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09:15 Rojava-Northern Syria First meeting of Northern and Eastern Syria Council
09:00 Kurdistan Parties in South Kurdistan react to US decision
08:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Rojava Youth Union goes to Congress
08:00 Rojava-Northern Syria “Come and see for yourself how we govern ourselves in Girê Spî”
07:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Association of Yazidis from Afrin opened in Shehba
20:00 Human Rights France bans actions for Ocalan, KCDK-E calls for resistance
18:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Afrin’s nightmare: over 2,500 civilians kidnapped since invasion
17:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Mine explosion kills five civilians in Afrin
17:15 Rojava-Northern Syria Two explosions in Azaz
16:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Women in Raqqa to rally on 25 November for the first time
16:00 Women 37 women killed in South Kurdistan in 9 months
15:30 Features KCK: The US decision is part of the international plot
15:00 Women Peace Mothers salute HDP deputy Güven’s hunger strike
13:30 News Kurdish artist Tunc charged with “insulting the president”
12:45 News YPJ Commander calls out from the EP: Stop the Turkish state
12:00 Human Rights The International League for Human Rights awards Imret
10:00 Rojava-Northern Syria "Attacks against Northern Syria target the Democratic Project"
09:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Tabqa FM began broadcasting test
09:10 Features TEV-CAND: Promoting cultures and languages in Kobane
08:45 Rojava-Northern Syria Women’s Union in Manbij condemned Turkish attacks
08:30 News Kurdish Youth to protest in Strasbourg today
08:15 Rojava-Northern Syria Turkey launched new attacks on Kobanê and Gire Spi
08:00 Kurdistan Turkish warplanes bombed villages in Bradost
17:00 Human Rights Peace in Kurdistan Campaign writes to Theresa May for Öcalan
16:15 News SGDF Co-chair Coban sentenced to prison for interview on Afrin
15:45 News Demonstration for Öcalan’s freedom in Stockholm
15:15 News Call for strong participation to demonstration in Strasbourg
14:00 Kurdistan Three positions of the Turkish army destroyed in Cele
13:40 News CLRA President meets with HDP committee
13:20 Human Rights Sick prisoner loses his life
13:00 News Kurdish artists continue the protest for Öcalan in Strasbourg
12:20 Kurdistan Turkish state targets mosque and houses in South Kurdistan
12:00 News DTK Co-chair Leyla Guven goes on hunger strike
11:00 News FARC: Colombian government must act to stop attacks
10:30 Culture Hundreds of entries for Kobane Film Festival
10:00 Human Rights Signature campaign demanding the release of Sisê Bingöl
09:45 Kurdistan Curfew and military operation in Lice
09:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Arab Youth Movement in Shehba condemns Turkish attacks
09:00 News Temelli: We’ll work to dump fascism once and for all
08:30 News Kurdish youth call on people to continue protest in Strasbourg
08:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Turkey-linked mercenary leader killed in Afrin
07:30 News Peculiar aspect of Irish Peace Process revealed
21:50 Rojava-Northern Syria SDF: 49 ISIS terrorists were killed in Hajin
20:45 News Kurdish activists attacked by French police: We will resist!
16:30 Rojava-Northern Syria MSD: We are working to ensure dialogue among all Syrian parties
16:00 Rojava-Northern Syria SOHR: Turkish gangs provide illicit drugs with ambulances
15:30 News UN: DAESH buried up to 12,000 bodies in 200 mass graves in Iraq
15:15 Kurdistan Turkish army starts an operation in Sirnak countryside
15:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Turkish army attacks Serekaniye
14:50 Human Rights Lawyers appeal again to visit Öcalan