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16:19 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF statement on ongoing invasion attacks
15:24 ROJAVA-SYRIA Residents of Til Werd village: Turkey has disturbed our peace
14:56 NEWS US Senator calls for sanctions against Turkey
14:28 KURDISTAN HPG reports Turkish air raids in Gare and Avashin
14:01 KURDISTAN Police terror in Van: 20 young people detained
13:38 ROJAVA-SYRIA Explosion in Afrin
13:24 NEWS Protest in Wales against criminalisation of PKK
12:50 HUMAN RIGHTS Amnesty International said 143 protesters were killed in Iran
12:21 NEWS Women marched in Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg and Kassel
11:49 NEWS Öcalan's lawyers made new application to go to Imralı
11:24 WOMEN 54 women murdered in North Kurdistan in one year
10:57 NEWS Syrian regime withdraws from Geneva talks over Turkish invasion
10:39 NEWS Police occupied HDP building, hanged Turkish flag!
10:21 WOMEN Women in Sweden took to the street to demand the end of violence
10:03 NEWS HDP co-mayors sent to Court in Mardin
09:52 NEWS New police political operation in Mersin, many detained
08:56 CULTURE Kurdish intellectuals and artists call for national unity
08:40 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS MA journalist Berivan Altan taken into custody
08:18 WOMEN Women marched in Amed and Dersim
07:47 WOMEN Women in Taksim: Not One Less
21:10 WOMEN Women take to the streets across North and East Syria
20:11 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish military activity in Kobane and Ain Issa
18:50 NEWS Solidarity events for Rojava in Munich and Kassel
17:50 WOMEN Protests against feminicide banned in Northern Kurdistan
17:07 KURDISTAN Ban on demos and activities in Van extended for another month
16:33 NEWS Asylum file of Leyla Birlik at Turkish secret service
16:01 WOMEN YPJ: We struggle in the way of our martyrs and Mirabel sisters
15:32 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE hit invaders in Afrin and Azaz: One killed, ten wounded
14:53 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF: Attempts of invasion continue
14:23 WOMEN Jinwar: May our resistance be a milestone in history
13:50 NEWS KOM-MED: Boycott Turkish products and tourism
13:21 NEWS Fridays For Future international - Solidarity with Rojava
12:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA Explosion kills two in Turkish occupied Azaz
12:21 WOMEN KCDK-E calls for joint resistance against violence against women
11:51 WOMEN YJAD and FEDA: Let's unite against the male mentality!
11:33 NEWS Teslim Töre's son: My father always wanted to return to Turkey
10:58 WOMEN Women of the village of Avşîn organised 25 November action
10:21 NEWS Activists at Arlanda airport to protest Turkish attacks
09:49 NEWS March from National Unity from Lausanne to Geneva on 5-6 December
09:18 HUMAN RIGHTS Rescue ship stranded off Italian coast
08:50 NEWS PKK anniversary celebrated in Germany and France
08:14 WOMEN 'Our struggle will continue until we stop women murders'
07:46 WOMEN Brussels and the Hague became purple
21:26 HUMAN RIGHTS Dirbesiye for Kurdish teacher arrested in Iran
20:42 ROJAVA-SYRIA People of Kobane condemn the silence on war crimes and massacres
20:13 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey’s mercenaries cut down 100 olive trees in Afrin
19:47 WOMEN Istanbul police detain 7 people distributing leaflets for 25 Nov.
19:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA Headquarters of mercenaries set on fire in Gire Spi
17:17 NEWS Kurds and Chileans protest in Uppsala
16:44 NEWS Solidarity night with Rojava in Nuremberg