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09:45 Kurdistan HDK: Silence in the face of Iranian attacks is unaccaptable
09:00 Women Five women kidnapped in Afrin
08:30 Kurdistan Cizre Co-mayor: We will send the trustees away in the elections
08:00 Kurdistan Rojhilat protested against execution of Kurdish activists
19:00 News “The AKP continues to exist as a synthesis of all coups”
18:01 News Explosion in Tikrit leaves 6 dead and 42 wounded
17:26 Rojava-Northern Syria SDF released balance of last two days of operation
15:54 Rojava-Northern Syria UN Commission: Turkey violated international law in Afrin
15:20 News HDP delegation met German Minister Roth
14:39 Rojava-Northern Syria Lîlwa Abdullah: Women will lead the move to end ISIS
14:07 Freedom of the Press Trial of journalists adjourned to December
13:28 Women International Women Conference in Frankfurt taking shape
13:00 Human Rights They don’t want Öcalan to communicate with the people
12:22 News Obesity in Turkey growing
12:00 Kurdistan KCK 12 September statement: Common struggle is the solution
11:43 Kurdistan Turkish army bombing Heftanin region in South Kurdistan
11:23 Freedom of the Press Trial of Libertarian Democracy newspaper opened in Istanbul
11:00 Kurdistan Kurdish parties met in Kirkuk for the first time
10:33 News Unclosed military coups meant no democracy
10:00 Human Rights Tamil activists support Vigil demanding freedom for Öcalan
09:30 Human Rights Freedom for Öcalan Vigil took over by Drancy activists
09:00 Human Rights PKK and PAJK prisoners have begun hunger strike
08:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Afrin Culture and Art Movement opened first centre
08:00 News HDP delegation met Left Party in Berlin
18:15 Rojava-Northern Syria Rebuilding a new life in Al-Karama
17:34 Culture Cineforum in Suleymaniya to honour Yılmaz Güney
17:00 News Majority of Germans say “Erdoğan shouldn’t address Turks”
16:37 News KODAR: There must be unity against Iran’s attacks
15:54 Human Rights Academics for Peace trials continue
15:19 News HDP delegation held press conference in Berlin
14:52 News UN Security Council to be briefed about Idlib
14:30 News Municipality usurper starts selling off land in Edremit
13:50 Freedom of the Press ANF’s Twitter account issued 10th ban from Ankara
13:30 Kurdistan AKP members threaten the people through the usurper in Van
13:00 Human Rights Violation of rights in Elazig and Kayseri prisons
12:28 News HDP’s diplomacy move for forces of democracy
12:00 Kurdistan Election campaign kicked off in South Kurdistan
11:31 Rojava-Northern Syria SDF explains new phase of Jazeera Storm Operation
11:05 Rojava-Northern Syria MLKP celebrates 25th anniversary in Kobanê
10:40 Human Rights Lawyer applied to visit Öcalan for 786th time
10:28 News Who will be named Prime Minister in Iraq?
10:00 Features Ban on Irish language street signs rescinded
09:23 Rojava-Northern Syria SDF: New phase of Jazeera Storm Operation launched
09:05 News US issues new warning to Syrian regime
08:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Communes delivered aid to people in Sherawa and Shehba
08:00 News KCDK-E condemned attack in Koye
18:01 Kurdistan Operation and Conflict in Amed
17:30 News Turkish-linked mercenaries shelling Til Rifet
17:00 News ETHA editors still held hostage
16:31 News HDP Buldan and Temelli sent letter to HDK, KDP-I