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11:45 News SDF fighters: “ISIS will suffocate in the Cizire Storm”
10:50 News HDP announces election manifesto in Ankara
10:25 News Demirtaş denied newspaper with his mother's photo and comments
10:00 News ISIS ammunition confiscated
09:45 News Surprise outcome in the Iraqi elections
00:10 Rojava Children of Afrin have a tent school in Shehba camp
00:00 Kurdistan HPG commander: We won’t let Turkey get away with occupation
17:15 News SDF fighters liberate the village of Baghous by the Euphrates
17:00 News Counting in Iraq goes on despite claims of fraud
15:30 News Erdogan faces protests in London
15:15 News HDP’s Demirtaş sends message on Soma mine disaster
14:30 Kurdistan HPG: 11 soldiers killed in Hakkari
12:55 News Joint operation by the SDF and Iraqi army at Iraq-Syria border
12:20 Women ‘Girls of the Sun’ on Kurdish women's struggle screened at Cannes
11:30 Kurdistan Guerrillas in southern Kurdistan don’t let the invaders pass
11:00 News Uncertainty continues after the elections in Iraq
10:25 News SDF commander: ISIS is besieged
10:10 Kurdistan Explosion on Khanaqin road kills a police officer
10:00 Rojava Body of Ezidi man murdered in Afrin found
08:30 News Iraqi elections ended amidst accusation of fraud
00:30 Women HDP women start election campaign in Hasankeyf
00:20 News Women in Denmark demand freedom for Öcalan
00:10 Kurdistan HPG: Heavy blows inflicted on the Turkish army
00:00 News HDP Co-chair Temelli: The country needs a new social contract
21:25 News Three killed in attack in Kirkuk
19:45 Women Saturday Mothers meet for the 685th week
19:15 Rojava Turkish invasion forces kidnap 5 more people from Afrin
16:00 News Iraq election results to be known within 48 hours
15:45 Kurdistan Blast kills an 11-year-old in Nusaybin
15:00 News Voting in Iraq amidst delays and attacks
13:25 News Explosion kills two civilians in Raqqa
13:05 Kurdistan ISIS attack kills 6 in Kirkuk
12:50 Kurdistan AKP panics: Governor and soldiers tour for votes in Van
12:30 Culture Husson's 'Girls Of The Sun' heading to UK & Ireland with Altitude
12:15 News Open Letter to UK PM on Turkey’s use of water as a weapon of war
12:00 Kurdistan HPG guerrillas: “Xakurkê and Bradost will be the invaders’ grave”
11:30 Kurdistan Turkish armored vehicle kills 50 sheep in Van
11:20 Kurdistan "Do not forget mother Taybet while you vote"
11:00 News German MP investigated for opening YPG flag on Marx’s birthday
10:40 News Bomb attack in Raqqa
10:00 News Iraqi elections: Voting begins
00:30 News Syrian Democratic Forces fire in self-defense
00:25 Women Elections in Turkey: women organize the basis
00:20 Rojava Occupying forces loot wheat fields in Afrin
00:15 News 24 million citizens to go the polls in Iraq
00:10 Freedom of the Press Journalist Reyhan Çapan arrested in Turkey
00:05 Women Images from the Operation Jazeera Storm
00:00 Rojava 7 terrorists killed in heavy clashes in Afrin
16:00 News HDP’s Bilgen: A new balance will emerge on 24 June
14:45 News KCDK-E announces support for the HDP