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10:30 Kurdistan Flight ban on Kurdish airports to be lifted off soon
10:00 Rojava YPG/YPJ fighters kill several Turkish soldiers in Shera
00:30 Rojava The loss of a friend, killed in the batle of Afrin
00:25 News AKP MPs attack HDP MPs in Parliament after a speech on Afrin
00:20 Rojava YPG fighter blows himself up to avoid capture by Turkish invaders
00:10 News Police search in Mesopotamia Publishing House to continue
00:05 Women Jin TV starts broadcasting on International Women’s Day
00:00 Women YPJ: Women's resistance will be a guarantee of free life
21:04 Rojava Turkish attacks wound an 18-year-old woman in Serêkaniyê
16:00 News Protest against Turkish Foreign Minister in Vienna
14:45 Rojava 7 Turkish soldiers killed in Shera
14:35 News Gerry Adams pledges support to International Tribunal on Turkey
12:39 Features Message from Northern Syria to Ankara: You will lose this war
12:31 News German police raid Mesopotamia Publishing House in Neuss
12:06 Women Images from the March 8 celebration in Afrin
11:52 News German Left Party’s Özdemir faces an investigation over PKK flag
11:21 News Turkish-backed gangs plunder Kurdish villages
10:42 Rojava Afrin city center under ongoing attack
10:35 Rojava Turkish bombardment on Jindires continues
10:16 News Berlin police officially remove the YPG ban
00:40 Women YJA-STAR guerrillas: Each March 8 is a new step for freedom
00:35 Women “Let’s turn everywhere to women’s resistance positions”
00:30 Rojava Appeal of Afrin’s women organizations to international community
00:20 Features Efrîn Diary: No dignity to expect from cowards
00:15 Women Golshifteh Farahani praises Kurdish women’s fight against ISIS
00:10 Women YJA Star: Afrin will expand the resistance front of March 8
00:00 Women YJŞ fighters celebrate March 8 on Mount Shengal
21:05 Rojava Fierce clashes in Jindires
20:56 Rojava Footage of Turkish military vehicle destroyed in Afrin
20:49 Rojava 5 civilians wounded in Turkish attacks on Afrin
18:07 Rojava Turkish army kills 4 civilians in a village of Jindires
15:30 Rojava Two civilians wounded by Turkish attacks in Afrin
15:20 News Demonstration for Afrin in front of the UN: Silence is complicity
14:41 Rojava SDF releases balance sheet on Afrin battle since January 20
14:18 Rojava Three SDF fighters from the same family fall on the same front
13:52 Rojava Turkish forces take 300 people hostage northwest of Afrin
13:37 Women YJA STAR guerrillas celebrate March 8 in mountains of Kurdistan
12:44 Women Several women detained in Ankara before March 8
12:13 Rojava Turkish jets bomb civilians’ houses in Afrin
11:31 Rojava YPG: Russia is a partner of bloodshed with Turkey in Afrin
11:04 News Revolutionary Forces: We will send our forces to Afrin
10:39 Rojava 20 Turkish soldiers killed in Shera - UPDATE
10:28 News Three HDP MPs will stand trial for social media posts over Afrin
09:32 Rojava Heavy fighting in Jindires district center
00:33 Women Thousands of women arrive in Afrin for 8 March
00:20 Rojava Statement from YPJ Afrin General Command
00:15 News Giesbert calls Turkish president Erdogan “a butcher”
00:05 Rojava Internationalist fighter Hilmarsson falls a martyr in Afrin
00:00 Rojava "Turkish-Russian cooperation empowered ISIS and Al Nusra"
20:30 Rojava Turkish army kills a civilian in Shera