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16:45 NEWS Juncker calls on Turkey to stop military operation in NE Syria
16:23 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS ANHA news agency website hacked
16:08 KURDISTAN Four THKP-C guerrillas fell in Turkish attack in South Kurdistan
16:03 FEATURES Turkish invasion of North East Syria
15:28 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish jets bomb Mishrefa village of Serekaniye
15:15 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS 8-year prison sentence for Kurdish journalist Türfent upheld
14:49 KURDISTAN HPG reports Turkish air raids in South Kurdistan
14:27 NEWS Macron meets with MSD's Ehmed: We stand by the SDF
14:04 ROJAVA-SYRIA Damascus to “confront Turkish aggression by all legitimate means”
13:44 NEWS ‘Syrian peoples united’ chant thousands at Rojava border
13:23 FEATURES Turkey and ISIS attack, peoples resist, the West remains silent
12:51 NEWS Turkish threats to invade Rojava protested in Berlin
12:27 FEATURES 9 October 1998: The international conspiracy against Öcalan began
12:04 NEWS At least 30 people detained in Urfa
11:44 NEWS South Kurdistan: Stop Turkish invasion
11:17 FEATURES After attacking the US consulate in Libya they fled to Turkey
10:47 NEWS DTK: The AKP-MHP will lose in Rojava as ISIS lost
10:17 ROJAVA-SYRIA Human shields action in Serêkaniyê reaches day three
10:07 ROJAVA-SYRIA Autonomous Administration declares three-day mobilization state
09:47 NEWS Free Syrian Army mercenaries brought to Akçakale
09:17 NEWS Demos against Turkish threats in three Swiss cities
08:47 NEWS UN Secretary General concerned about potential Turkish action
08:17 NEWS Demonstrations against Turkey all around Europe
07:47 NEWS Rojava delegation held series of meetings in Italy
01:45 ROJAVA-SYRIA Reports of clashes after ISIS attack on SDF position in Raqqa
01:14 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish army and mercenaries bomb villages in Shehba
00:45 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF calls for urgent action to avoid impending crisis on border
00:32 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey deploys troops to al-Bab
00:09 FEATURES KCK: All humanity has a responsibility for northern Syria
22:10 NEWS US moves troops “out of the path of potential Turkish incursion”
21:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA MSD Co-chair: Every threat by Turkey is a danger for Syrian lands
21:11 NEWS More Turkish troops deployed to the Rojava border
20:37 WOMEN Syrian Women’s Council: Turkey jeopardizes the region
20:15 NEWS Turkish Parliament approves motion for cross-border operations
17:33 NEWS Urgent call for action day against Turkish invasion of Rojava
16:53 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish army and mercenaries attack villages in Shera, Afrin
16:34 NEWS Long March for Öcalan in Greece on day 2
16:07 NEWS Protest against Turkish threats in Sydney
15:16 NEWS UK “deeply concerned” about Turkish plans for northern Syria
14:55 WOMEN Kongreya Star calls for worldwide solidarity with Rojava
14:14 NEWS Iran opposes Turkish military operation in Syria
13:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Veterans march to the UN Representation in Qamishlo
13:21 NEWS Ready for the Resistance-Call to Day X: No war on Northern Syria
12:58 ROJAVA-SYRIA Thousands stand as human shields at Serekaniye border
12:30 NEWS SDF’s Abdi: Watching over ISIS prisoners now a 'second priority'
12:00 NEWS Panel on Kurdish people's struggle at the House of Commons
11:30 NEWS Plaid Cymru Youth condemns US decision to abandon Kurds
11:10 NEWS Demo against Turkish threats in London today
10:45 NEWS Indigenous protesters in Ecuador prepare mass rally for tomorrow
10:15 NEWS Protest against Turkey in Stockholm