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14:25 News HDP’s Temelli: Öcalan is the key to peace
12:15 Rojava-Northern Syria Turkish military attacks villages in Kobanê
11:45 News Buldan: Kurds have always maintained their honourable struggle
11:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Serêkaniyê: An example of education in many languages
11:00 Women Internationalist from the Hambi in the YPJ ranks
10:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Rojava: Shaping the new University
10:00 News FARC denounced murder of former guerrilla
09:00 Rojava-Northern Syria "Inclusiveness in writing new Constitution is the key to unity"
08:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Northern and Eastern Syria Administration to begin working
07:00 News Higgins confirmed Irish President
18:00 Kurdistan HPG hits the Turkish army in Sidekan, Hakkari and Şırnak
17:30 Human Rights Saturday Mothers faced with police repression
17:00 News Kışanak: Our hopes are stronger than ever
16:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Celebrations to mark Raqqa’s liberation underway
16:15 News TAYAD members detained in Istanbul
16:00 News Exit polls suggest Higgins comfortably re-elected as President
15:15 News Erdogan’s ‘Aleppo police’ against human values
14:55 Kurdistan Bodies of two Kurdish youngsters found at Rojhilat border
14:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Forced Islamisation, destruction and usurpation continue in Afrin
14:00 Rojava-Northern Syria MSD Executive: We succeeded in ensuring people govern themselves
13:25 Rojava-Northern Syria Attack on ‘military police’ point in Afrin: 1 dead
13:00 News “Rojava revolution should be embraced for the future of humanity”
12:30 News KNK General Assembly: Kurds must not miss the golden opportunity
12:00 Features Does ISIS enter Europe through the MIT member in Athens?
11:45 News 8 HDP members detained in Ankara
11:30 News Kurdish refugee families trapped in airport in Switzerland
11:00 Kurdistan Italian delegation meets KCK in Qandil
10:40 Kurdistan Turkey bombs civilian settlements in Qandil
10:30 Women Mass memorial for PKK guerrilla Andrea Wolf in home town Munich
10:00 Features Bahoz Erdal: Every Kurdish family is a battle front
09:45 News Erdogan swaps 39 governors before elections
09:30 News Counting day for Irish new President
09:00 News KNK meets for 18th General Assembly
08:00 Features Bihac, on the border of Europe - Part Two
16:00 News Call for Afrin for Merkel before Istanbul summit
15:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Mabrûka camp not ready to cope with winter months
15:00 News Border line in Antep declared “special security zone”
14:45 Kurdistan Heavy rains in Kurdistan 
14:00 News New PM of Iraq: We won’t be part of sanctions against Iran
13:30 Human Rights Lawyer Dinc appeals to visit Öcalan
13:15 Rojava-Northern Syria Intense clashes in Hajin 
13:00 Women A fisherwoman on the Euphrates 
12:30 News Gangs involved in the genocide must be tried by their countries
12:00 News Session on Syria in UN Security Council
11:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Wife of man murdered by gangs speaks of atrocities
10:30 News Political genocide operation against Kurdish politicians in Kars
10:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Several ISIS members killed in Operation Cizire Storm
09:45 News FARC cooperative meets UN Verification Mission
09:30 News Ireland is voting to elect new President
09:00 Features Visit to Maxmur Camp