Latest News

17:40 Freedom of the Press Mesopotamia Agency reporter detained in Amed
17:20 Rojava Turkish forces abduct 2 gang members in Afrin
16:55 Rojava Gang leader’s body discovered in Jindires
16:35 Rojava “Talks with the Syrian regime benefit all Syrian peoples”
16:10 News Druze people of Suwayda thank the SDF and YPG
15:45 News Kurds to take to the streets for Öcalan in Germany
15:15 News Centre for Science provides education for 500 children in Raqqa
14:55 Kurdistan Iranian forces kill a kolbar, wound another
14:35 Rojava Turkish state gangs loot warehouses in Afrin
14:10 Rojava 221 young people from Deir ez-Zor join the SDF
13:50 Freedom of the Press Journalist Güneş released, while Ataman remains in prison
13:35 News CC issues political verdict: Yüksekdağ’s appeal rejected
13:15 News Another mass grave discovered in Raqqa
13:00 Kurdistan Footage from Turkish military container destroyed in Şemdinli
12:45 Kurdistan 30 kolbars killed by Iranian forces in 4 months
12:15 Rojava Syriac village in Qamishlo emptied due to Turkish attacks
11:45 News New commune set up in Aleppo
11:30 Rojava Occupation forces in Afrin kidnap more people
11:15 Features Cultural annihilation and demographic change in Afrin
10:00 Freedom of the Press Police raid the home of journalist for Mesopotamia Agency
09:00 Human Rights Lawyer Zeytun: Illegal detentions are torture, must be denounced
08:30 Rojava New education cycle of KPCD ends in Aleppo
08:00 Women Kongreya Star is meeting women after Congress in Shehba
21:00 Features YPG refutes HRW allegations on recruitment of child soldiers
19:00 Rojava Refugees in Hawl Camp want co-presidency system
18:30 News Raqqa Civil Council meets people in al-Akirshi village
18:00 Human Rights HDP denounces situation of ill prisoners
17:20 News Hunger strike for Öcalan and Afrin in Greece
17:00 Kurdistan Ecology Platform: Forests are burned for "security reasons"
16:35 Women IHD's Onaran: Women prisoners are facing severe conditions
16:10 News After the failed attack against Venezuela President
15:45 Rojava Prof.Dr. Trabert: Children in Rojava are dying due to the embargo
15:15 News Republicans remember introduction of Internment without trial
14:45 News US implements sanctions against Iran, EU passes anti-boycott act
14:15 Rojava Cultural center overcomes the taboos in Til Koçer
13:45 Culture History looted in Hasankeyf: Artuqid-era Bath moved
13:15 News Historic loss for Turkish Lira
12:50 Freedom of the Press Prison sentence for journalist Hülya Emeç
12:30 News Votes counted in Iraq
12:10 Human Rights Mehmet Öcalan: We must rise up against the isolation
11:45 Rojava Turkish state agent killed in Afrin
11:00 Rojava SDF ready to exchange ISIS members with civilians from Suwayda
10:30 Features The developments in Iran and the importance of the PJAK project
09:00 Rojava Occupation forces kidnap 9 more civilians in Afrin
08:00 Rojava Dengbej Apriham keeps the memory of Armenian genocide alive
19:10 Kurdistan Clash in Makhmur region
17:00 Rojava Manbij prepares to celebrate second year of freedom
16:30 Women Two-days seminar on Jineology in Sulaymaniyah
16:00 Rojava Yazidis in Afrin forced to convert to Islam
15:45 Kurdistan Kurdish political prisoner Panahi’s lawyer detained in Sine