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18:01 Human Rights Saturday Mothers will be in Galatasaray this Saturday
15:24 Features Civilians fleeing Afrin: Nobody has security any more
13:44 Kurdistan Mahir Serhad laid to rest in Shengal
13:08 News Gangs in Afrin sell their weapons and flee to Turkey
12:45 Kurdistan Bombing targets Turkish armored vehicle in Nusaybin
12:30 Features Erdoğan’s dirty plans for Kirkuk exposed
12:00 Kurdistan KCK called on people to raise their voice against forest fires
11:44 Kurdistan Two Turkish soldiers die in clashes in Batman
11:22 News SOHR: Mercenaries blew up two bridges in Idlib
11:00 News Six people detained in Istanbul
10:36 Human Rights Ill prisoners in Rize jail denied medical treatment
10:01 Rojava-Northern Syria Syriac Union Party worked with Autonomous Administration
09:30 Features The Time Has Come! – Freedom for Öcalan World Campaign
09:03 Rojava-Northern Syria Ebdo denied allegation on closure of Syriac schools
08:26 Rojava-Northern Syria YPG sabotage action in Afrin, two Turkish soldiers killed
08:00 Culture Intellectuals conference kicks off in Qamishlo
07:32 Kurdistan HPG dealt heavy blow to Turkish army in Hakkari
19:00 News Four South Kurdistan parties met in Sulaymaniyah
18:25 Human Rights Political prisoner Yildirim's health worsening
18:00 News Call for action for Dersim
17:30 Kurdistan Turkish Ambassador’s comments threaten the common life in Kirkuk
17:00 News UN Syria envoy asked for humanitarian corridor in Idlib
16:30 Human Rights Amnesty International sends observers at Saturday Mothers' sit-in
16:05 News Turkish Lira loses 10% value this week
15:50 Rojava-Northern Syria Gangs’ families fleeing Afrin
15:25 News Remzi Kartal: The Turkish state is desperate
14:40 News Village guards attempt to defraud Yazidis in Midyat
14:10 Rojava-Northern Syria Villages on Rojava border line targeted by Turkey
13:25 Human Rights Euphrates HRC documents crimes against humanity by Turkey, ISIS
12:25 Human Rights Lawyers not allowed to meet with Öcalan for 7 years
11:50 Rojava-Northern Syria Leading member of Sultan Murad gang killed in Aleppo
11:30 Rojava-Northern Syria From the center of democratic education to the occupation zone
11:00 News Armenian cemetery in Van faces complete destruction
10:45 Rojava-Northern Syria Many terrorists killed in Afrin in avenging operations by YPG
10:20 News Suicide attack kills two policemen in a town of Kirkuk
09:55 News HDP member detained in Antalya
09:40 News Three Kurdish politicians released from prison in Germany
09:00 Human Rights HDP to government: Stop causing the death of sick prisoners
08:30 Culture Preparations underway for 26th International Kurdish Festival
08:00 Human Rights Arab women: We will continue our struggle for Öcalan’s freedom
22:00 Rojava-Northern Syria At least 30 gang members wounded in Afrin
19:55 Rojava-Northern Syria Car bomb attack and clash in Afrin
19:45 Kurdistan Mahir Serhat Şengalî wounded in Turkish attack on August 15 dies
16:35 Kurdistan Turkish army launches an operation in Besta
16:25 Kurdistan Turkish jets bomb South Kurdistan
16:00 Kurdistan 4 HDP members detained and then released in Hewler
15:10 Kurdistan Two kolbars wounded in attack by Iranian forces
14:45 News Lira collapsed, now it’s the banks’ turn
14:20 Features Have Russia and Turkey agreed on Idlib and Kurds?
13:30 Culture First book of history of Kurdish freedom movement out at Festival