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14:49 News Father who lost son in Ankara massacre sentenced to prison
14:14 Kurdistan KDP accused of dispatching ammunition for Turkish bases
13:54 Human Rights ECHR convicts Turkey in Demirtaş case
13:29 Kurdistan PKK: Comrade Helmet’s goals will be fulfilled
12:51 Features Vedat Aydın and 10 July
12:22 News Summaries against 10 MPs
12:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Turkish state gives “ISIS training” in Afrin
11:34 Rojava-Northern Syria Two explosions in Deir ez-Zor countryside
11:13 Rojava-Northern Syria Final Declaration of the International Forum on ISIS
10:48 Culture Kurdish Culture Week to be held in Brussels
10:18 News Turkish attacks on South Kurdistan condemned in Stockholm
09:46 News Hertford and Kobanê to be twin cities
09:17 News Sinn Féin challenged Unionists over anti-social bonfires
08:47 News Slovenian PM set to further militarised border with Croacia
08:13 News Turkish occupation protested in Lausanne
07:44 News Explosion in Reyhanlı: 7 people injured
21:44 Rojava-Northern Syria TEV-DEM’s Xelil: Turkey wants to avenge ISIS
20:58 News HDP MPs detained and battered by the police for saying “No war”
20:40 Kurdistan Human shields urge KDP to release the detained activist
15:43 Kurdistan KNK: Bashur officials must stop treason in its tracks
15:18 Kurdistan Guerrilla actions in Hakkari and Dersim: 6 soldiers killed
14:30 Kurdistan Sulaymaniyah chants “Helmet will never die”
13:42 Rojava-Northern Syria Bashur intellectuals and politicians: Turkey is replacing ISIS
13:15 Women Silent protest in Amed against femicides
12:16 Rojava-Northern Syria Redcrow: Important to denounce Turkish support of ISIS
11:46 News Erciş is turning into a modern city through participation
11:15 Freedom of the Press Journalists' Union of Turkey to sue SETA for report on media
10:45 News Children's Kurdish Festival in Switzerland
10:16 News ISIS wounded 2 civilians and 2 Iraqi soldiers in Xaneqîn
09:46 News 43 tons of food aid sent by Kurdish and French groups to Lavrio
09:17 News Police harassed students protesting at METU in Ankara
08:47 Rojava-Northern Syria Final day of the International Forum on ISIS
08:13 News Germany Deutsche Bank to cut 18,000 jobs by 2022
07:43 News Turkish invasion protested in Sydney
21:47 News Greek right wing party set to win elections
21:24 Rojava-Northern Syria Bomb killed two children in Deir Ez-zor
21:03 Freedom of the Press SETA report profiles journalists
19:00 News HDP statement on SETA report
17:00 News Lawyers in prison for defending families of SOMA mine disaster
16:30 News Family of prisoner Kilic suspected he was executed
16:00 News Military operation in Lice and Kulp
15:30 News Swedish Foreign Minister Wallstrom met journalists
14:55 Rojava-Northern Syria Fourth session of International Forum on ISIS
12:44 Human Rights Torture in Turkey: "Violence is legitimized by the state"
12:12 News Turkish attacks protested in Berlin
11:44 Kurdistan Şaho Cudi: The people of South Kurdistan trust the PKK
11:15 News Protest against repression of Kurds in Paris
10:45 News Hundreds in Frankfurt protested Turkish attacks
10:15 News Iran to further scale back commitment on nuclear deal
09:48 Rojava-Northern Syria Yazidi women: We want to take part to the trial against ISIS