Latest News

16:45 News Iranian Foreign Minister visits Syria and Turkey
16:15 News Stockholm hunger strikers: We are resolved to break the isolation
15:45 News Play staged in protest at EP: Silence kills!
15:15 News PYD delegation visits hunger strikers in Berlin
14:35 News Police attacks sit-in, detains 20 people in Istanbul
14:15 News Pan-American Initiative “Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan” founded
13:25 Kurdistan Activists in Van: We will resist until the isolation ends
12:40 Rojava-Northern Syria Afrin Autonomous Administration: Silence is support for attacks
12:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Invaders put up separation walls around 4 villages in Sherawa
11:40 News EUTCC chair met Council of Europe officials on hunger strikes
11:10 News Swedish MP: We support the hunger strikers' demands
10:41 News Die Linke MP brought YPG flags to Federal Constitutional Court
10:11 News Third group took over solidarity hunger strike in Stockholm
09:45 News Women and young people marched in Amed
09:22 News Police harassed mothers on solidarity hunger strike
09:00 News Hunger striker Herêm Mehmud: I'll fast until isolation is lifted
08:30 News DBP executives visited Leyla Güven
08:00 News Peace in Kurdistan Campaign writes to UK Foreign Secretary
07:30 News Italian meeting sent solidarity to hunger strikers
17:15 News Kurdish doctors meet with CoE Secretariat General
16:45 News Police officer arrested for Hantas’ murder
16:15 News Leila Khaled visited HDP MPs on hunger strike in Amed
15:45 Kurdistan HPG reports Turkish air strikes against Medya Defense Zones
15:15 News Mass protest for Öcalan in front of EP on week 4
14:50 Rojava-Northern Syria Gangs confiscate people’s homes in Afrin
14:25 Rojava-Northern Syria Turkish forces bombed a village in Afrin
13:45 News EUTCC: Europe should take action against the isolation
13:15 Features MIT working to organize ISIS again
12:30 Human Rights Prisoners not allowed to mention hunger strikes on phone calls
12:00 News Young internationalists visited hunger striker Koçak
11:30 News Hunger strikes in South Kurdistan continue
11:00 News Freedom for Öcalan Vigil reached week 356
10:45 News Action in Paris to support hunger strikers
10:30 News Make Rojava Green Again Meeting in Geneva
10:00 Women Iconic Palestinian militant Leila Khaled visited Leyla Güven
09:30 News Library in Italy named after YPG Italian fighter Lorenzo Orsetti
09:00 Rojava-Northern Syria YPG found Turkish-made ammonia gas in ISIS depot
08:33 News Solidarity Platform with the hunger strikes set up in Montpellier
08:00 News Erol Aydemir has reached day 26 of his hunger strike in Rome
07:30 News Hunger strike in Strasbourg: Day 120
17:45 News KCK: It is a most legitimate right to resist for municipalities
15:35 Kurdistan South Kurdistan: Anfal Genocide victims commemorated
14:50 News Another mass grave opened in Iraq
14:25 News Silent protest against isolation in Copenhagen
13:55 News Mothers visited Strasbourg activists: Tomorrow could be too late!
13:15 Kurdistan Victims of Anfal Genocide remembered in South Kurdistan
12:45 Kurdistan Guerrillas hit Turkish military convoy in Serhat region
12:15 News Police murdered a young man in Amed
12:00 News German activists on three-day solidarity hunger strike
11:30 News Ken Loach sends solidarity to 7000 Kurdish hunger strikers