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14:30 Kurdistan Police raid on HDP Amed Office
12:50 News Calls to the streets in Iranian provinces
12:25 Rojava Turkey-backed gangs continue shelling Efrîn
11:25 News HPG denies reports of three guerrillas killed in Kirkuk
10:40 News Videos show intensified Iran protests on Friday night
10:10 News Lawyers' appeal to visit Ocalan rejected
09:55 News Five-year-old killed after being hit by a police car
01:40 News Protestors chant “Death to dictatorship” in Iran and Rojhilat
01:20 Rojava Youths rally for Öcalan in Efrîn
00:10 Kurdistan Expansive military operation in Van countryside
00:05 News Mattis warns Syrian offensive against Kurds would be a mistake
00:00 Kurdistan Gabar: Garzan attack won’t be left without retaliation
18:20 Kurdistan Clash between guerrillas and Turkish soldiers at Şemdinli border
15:05 News 67 ISIS members killed, four villages liberated near Deir ez-Zor
14:45 Kurdistan Turkish warplanes shell surroundings of a village of Zakho
14:30 News UN Secretary General calls for unity for the New Year
14:00 Kurdistan Turkish soldiers pick up bodies left on the field
13:45 Kurdistan People on the streets against poverty in Kermanshah
13:30 Features Karayılan: Turkish state was defeated by the guerrilla and people
13:00 Kurdistan Turkish jets shell Metina and Heftanin
12:30 Rojava 210 youths join SDF
11:40 Women 52 woman journalists detained in 2017 in Turkey
11:25 Rojava Suicide attack in Manbij kills two
10:55 Human Rights “We will resist the indignity of the uniform”
10:35 Kurdistan A protestor dies of his wounds in Southern Kurdistan
10:20 News Kurdish MP speaks out over rights violations in Kirkuk
09:40 Kurdistan DBP local co-chair arrested in Agri
00:30 Kurdistan Êzidî youth condemns Turkey over attacks on martyrs’ graves
00:25 Culture “Art Against War” event revives colors in Raqqa
00:20 Kurdistan Victims of Roboski massacre commemorated at their graveside
00:15 Rojava Efrîn Canton ready for the New Year
00:10 Women Young female guerrillas complete training term
00:05 News People of Deir ez-Zor protest Assad’s comments against SDF
00:00 Kurdistan KDP lays ground, Turkish army builds bases in Bradost
14:25 Kurdistan Funda Encü: “We have no expectations from Turkish justice”
13:30 News Mine explosion kills a young woman in Raqqa
13:00 News SDF fighters reach Hajin town in Deir ez-Zor countryside
12:35 Kurdistan Turkish air raids on Xakurê and Avaşin in Southern Kurdistan
12:00 Kurdistan KCK: The order for Roboski Massacre was given directly by Erdogan
11:30 Rojava Coalition: 1,000 ISIS members left in Iraq and Syria
10:55 News 33 people detained in three cities
10:30 Women Women prisoners on hunger strike for 58 days
10:10 Kurdistan Kurdish airports will remain closed for two more months
00:25 Kurdistan Group of AKP members target Christians in Van
00:20 News HDP proposal for the Parliament to investigate Roboskî Massacre
00:15 Kurdistan HPG guerrilla from Roboskî: “The target was all Kurds”
00:10 News 30 ISIS members killed as SDF liberates a village in Deir ez-Zor
00:05 Kurdistan Stories of Roboski victims
00:00 Kurdistan Roboski, six years ago
13:30 Kurdistan Three young men detained in Sinê unheard from for 45 days