Latest News

13:00 News German film maker acquitted in YPJ case
12:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Autonomous Administration proposes congress on ISIS prisoners
12:05 Kurdistan Police rake through random houses in Silvan
11:50 News Swiss MP: If necessary, close Turkish diplomatic representations
11:10 News Irregularities continue in the post-electoral process of appeals
10:40 News Families of prisoners in Imrali once again refused visit permit
10:04 News Internationalist fighter Lorenzo Orsetti remembered in Paris
09:37 News Hunger strikers in Sweden: Isolation will be broken
09:06 News March in solidarity with hunger strike resistance in Ecuador
08:40 News Musician Saul: Öcalan seems to be the greatest modern historian
08:10 News Gerry Adams: Irish Unity referendum is going to happen
07:40 News Scottish actvists protested at the Parliament
21:25 Kurdistan Turkish jets bombed villages in Qandil
21:10 News Esquivel to Öcalan: I hope that we can meet soon
17:20 News Three people detained in Erciş
17:00 News Congress urges Turkey to recount votes without interference
16:30 News PYD Co-chair visits hunger strikers in Stockholm
16:00 Kurdistan HPG reports Turkish air raids in South Kurdistan
15:40 News Irish government responds to Kurdish hunger striker Bokani
15:15 Kurdistan KCK calls for action everywhere for East Kurdistan
14:45 News AKP’s demand to cancel Istanbul vote rejected
14:25 News Another prisoner ends his life in protest against isolation
14:15 Freedom of the Press Kurdish journalist detained in Van once again
14:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Air strikes target two villages in Afrin
13:45 News Iranian forces attack flooding victims: 4 dead
13:30 News Xelil refuses treatment, continues hunger strike
13:00 Kurdistan Humanitarian disaster in Lorestan
12:30 News Investigation against Leyla Guven dismissed then reopened
12:05 Human Rights Zehra Doğan dedicated award to hunger strikers
11:30 Women Demo in Stockholm condemned violence against women in Iran
11:00 News Strasbourg hunger strikers: Help the people of Rojhilat
10:30 News Kurdish youth sentenced to prison for CPT demonstration
10:00 Kurdistan Guerrillas celebrated Öcalan's birthday
09:30 Culture Kurdish Culture Week kicked off in Basel
09:00 Culture Freedom poems for Öcalan
08:30 Human Rights Heyva Sor a Kurdistanê and CIK launched aid campaign for Rojhilat
08:00 News Iba's hunger strike discussed in Canada Federal Parliament
07:30 News Öcalan's birthday celebrated in Rojava and South Kurdistan
23:30 News Hundreds celebrated Öcalan’s birthday in front of CoE
19:55 News Scottish writer Kelman in solidarity with Leyla Güven
19:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Saplings planted in Jinwar to mark Öcalan’s birthday
17:00 News Flooding in Iran and Rojhilat: At least 200 dead
16:30 Rojava-Northern Syria HRE hit invaders in Aleppo and Azaz
16:10 News US-Turkey tensions rising: Erdogan gives “copied” response
15:45 Features Six years of YPJ: growing and changing society
15:20 News Piri: It’s not the voting that’s democracy; it’s the counting
15:00 Kurdistan YJA Star guerrillas hit Turkish military outpost in Çukurca
14:45 News Kurdish hunger striker in Berlin hospitalized on day 69 of fast
14:15 Kurdistan AKP’s fear of April 4: HDP MP Ocalan can’t enter his own village
14:00 News Swiss youth in front of the UN: “Take action!”