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18:31 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Journalists remember fallen colleagues in Qamishlo
16:38 NEWS Sydney in solidarity with Rojava and Rojhilat
15:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF reports ongoing attacks against northern Syria
14:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA Til Temir's mosaic targeted by occupation forces
13:05 KURDISTAN Guerrilla TV footage of action in Şemzînan
12:35 ROJAVA-SYRIA Family of martyr of Serêkaniyê: Erdogan cannot remain unpunished
12:02 NEWS Families applied to Prosecutor to be granted visit to Imrali
11:46 NEWS Bild: Turkey gave German tanks to mercenaries in NE Syria
11:15 NEWS Le Monde: Hevrin Xelef, the victim of Ankara's war dogs
10:55 NEWS Demo in solidarity with Rojava and Rojhilat in Sweden
10:21 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoners in Kandıra prison not given books
09:52 WOMEN YJK-E calls on women to join actions to be held on 25 November
09:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA Manbij women marched to mark 25 November
08:43 NEWS Tens of thousands joined national strike in Colombia
08:12 ROJAVA-SYRIA Relatives of civilians hit: responsible should respond for attack
07:42 NEWS Protests continue in Iraq
22:19 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish army bombing village of Qizelî
22:16 NEWS 45 summary of proceedings against 9 HDP deputies
18:40 ROJAVA-SYRIA Tabqa and Raqqa youth protest Turkish invasion
18:09 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Editor in chief of a magazine sentenced to 3 years and 9 months
17:31 NEWS Turkey’s political genocide operations against the Kurds continue
16:59 NEWS Finland’s ETMU and researchers in solidarity with Rojava
16:22 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS RojNews correspondent in custody for four months
16:04 ROJAVA-SYRIA 5 dead as Turkey and mercenaries strike Syrian regime location
15:42 ROJAVA-SYRIA 11-month old ISIS orphan handed over to Danish delegation
14:33 HUMAN RIGHTS Women’s Council of NE Syria presents report on Turkish war crimes
14:06 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF: 15 mercenaries killed within 24 hours
13:37 NEWS Call for the Global Strike 4 Future on 29th November
13:13 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation forces bomb civilian areas in Til Rifat
12:53 KURDISTAN HPG: Turkish drone downed in Iğdır
12:15 NEWS Today is National Strike Day in Colombia
11:51 NEWS Kurd shouting "Bijî Serok Apo" at demo acquitted by German court
11:20 WOMEN Jineoloji day in Wales
10:48 NEWS Night of prayers for Rojava in Basel
10:16 HUMAN RIGHTS Hunger strike in Osmaniye reached day 10
09:50 NEWS Civil disobedience action on a ferry in Hamburg
09:19 ROJAVA-SYRIA Report on occupiers' looting in Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî
08:51 HUMAN RIGHTS Report: There are 3,000 children in Turkish prisons
08:04 NEWS Yazidi Women's Assembly rallied in Berlin against Turkish attacks
07:28 NEWS Kurdish politician Eskicioğlu died of a heart attack in prison
22:15 NEWS Lawyer working for German Embassy in Ankara detained
21:57 NEWS Protest in Marseille against Turkish attacks on NE Syria
19:00 WOMEN Women protest Turkish invasion in Paris
18:27 NEWS Internationalist martyrs of Rojava commemorated in Berlin
17:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Attack on a village of Gire Spi kills two civilians - UPDATE
17:22 NEWS Protest in front of Rheinmetall office in Bern
16:56 ROJAVA-SYRIA Five more civilians kidnapped in occupied Afrin
16:28 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF repels attack on Til Werid village of Til Temir
16:03 ROJAVA-SYRIA 14-year-old Qamishlo martyr laid to rest
15:39 NEWS HDP Co-mayor of Suruç jailed