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09:30 Women Women’s bakery opens in a village of Qamishlo
08:55 News Four Kurds from Kiel take over Vigil for the Freedom of Öcalan
08:20 Kurdistan Blast hits Turkish military vehicle in Yüksekova
08:15 News German police raid Kurdish association in Bielefeld
08:00 News When the Governor's wife acts... for her husband
07:30 Women Women's arts and crafts exhibited in Qamishlo
07:00 Rojava Afrin Liberation Conference's outcomes shared with villages
22:33 News SDF liberates dozens of areas in two days
18:37 News UN: 270,00 Syrian people displaced in two weeks
18:04 Kurdistan HPG reports guerrilla actions in Hakkari and Mardin
17:47 Rojava Ransom asked for civilians kidnapped in Afrin
17:35 Rojava US delegation visits Manbij
17:02 News Kurdish youth gathers at Sport Festival in Normandy
16:33 News Protests for water in Iran increase
16:05 News The AKP didn’t get it its way in objection in Muş
15:42 News Thousands march for victims of Sivas massacre
15:32 Kurdistan Turkish jets bomb Amadiya region in South Kurdistan
15:07 Women TJK-E: We stand against isolation and the massacre of women
14:48 Features The Madımak Massacre, a quarter-century later
13:00 Kurdistan Gerîla TV publishes footage from Çukurca action
12:52 News Demirtaş sends message on the Sivas Massacre
12:15 News Tensions rise for the German school between Berlin and Ankara
11:56 News AKP militia in Ceylanpınar greet the Mayor’s brother with guns
11:45 Women Female prisoners in Mardin protesting oppression
11:24 Rojava Democratic Society Academy opens in Hasakah
11:16 Rojava People of Afrin treated as strangers on their own land
10:47 Women Women in Rojava celebrate opening of JIN TV
10:40 News Iraq builds fence on Syria border to keep out ISIS fighters
10:32 News KCK: Today’s ISIS mentality is behind the Sivas massacre
10:19 Kurdistan Army burns Şemdinli forests in the shape of nationalist symbol
09:55 Kurdistan 13 soldiers killed in guerrilla actions in Hakkari and Van
09:22 Kurdistan Youths from Shengal visit Qandil against invasion threats
08:00 News Madimak hotel massacre victims commemorated
18:19 Culture Göbeklitepe added to UNESCO World Heritage List
17:47 Women Jineology Committee in Kobanê runs new training session
17:18 Rojava Invading forces bomb two houses in Afrin
17:01 Features 'The country that is not', putting Kurds at the centre of stage
14:41 Rojava People's Council solving the problems of people in Ayn Isa camp
14:18 Rojava Invading forces kidnap civilians in Afrin
13:21 News Israel deploys tanks to Syrian border
13:09 News Operation against ISIS sleeper cells in Deir ez-Zor
12:55 Freedom of the Press Judicial processes against journalists in Turkey
12:47 News "Erdem's imprisonment is a new message to the opposition"
12:18 Kurdistan Kûnsark: Fridge with the smell of the mountains
12:05 Culture Nestorian church in Hakkari at risk of decay
11:49 Culture Van: Leaving Armenian history to decay
11:36 News Mercenaries attacking Afrin were hit in Idlib
11:07 Rojava In northern Syria, the Neolithic Period comes to light
10:36 Kurdistan Peshmerga Veteran: Yesterday against Saddam,today against Erdoğan
10:00 Features Turkey’s elections and new invasion plans