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07:34 Rojava-Northern Syria European delegation led by Weidenholzer MEP in Rojava
16:29 News Strasbourg resistance on day 158
15:53 Women Sit-in action by mothers of prisoners on hunger strike in Van
15:29 Kurdistan 11 Turkish soldiers killed in ‘Revolutionary Victory Initiative’
14:47 Rojava-Northern Syria Abductee found dead in Afrin
14:14 Rojava-Northern Syria Explosion in Til Temir
13:53 Kurdistan Turkish army bombed villages in southern Kurdistan
13:30 News Call for 3rd Global Hasankeyf Action Day on June 7-8
12:48 Rojava-Northern Syria Hol Camp to be expanded
12:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Hunger strike in Shehba on day 8
11:30 Features Turkish MIT’s dirty network against SDF
11:00 News Hunger strikers in Giresun Prison had books and radio confiscated
10:30 Women Protest against isolation in Munich and Munster
10:00 Culture Zehra Doğan at Tate Modern in London
09:30 News Hunger striker Aydemir continues his fast in Rome
09:00 Culture European Dersim Festival to be held in Frankfurt
08:33 News Demonstration against isolation in Rome
08:03 News Long March in Italy reached day 3
07:35 News Action in support of the hunger strike resistance in Delémont
19:44 Women Mothers of prisoners on hunger strike protest in many cities
18:55 Kurdistan Veli Encü taken into custody
18:30 Kurdistan HPG: Five Turkish soldiers were killed in Xakurke
17:07 Kurdistan Body of Kurdish martyr given to his family after three years
16:46 News Öcalan’s lawyers returned from Imralı
16:37 Kurdistan People denounce ISIS activities in Maxmur region
16:06 News Isolation protested in front of the EP: Resistance will prevail
15:29 Rojava-Northern Syria MSD Co-chair: We are planning a Syria Congress
14:59 News Police attacked demo against isolation, detained 4 in Van
14:28 News Rally against isolation and silence in Brussels
14:01 Rojava-Northern Syria Villages are converted into military bases in occupied Afrin
13:31 News Day 196 for Leyla Guven, day 23 for death fasts
12:57 News Isolation protested in front of Hannover Parliament
12:33 Features Death fast activist Özdemir: Our only option is to prevail
12:12 Rojava-Northern Syria 670 bodies recovered from the largest mass grave in Raqqa
11:49 News Political genocide operation in Mersin
11:28 News Call to disturb shareholders meeting of German tank maker
11:00 News Peace Movement visited hunger strikers in Paris
10:18 News Öcalan's lawyers on their way to Imrali
10:00 Features London hunger striker: Our fast is for justice and freedom
09:30 News Öcalan's lawyers applied to visit their client
09:04 Women Women in Giessen held action in solidarity with hunger strikers
08:30 Features Sinn Féin John Finucane elected mayor of Belfast
08:00 News Women of TJK-E called on people to join rally in Brussels today
07:30 News Solidarity with the hunger strike in Stockholm, Basel, Cologne
20:02 News Three prisoners on hunger strike hospitalized in İzmir
19:42 News Strasburg resistance continues: We will break the isolation
17:11 News HDP’s Celik and European MPs: End the isolation now
16:36 Rojava-Northern Syria "Construction of wall in Afrin is contrary to international law"
15:39 Rojava-Northern Syria “Danger will remain until ISIS members are tried at court"
15:02 News HDP: There is barbarism in Halfeti