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08:33 NEWS Academic Sirman released under judicial control
07:50 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS MLSA tells Council of Europe that at least 28 Kurdish events have been canceled
18:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA 4 drug dealers arrested in Hesekê
18:13 ROJAVA-SYRIA 2 ISIS members linked to the mercenaries in Serêkaniyê captured in Shaddadi
17:38 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF thwarts an escape attempt at Hol Camp
17:00 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 Mele Salihê Botî: Hüda Par is the hitman of the enemies of the Kurdish people
16:28 NEWS Racist lynching attempt against a Kurd in Heusden-Zolder
15:50 FEATURES Elections are a choice between slavery and freedom
14:46 NEWS Hunger strike of PKK and PAJK prisoners in Turkey leaves four months behind
14:09 NEWS Newroz reception at the UK Parliament
13:24 NEWS Elina Stamatou: Peace through the mountains of Kurdistan
12:01 HUMAN RIGHTS Öcalan's lawyers file new applications to meet with their client in Imrali
11:13 KURDISTAN Gerîla TV publishes footage of 2 actions
10:34 ROJAVA-SYRIA 49 people died in 37 attacks in "de-escalation zone" since the beginning of March, says SOHR
09:55 HUMAN RIGHTS 75-year-old woman falls ill in prison three days after being arrested
09:12 NEWS FEDA condemns racist attack against Kurds in Belgium
08:33 NEWS Attack against Kurds in Belgium protested in various German cities
07:49 KURDISTAN In the first 70 days of 2024, Turkey bombed Duhok governorate at least 141 times, says CPTIK
18:57 NEWS Three people, including two minors, imprisoned in Antep
18:23 NEWS KON-MED calls for protests against the racist attack in Belgium
17:29 KURDISTAN Egîd Serdar, a brave warrior like his name
16:47 KURDISTAN Iranian state forces torture Kurdish singer who performed at Newroz
16:13 HUMAN RIGHTS Asrın Law Office: İmralı Island is kept behind a veil of secrecy
14:38 NEWS Outrage in Brussels over racist attack against Kurds
13:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA “We are not alone, it is worldwide: One struggle, one fight”
12:56 WOMEN YJŞ joins the campaign ‘Against femicide – be the voice of self-defense’
12:01 ROJAVA-SYRIA Parents of Sehid Andok send message to memorial held for international martyrs
11:15 KURDISTAN Young internationalist people delegation visits DEM Party election office in Şirnak
10:40 NEWS Kurds in Geneva and Bern protest racist attacks carried out in Belgium
10:01 NEWS KNK: 3 years of torture against Abdullah Öcalan, 3 years of collective punishment against Kurds
09:35 NEWS KCDK-E calls for emergency action in front of European Parliament after racist attacks against Kurds
09:12 NEWS Racist attacks target Kurds in Belgium
08:33 NEWS Academic Nükhet Sirman taken into custody
07:49 CULTURE The art of kilim, the embroidered memory of Kurdistan, is disappearing
18:53 LOCAL ELECTIONS 2024 5,000 soldiers and police officers transported to Iğdır to vote in local elections
18:14 ROJAVA-SYRIA A key ISIS financier eliminated in joint security operation in Raqqa
17:42 NEWS Newroz in Ankara calls for an immediate end to the isolation of Öcalan
17:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF celebrates the fifth anniversary of Baghouz victory
16:16 KURDISTAN Kurdish parties call for unity against Turkish occupation
15:33 FEATURES Revolutionary guerrilla operations that stunned the Turkish army
14:19 KURDISTAN Guerrillas celebrate Newroz in Xakurkê
13:37 NEWS Thousands celebrate Newroz in Vienna and Graz
12:52 NEWS Death toll rises to 32,226 on day 170 of the Gaza war
12:01 CULTURE Hekim Sefkan reads his poems at Galician Poetry Festival
11:13 HUMAN RIGHTS 81 bar associations expose increase in sexual crimes against children
10:34 ROJAVA-SYRIA Book pays tribute to internationalist martyrs of Rojava
09:55 NEWS Kurds and their friends celebrate Newroz in Paris
09:12 WOMEN 'Woman, Life, Freedom' book launched in Bogota
08:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA ISIS mercenaries continue to attack villagers collecting desert mushrooms in Raqqa
07:50 CULTURE The life of Öcalan, a graphic novel to be published on 4 April