festival
11:15 Features SDF Spokeswoman:Our offensive will continue until the end of ISIS
10:30 Human Rights Ankara's war on the dead
10:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Peoples resist and rebuild together in Deir ez-Zor
09:40 News Three HDP members detained in Ankara
09:35 Rojava-Northern Syria YPG: Two Turkish soldiers killed in Afrin’s Rajo district
09:30 Rojava-Northern Syria PYD: Erdoğan is the representative and guarantor of terrorists
09:00 Human Rights MSD Youth Council condemns violations of children rights in Afrin
08:45 Rojava-Northern Syria Free Press Union: Working for a fair and free press
08:30 Culture Theatre Commune established in Qamishlo
08:00 Human Rights Refugees in El-Erîş Camp expect aid from UN
18:00 Features Celebrating free Raqqa
17:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Ehmed: A solution can only be reached through dialogue
16:15 Kurdistan Turkish jets bomb South Kurdistan
16:00 Rojava-Northern Syria YPG: No attack against northern Syria will be left unanswered
15:45 Women Women’s Council took important steps since its foundation
15:15 Kurdistan Border trader killed by Iranian forces
15:00 Women Feminist demonstration by Kurdish and Swiss women in Bern
14:50 News Fascist attack on HDP building in Mersin
14:25 News HDP’s Temelli: Öcalan is the key to peace