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08:15 FEATURES Kurdish people took the streets in many German cities
07:45 NEWS Demonstration in Barcelona
07:15 NEWS Turkish airlines check-in in Naples and Barcelona blocked
00:02 NEWS UPP strongly denounced Turkish military invasion
23:23 NEWS Macron: Turkish military campaign helps ISIS build caliphate
22:50 FEATURES Resistance against Turkish occupation - LIVE BLOG
22:18 NEWS Slow Food: Stop the Turkish offensive in Northern Syria
21:21 NEWS Scottish Deputies wrote to US Ambassador over Turkish attacks
20:58 NEWS French police attack demonstrators against Turkish invasion
20:20 NEWS Basque parliament asks Turkey to cease unilateral military action
19:48 NEWS Norway suspended all arms sales to Turkey
19:21 KURDISTAN Thousands in Sulaymaniyah: Rojava is ours
19:02 NEWS MEPs call for action against Turkish invasion of northern Syria
17:57 NEWS Open letter by Fridays for Future for Rojava
16:58 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF Commander: 5 tanks destroyed, 6 drones downed in Amude
16:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA People of northern Syria: Victory will be ours
16:33 WOMEN Mothers for Peace: No to Turkey's invasion of northern Syria
16:14 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF's Bali: Turkey is bombing civilians
15:57 NEWS Netanyahu condemns Turkish invasion of northern Syria
15:36 NEWS France summons Turkish ambassador over Syria offensive
14:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA Names of civilians killed and injured by attacks on NE Syria
14:35 NEWS HDP's Temelli: Speak out against the invasion!
14:00 NEWS MSD's Ehmed at European Parliament: Turkey must be punished!
13:35 NEWS Syriac organisations: No-fly zone over Syria!
13:13 FEATURES International Call: Rise Up, Defend Rojava!
12:51 FEATURES PKK: Every house and street will be a battlefield
12:10 NEWS YPS: We will turn every area into a battlefield!
11:48 NEWS Arab League will hold emergency meeting on Saturday
11:38 NEWS Many detained in police attack against Democracy Vigil in Amed
11:29 WOMEN Kongra Star calls on women all over the world to stand up
11:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA Footage from clashes in a village of Kobanê
10:49 FEATURES Make Rojava Green Again calls for solidarity and resistance
10:28 NEWS KON-MED called on people to join March in Germany on 12 October
10:15 NEWS UK trade union leaders: Protect Kurds who protected us!
10:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF Serêkaniyê Commander: We will defend our people!
09:30 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Editor of BirGün daily taken into custody
09:18 NEWS General Assembly of the Swiss- Turkish Economic Council stopped
09:00 HUMAN RIGHTS NGOs, politicians, academics called on UN to act quickly
08:48 NEWS Demos all over Europe protested Turkish attacks
08:18 NEWS US Senators Graham and Van Hollen asked to sanction Erdogan
07:48 NEWS Former French President Hollande: Turkey must be sanctioned
22:27 NEWS Saudi Arabia condemns Turkish operation against northeast Syria
22:10 NEWS Finland suspended arms sale to Turkey, Minister of Defense
22:00 NEWS ETUC calls on EU to end migration deal with Turkey
21:30 NEWS Social & Democrats urge European Parliament to stop Turkey
20:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE: 4 Turkish-backed terrorists killed in Afrin
19:45 NEWS EU calls upon Turkey to cease the unilateral military action
19:34 NEWS ICRC: Escalation in northeast Syria will harm the population
18:59 NEWS Activists urge EU institutions to act against Turkish invasion
18:42 FEATURES Turkish attacks against North and East Syria - LIVE BLOG