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00:30 Rojava Turkish attacks severely damage civilian areas in Afrin
00:20 Rojava An Albanian woman from Shehba in Afrin resistance
00:10 News “Attack on Afrin is a war crime, doomed to fail”
00:05 Rojava “International powers are responsible for the attacks on Afrin”
00:00 Features The resistance of Afrin, developments and results
22:42 News Euphrates Shield gangs attack a village held by Syrian forces
20:24 Rojava Footage of Turkish vehicle destroyed in Afrin
20:19 Rojava 12 members of invading forces killed in Jindires
19:51 Rojava SDF: 59 Turkish soldiers and gang members were killed in Afrin
19:13 News Demonstrations for Afrin in Copenhagen and Stockholm
15:16 News Huge Ocalan poster in Berlin
14:12 Rojava Turkish attacks kill five more civilians in Afrin
14:06 News Thousands rally in Berlin for Afrin
13:26 Rojava Footage from Popular Forces’ position bombed by Turkish jets
12:27 Kurdistan 4 killed, 8 detained during raid in a village of Erzurum
12:13 Rojava Turkish airstrike targets the position of Syrian Popular Forces
11:58 Women Women of Afrin take up arms against Turkey’s attacks
11:43 Features “Invasion approved by Russia, practiced by Turkey”
10:09 News Heavy fighting reported on three fronts in Afrin
00:20 Rojava “Syria and Russia should review their policies on Afrin”
00:15 News Airports do not open, budget crisis continues
00:10 News Swiss MPs: “Don’t stay silent against Turkey”
00:05 Rojava YPG fighter injured in Turkish attack: I will return to frontline
00:00 News "It is urgent to stop the authoritarian Erdogan-Regime in Syria"
22:26 Rojava Turkish army attacks civilians in Jindires: 8 killed, 12 wounded
18:46 Rojava SDF foils attacks by Turkish forces on Mabeta
16:05 Rojava Bombardment on Badina village of Afrin continues
14:10 Rojava Chicken thieves start stealing solar panels
13:07 News Sarıyıldız speaks in the UN: “We do not accept your silence”
12:36 News French municipalities appeal to the government for Afrin
12:29 Rojava 47 FSA members died in Afrin in one day alone
12:05 Kurdistan Turkish state forces set a house on fire during a raid
12:01 Human Rights HDP calls for action against torture and ill treatment in prisons
11:48 Features PKK's Karayılan: “We shouldn’t miss the historic opportunity”
11:01 News Turkey declares a curfew in 115 villages and hamlets
10:37 Freedom of the Press Turkish police raid journalist Yasar's home in Istanbul
10:19 Rojava Turkish attacks kill a civilian in Afrin’s Mabeta district
09:40 Rojava Heavy fighting in Afrin’s Raco district
00:30 News City Councils in Sweden to launch solidarity campaigns for Afrin
00:20 Features From Afrin to Ghouta
00:15 Features Names of the Turkish soldiers killed and wounded in Afrin
00:10 Rojava List of schools bombed by the Turkish state in Afrin
00:05 Kurdistan Former HPD MP for Ağrı jailed
00:00 Kurdistan KCK calls for a boycott of Turkish goods and tourism
22:59 Rojava Latest from Rajo: More than 30 dead, dozens wounded
21:13 Rojava Turkish bombardment on Meydanke kills a civilian
21:02 Rojava Footage of Turkish military vehicle destroyed in Rajo
16:04 Rojava Many members of the Turkish army and allied gangs killed in Rajo
15:53 Freedom of the Press Jinnews reporter Süren detained in Amed
15:39 Kurdistan Petition to remove Turkish bases submitted to the KRG