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22:00 Women Women, the driving force of the reconstruction of Raqqa
21:25 Rojava TEV-DEM Xelil: Kurdish National Congress could be held in Rojava
19:30 News Court rejects application for Demirtaş's release
19:00 News KESK: Not a vote to the AKP on 24 June
17:30 News List of HDP’s MP candidates for June 24 elections
17:15 Human Rights Kurdish political prisoner Panahi to be executed after Ramadan
16:30 Kurdistan HPG: 45 JÖH members killed in Ağrı
16:10 News HDP's Bilgen: Demirtaş cannot spend one more day in prison
15:50 Kurdistan Call for emergency Parliament meeting in Hewler
15:30 Human Rights Justice for Roboski campaign goes on
14:50 Rojava Saving lives ISIS wants to destroy
14:30 News HDP nominates candidates from various identities
13:30 News Russia and Syria evacuate ISIS gangs by bus
12:30 Women Jineology classes in high schools in Rojava
11:45 News HDP's Demirtaş exposes the lawlessness of the AKP
11:00 Women European Kurdish Women’s Workshop stresses national unity
10:10 News USD opens the week with a record
09:45 Rojava Italian doctor in Shehba for children of Afrin
09:00 Rojava More civilians abducted and tortured in Afrin
07:00 Women Solidarity with the women of Rojava in Sweden
04:55 News Nicolas Maduro reelected President of Venezuela
00:10 News FARC Jesus Santrich suspends hunger strike
00:00 Human Rights Ezidis condemn the destruction of condolence house in Nusaybin
22:45 Kurdistan HDP election rallies in Van 
21:45 News HDP Election meetings in European cities continue
20:30 Human Rights Human Rights Association: Öcalan’s situation unacceptable
19:30 Rojava Students in Kobanê receive report cards
18:10 Kurdistan HPG reports revolutionary campaign against the Turkish army
17:45 Rojava SDF ensuring safety for all Syrian people
17:30 News HDP opens stand at Berlin International Cultural Festival
16:45 Women Women most affected by Iranian economic crisis
16:00 Kurdistan Iranian forces kill a 27-year-old kolbar
15:30 News Polls open in Venezuela
15:15 News Government talks begin in Iraq
14:50 Women Armenian women also support the HDP
14:30 News HDP’s Temelli: Demirtaş is Turkey’s candidate, must be released
13:45 Culture Art exhibition in Rojava dedicated to Afrin resistance
12:45 Women ‘Women rise up for Afrin’ campaign continues
12:15 News Argentina haunted by the ghost of the financial crack
11:45 News Tensions continue in Kazerun city of Iran
11:30 Women Girls’ average marriage age in Iranian village is 11
11:15 Rojava Another YBŞ fighter martyred in Afrin resistance
11:00 Kurdistan Yet another attack on kolbars in Piranshahr
10:55 News HDP’s Demirtaş denied newspaper with his own interview
10:40 News Governor of Kirkuk denounces strong doubts in election results
10:25 Women Women’s Foundation, or solving problems through negotiation
10:05 Rojava Invaders abduct and torture more people in Afrin
09:45 Human Rights Ill prisoner tied and tortured
16:00 Culture Art exhibition in Qamishlo
15:15 News KNK statement on Iraqi elections