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16:07 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF liberates a village in Ain Issa
15:57 NEWS Six more people killed in growing civil disobedience in Iraq
15:26 ROJAVA-SYRIA Call from an internationalist physiotherapist in Rojava
14:59 NEWS State terror in Antep: 25 out of 54 HDP and DBP members jailed
14:33 NEWS Michaela Hoffmann:I'm proud of Ivana who fell defending Til Temir
14:09 ROJAVA-SYRIA New tent city for displaced people from Serêkaniyê
13:41 KURDISTAN HPG: One Turkish soldier killed in Çukurca
13:14 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF statement on continued attacks against Ain Issa
12:41 NEWS Protests in Malmö against Turkey and Iran attacks on people
12:07 ROJAVA-SYRIA ISIS cell neutralized in Manbij
11:36 WOMEN War Veterans Federation appeals on women to join 25 Nov. demos
11:02 NEWS Iranian regime protested in Hamburg
10:27 ROJAVA-SYRIA Stories of resistance
09:57 FEATURES Çiyager's poem, the art of Rûbar Şervan!
09:46 NEWS PKK anniversary celebrated in Belgium and France
09:24 CULTURE Two-day conference in Amed on Kurdish language and culture
08:48 CULTURE Graphic Novel Kobane Calling becomes a Theatre performance
08:17 FEATURES March for Irish Unity from County Donegal to County Tyrone
07:44 NEWS Getafe council condemns Turkish attacks against NE Syria
20:00 NEWS Turkish attacks against NE Syria protested in Kiel
18:52 NEWS Occitania donates 100,000 euros to Rojava
18:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA 3 civilians injured in attack on Free Burma Rangers in Ain Issa
18:08 ROJAVA-SYRIA Fierce clashes on M4 highway and in Xalidiye village
17:55 KURDISTAN YBŞ fighter wounded in Turkish air raid on Khanasor dies
16:31 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF mount heroic resistance to protect civilians from massacre
16:14 WOMEN Kongra-Star and women’s movements on the 25th November
15:44 KURDISTAN Large scale Turkish military operation in Dersim
15:15 WOMEN Women’s workshop in Qamishlo: Silence kills!
14:49 NEWS 46-year-old woman detained in police raid with dogs in Amed
14:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF responds to ongoing attacks on Ain Issa
14:03 NEWS Gothenburg City Council members donate for YPG/YPJ
13:26 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF reports increasingly ongoing attacks against NE Syria
12:21 FEATURES “We are the mountains of the Kurds”
11:52 WOMEN HDP calls on women to take to the streets on 25 November
11:21 KURDISTAN Commander Çiçek Botan and Dılgeş Botan commemorated by HPG
10:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA Russian panzer hit civilian car in Manbij
10:18 ROJAVA-SYRIA Explosion in Girê Spi
10:03 NEWS Curfew in Bogota does not prevent new massive demonstrations
09:23 WOMEN Events to be held on 25 November in NE Syria announced
09:14 ROJAVA-SYRIA Heavy clashes in Ayn Issa
08:56 WOMEN THKC/Rural calls on women to stand up on 25 November
08:18 ROJAVA-SYRIA Syriac Military Council fighter laid to rest in Hesekê
07:45 NEWS CDHM president expressed solidarity with the Kurdish people
21:22 NEWS Martyr Baran Dersim Revenge Units claimed actions in Van
21:05 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF: 25 terrorists arrested in wider operations against ISIS
20:52 WOMEN Women's Council condemns brutal attack on female politician
20:20 NEWS NES Humanitarian Affairs Office condemns UNOCHA report
19:57 KURDISTAN Eight people detained in Erzurum
19:28 NEWS Fridays For Future activists on hunger strike in Frankfurt
19:02 ROJAVA-SYRIA Three ISIS children handed over to the UK