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15:30 News Press conferfence in CoE: Imrali is the Guantanamo of Europe
14:15 News 7 activists go on hunger strike in Van against isolation
13:50 News Regime falls in Sudan, all political prisoners to be released
13:25 News Comrade of Bobby Sands: The silence is shameful
12:55 News Silence of CoE condemned in mass sit-in
12:15 News Summaries against 19 HDP MPs for made up charges
11:45 News HDP executive detained in Amed
11:20 News HDP: YSK decision is a political conspiracy
11:00 News HDP delegation met with CPT
10:30 News Hunger striker Erol Aydemir reached day 21 of fast
10:00 News Hamburg protests the isolation of Öcalan
09:30 Rojava-Northern Syria 14 more civilians kidnapped in Afrin
09:00 News Dortmund in solidarity with the hunger strike resistance
08:30 News Hunger strikers in Strasbourg collect money for Rojhilat
08:00 News YSK now playing the KHK card
07:30 News Temelli: We won't allow the AKP's dirty games
21:50 News Protest for hunger strikes in front of EP in Brussels
21:20 Rojava-Northern Syria Occupation forces kidnapped 15 people in Shera, Afrin
15:30 News 3 more communists go on hunger strikes against isolation
15:00 Kurdistan Hunger strikers’ cases combined
14:30 News Hunger strikes discussed in Austrian parliament
14:00 Kurdistan Mothers: The isolation must end now
13:30 News Youth demonstrations for solidarity with hunger strikers
13:00 News Kipping calls for “sanctions against Erdogan”
12:30 Freedom of the Press Ozgur Gundem publisher Sancili arrested again
11:45 Kurdistan HDP city council members detained
11:27 Women Over 20,000 domestic abuse reports reached Irish charity in 2018
11:00 Human Rights Former FARC commander Santrich: one year of unjust prison
10:31 News Hunger strikers protested in front of Swedish Parliament
10:00 News Hunger strike in Strasbourg: Day 115
09:31 Women Connecting Young Women's struggle: JXK conference
09:00 News Colombian President Duque didn't meet Social Strikers
08:30 News Sinn Féin seeks to enshrine neutrality in the constitution
08:00 News Conference about Ocalan and Democratic Confederalism in Palermo
07:32 Human Rights Iraqi President Salih sent draft bill on genocide against Yazidis
21:45 Kurdistan HDP re-wins in Erciş after 7 days of vote recount
21:35 Rojava-Northern Syria Attack kills 9, wounds 9 others in Raqqa
15:45 Human Rights IHD: There are 743 children with their mothers in prisons
15:11 News Prisoners’ families attacked and detained by police
14:50 News Uca asks Council of Europe about isolation
14:15 Rojava-Northern Syria Damascus regime and Ankara’s gangs in clashes
13:45 Kurdistan HDP’s Co-mayors still not given mandates
13:00 Women Yazidi women from Afrin: Sleeper cells will end if ISIS is tried
12:30 News New solidarity initiative in Sweden
12:00 News "Time to write together a beautiful story of democratic struggle"
11:30 News Hunger striker's mother: Listen to the voice of our children
11:00 News Swiss parties urged Government to act on hunger strikes
10:30 Women Women sentenced to house arrests and electronic handcuffs in Amed
10:00 News Sinn Féin: Irish peace deal must be protected from Brexit crisis
09:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Kouchner: The defeat of terrorism began in Kobanê