Latest News

12:45 Kurdistan People of South Kurdistan to march against Turkish invasion
12:30 News Continuation of arrest for HDP’s Yüksekdağ
11:30 Kurdistan "Barzani should stand against Turkish invasion, not the PKK"
11:05 News New service initiative launched in Raqqa
10:55 Rojava Clash between Turkish-backed militias in Afrin
10:25 News Hearing of HDP’s Yüksekdağ starts in Ankara
10:00 News Protest in The Hague against the extradition of Taşdemir
09:50 Kurdistan Curfew in Mardin's Talatê village under military siege
09:00 Rojava TEV-DEM official: Dialogue is the key to solve the Syrian war
08:00 Women Zilan Kurdish Women’s Festival kicks off in London
07:30 News NAV-DEM calls on Kurds to rally against German new repression law
07:00 News 149 workers lost their life at work in June
23:00 News Protest in Berlin against the extradition of Taşdemir to Turkey
22:50 Kurdistan Wildfire in the forested area between Lice and Genç
22:40 Kurdistan Military siege in a village of Mardin
20:00 Rojava Report on the refugees from Afrin in Shehba published
19:55 Kurdistan Turkish jets bomb Bradost region in South Kurdistan
19:20 Rojava Rojava University celebrates second anniversary
18:50 Rojava Deir ez-Zor Educational Committee launches training for teachers
18:25 Rojava Manbij Health Committee: 32 people wounded in the explosion
18:00 Rojava Manbij Democratic Civil Administration condemns the explosion
17:45 Rojava Democratic Society Academy Centre opens in Kobanê
17:10 Rojava Kobanê Autonomous Council condemns the explosion in Manbij
16:45 News Protest for Kurdish politician Taşdemir in Stockholm
16:20 Human Rights IHD releases report on rights violations in Central Anatolia jails
16:00 Kurdistan “Barzani is legitimizing the Turkish state invasion”
15:40 Rojava Heyva Sor a Kurd organises health training in Shehba
15:15 News HDP and the elections discussed at the European Parliament
14:50 News Protest for Taşdemir in front of Norwegian Foreign Ministry
14:30 Rojava YPG hits invaders in Afrin: 9 dead
14:00 Rojava People of Al-Bukamal: SDF guarantees security of the region
13:05 Rojava Explosion in Manbij, at least one dead, 22 injured
12:50 Human Rights Öcalan’s lawyers submit 769th appeal for a meeting
12:35 News The “Nation Alliance” falls apart too soon
12:10 Kurdistan National Front to protest against Turkish invasion on July 7
11:50 News KCDK-E condemns Norway’s extradition of Taşdemir to Turkey
11:20 Kurdistan Villagers in Qandil: We won’t let the invaders pass
11:05 News Consecutive explosions in Jarablus
11:00 Rojava Blast in Manbij during demonstration against Turkish invasion
10:05 News Three people injured in explosion in Urfa
10:00 News One dead and eleven injured in explosions in Baghdad
09:55 Women Rozerin Kalkan sentenced to 10 years in jail after being tortured
09:45 News Istanbul: Armed fascist group released from custody
09:30 News U.S. senator warns against further Turkish incursions in Syria
09:25 Rojava People of Afrin: We will organise more and liberate our home
09:00 Features Return to Kobane - Part I
08:30 Women Kongreya Star holds preparatory Congress meetings in Aleppo
08:00 Features Emel Dede: We put Manbij back on its feet
07:30 News TEV-DEM's Xelil: We are ready for dialogue
07:00 Women Women step up protests against child abuse