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12:15 Kurdistan Did the KRG Parliament say “Presidency” again?
11:45 Rojava Turkish army and gangs set fields on fire in Afrin
11:25 Kurdistan Gerîla TV publishes footage from sabotage action
11:10 News Gangs attacking Afrin were hit in Idlib: 5 dead
10:40 News Lira’s collapse continues: USD almost at 5 Liras
10:20 Features Child killings and the interests of the AKP government
10:00 Kurdistan Arrests after raid on condolence house for YPG fighter
09:45 Rojava Four more civilians kidnapped in Afrin
09:00 Women Kongreya Star holds preparatory meetings as Congress approaches
08:30 News HDP's Bilgen: The new Government shows no change in policies
08:00 Rojava Meeting in Asaliya to talk about the developments in Manbij
07:30 Rojava Rojava Youth Union says no to Turkish invasion
17:45 Freedom of the Press Action for jailed journalists in Istanbul
17:20 Kurdistan HPG reports Turkish air attacks on Medya Defense Zones
17:05 Rojava Mortar and howitzer attack in Afrin
16:50 Women HDP: Women's voice will be heard in the Parliament
16:20 News 240 SDF fighters join the Operation Cizire Storm
16:15 Kurdistan KODAR and PJAK to announce road map
15:50 Rojava Turkish state gangs start setting houses on fire in Afrin
15:30 Kurdistan Turkish airstrikes against civilian areas in Qandil continue
15:15 Rojava Tabqa Administration denies allegations on Tabqa Dam
14:55 Women HDP deputy Leyla Güven to stay in prison
14:40 News Families of Soma victims to march to Ankara “for justice”
14:05 News “Those who legitimize invasion are more dangerous than Erdoğan"
13:35 Human Rights 73-year-old sick prisoner to take dialysis in prison ward
13:10 Features “I was tortured in MİT centers for three months”
12:00 Features Turkey has formed an armed group in Kirkuk
10:55 Features "Germany and Europe are accomplices in the massacre of the Kurds"
09:40 Rojava Ayn Îsa representatives protest against Turkish invasion attacks
09:15 Kurdistan Turkish military operations intensify in Şırnak countryside
09:00 Culture Mehmut Xelil: I want to paint the Guernika of Rojava
08:30 Features The repression in the little HDP stronghold of Ardahan
08:00 Women Signature campaign for Gülizar Taşdemir
07:30 Rojava YPG martyr Polat Efrîn’s story
21:55 Rojava Rojava youth rally against Turkish attacks on South Kurdistan
21:45 Kurdistan Turkish airstrikes target countryside of Hewler
21:35 Kurdistan Mine explosion kills a youngster in Shengal
21:30 Kurdistan Turkish jets bomb villages of Qandil
21:25 News Trial for the murder of journalist Hrant Dink resumed
17:45 News People's Council opened in a village of Deir ez-Zor
17:15 News Guerrilla actions by the HBDH in the Black Sea region
16:50 Kurdistan Youth from Shengal: We’ll defend South Kurdistan
16:25 Kurdistan HPG reports guerrilla action and Turkish airstrike
16:00 Kurdistan Nusaybin Trial: Defendants expose torture and harassment
15:10 Features What’s behind the extradition of Gülizar Taşdemir?
14:20 Kurdistan People of Makhmur: We invite Nechirvan Barzani to see the truth
13:40 Rojava Invaders abduct another civilian in Afrin
13:20 Freedom of the Press Journalist Şerife Oruç detained after her release from prison
13:00 Kurdistan DTK: Nechirvan Barzani’s statements harm Kurdish National Unity
12:30 News 11 people detained in Van, 4 jailed in Elazığ