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09:00 NEWS Erciş HDP co-mayors taken into custody
08:31 ROJAVA-SYRIA Martyrs of the Honor Resistance bid farewell in Qamishlo
08:13 NEWS Hakkari and Nusaybin co-mayors taken into custody
08:00 NEWS Turkish invasion protested in 10 Polish cities
07:31 NEWS Protests in Zaragoza, Marseille, Montpellier, Nice
07:00 NEWS Pentagon: We will pressure NATO for sanctions
00:10 ROJAVA-SYRIA Thousands bid last farewell to Resistance Martyrs in Hesekê
23:37 ROJAVA-SYRIA UNICEF: 4 children killed, 70,000 others displaced in NE Syria
23:17 NEWS Trump said he would soon issue sanctions to Turkey
23:10 NEWS SDF launched attack against Turkish invaders in Serêkaniyê
22:18 ROJAVA-SYRIA Regime forces arrived in Tabqa
21:22 FEATURES People's Resistance: DAY 6 - LIVE BLOG
20:25 NEWS EU Foreign Council: Syrian attacks jeopardize political process
20:03 NEWS EPP called on Turkey to "withdraw its forces immediately"
18:25 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF balance sheet: 78 Turkish soldiers and mercenaries killed
17:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish war planes bombing village of Menecir, in Serêkaniyê
17:49 NEWS Grassroots Catalan National Assembly condemns Turkey's invasion
17:24 FEATURES Salih Muslim talks about the agreement with the Syrian state
17:09 ROJAVA-SYRIA Journalist Ehmed and four civilians buried in Til Temir
16:41 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish army is bombing Serêkaniyê
16:39 WOMEN Women's Assembly condemns the massacre of civilians in Serêkaniyê
16:18 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF balance sheet of battle in Gire Spi for 13 October
14:34 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS CPJ condemns Turkish attack that killed a Kurdish journalist
13:30 ROJAVA-SYRIA Eqîde Eli Osman laid to rest
12:48 NEWS Swedish Left Party: Erdoğan is an accomplice of the Islamic State
12:22 NEWS Mayor of Palermo: We stand by Kurds against the war
12:09 ROJAVA-SYRIA 75 civilians martyred, 450 others wounded in Serêkaniyê
12:05 ROJAVA-SYRIA Kurdish journalist wounded in Turkish attack in Serekaniye dies
11:30 KURDISTAN Kurdish artists call for unity
11:15 NEWS 17-year-old detained for the second time in Amed
11:00 NEWS Lagarde: Turkey-France match should be canceled
10:45 NEWS PKK: National Conference urgently needed
10:30 ROJAVA-SYRIA Civilians wounded in Serêkaniyê: We won't leave our land
10:10 NEWS Injustice is done: Catalan independent leaders get jail sentence
10:00 FEATURES Serêkaniye fighters: This war is about 'Kurdish existence'
09:30 NEWS Cyprus and France protested Turkish state occupation of Rojava
09:20 NEWS Demos in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt protested Turkish attacks
09:00 NEWS Élysée: We'll take measures to protect civilians and our soldiers
08:45 NEWS Demos in Stuttgart, Rome and Athens protested Turkish attacks
08:00 NEWS Save the Tigris Campaign: Water cannot be used as a weapon of war
07:31 NEWS World Council of Churches 'gravely concerned' by Turkish attacks
07:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA Heavy clashes in Serêkaniyê
23:28 FEATURES People's Resistance: DAY 5 - LIVE BLOG
22:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish attack targets medical team near Serekaniye
22:11 ROJAVA-SYRIA Autonomous Administration announces agreement with the regime
21:27 NEWS Demo against Turkish invasion of northern Syria in Madrid
20:29 NEWS France and Germany urge Turkey to end the invasion operation
19:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Names of 9 civilians wounded in Serêkaniyê confirmed
18:45 NEWS SDF: Turkey aims at carrying out an ethnic genocide
18:30 NEWS Massive demo in London to support the Kurdish people