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14:10 Kurdistan Kurdistan Region to vote on 30 September
14:00 Kurdistan Footage from guerrilla action in Hakkari
13:30 Women Women’s delegation from Germany visits Shehba and Sherawa
12:50 News CHP’s presidential candidate to visit Demirtaş in prison
12:20 Kurdistan Governor of Şırnak tours villages for AKP, threatens people
11:40 Kurdistan 15 Turkish soldiers killed in guerrilla action in Lelikan
11:15 Kurdistan Iranian regime forces torture and murder a kolbar
10:35 News Mural in solidarity with YPJ in Hamburg: Solidarity is a weapon
10:00 Features Demirtaş: Overseas votes are particularly important
09:40 Rojava Turkish army destroys houses in Shera, Afrin
00:20 News AKP’s children-in-uniform scandal seen again in Switzerland
00:10 News HDP’s Beştaş: AKP-MHP panicked
00:00 Features Give democracy a chance in June 24 election
20:50 Kurdistan 9 Turkish soldiers killed in Lelikan
20:30 Kurdistan Armed attack against parliamentarian Maruf in Hewler
20:05 Kurdistan Turkish army bombs Bradost, southern Kurdistan
16:45 News SDF making advances in Deir ez-Zor
16:30 Kurdistan Roboski victim’s brother taken into custody
16:00 Freedom of the Press Özgür Gündem trial postponed
15:00 Kurdistan Guerrilla actions against Turkish forces in Hakkari and Lelikan
13:15 Kurdistan Workers in the streets again in Southern Kurdistan
13:00 Rojava People of Al-Bab up in arms, Turkish army, gangs kill civilians
12:20 News Iraqi MP candidate killed in his home in Mosul
12:05 Kurdistan Co-mayors Bağcı and Özalp arrested
11:45 News European Alevi Unions Confederation: Alevis will support HDP
10:55 Rojava Turkish state allied gangs oppress people in Afrin
10:10 News Kurdish MPs submit proposal to Iranian Parliament for Kolbars
09:45 Human Rights Prisoners battered for speaking Kurdish
00:05 Kurdistan We need National Unity, says President of KRG Parliament
00:00 Rojava People of Afrin: “We will not surrender to the invaders”
17:15 Rojava Mine explosion in Shehba injures a minor from Afrin
16:45 News Deniz, Yusuf and Hüseyin honoured in Istanbul
15:50 News Final rush for Iraqi election campaign
15:30 Kurdistan HDP opens electoral campaign in Amed
15:15 Rojava ISIS standards in Afrin
14:45 Kurdistan Heavy rain in Kurdistan: Four dead
14:00 News 46 years ago, Deniz, Yusuf, Hüseyin
13:00 Kurdistan 1300 kolbars encircled by Iranian regime forces
12:40 Rojava Communal life in villages of Qamishlo
12:15 News Iraqi jets bomb ISIS positions in Syria
12:00 Kurdistan 2 Turkish soldiers killed, 5 others wounded in Bradost
00:41 News People protest against violation of graveyards
00:34 News Rojava Youth Coordination to meet in South Kurdistan
00:30 News “Boycott Tourism in Turkey” campaign launched in Munich
00:10 Culture Rojava Culture Arts and Literature Festival opens in Kobane
00:00 News 21.022 people killed on the job during AKP government
21:01 News Gang members attacked health workers in Aleppo
20:12 News PADÊ opens office in Suleymaniya
15:45 News HDP files Selahattin Demirtaş’s candidacy
15:15 News Germans and Kurds take to the streets against arms trade