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00:35 News Calendar of demonstrations for Afrin abroad
00:30 Rojava YPG/YPJ fighters in Afrin: Victory or martyrdom
00:25 News Mass grave discovered in Kirkuk
00:20 News Kurdish district governor in Tuz Khurmatu replaced by a Turkmen
00:15 Kurdistan Gorran and Komala call upon the UN to take action for Afrin
00:10 Rojava "Afrin not alone in the fight against the invasion”
00:05 News US urges Turkey not to take military action against Afrin
00:00 Rojava YPJ Afrin Commander: The Turkish state is digging its own grave
18:55 Rojava Turkish army attacks YPG positions in villages of Derik
16:15 Rojava People of Afrin respond to the Turkish state
15:45 Rojava MSD: Attack on Afrin is attack on all of Syria
13:05 Human Rights HRW: Presidential system a setback for human rights, rule of law
11:45 News ESP and SGDF members detained in four cities
11:30 News Top Turkish officials in Russia
11:15 Rojava People of Afrin and Shehba mobilize as attacks continue
10:35 Rojava Turkish army attacks Zormixar village near Kobane
09:40 Kurdistan ISIS gangs kill one, kidnap five in Southern Kurdistan
08:50 Kurdistan Kurdish prisoner tortured to death in Sine Prison
08:30 Features YPG’s message to the Turkish state on Afrin: “You are dreaming”
00:25 Rojava Turkish National Security Council repeats threats against Afrin
00:20 Rojava TEV-DEM: People of Syria should stand against Turkish invasion
00:15 News Demonstration against Turkey in The Hague and Brussels
00:10 Rojava PYD: The Turkish state is stuck so it targets Afrin
00:05 Rojava Turkish army attacks villages of Afrin
00:00 Rojava People of Afrin line up to get arms to defend their land
20:30 Rojava Euphrates Shield gangs attack Manbij
14:25 News HDP’s Demirtas acquitted in the case on insulting Minister Soylu
13:20 Kurdistan Footage of guerrilla action against Turkish soldiers in Çukurca
13:05 Kurdistan YPS member martyred in Şırnak laid to rest in Van after two years
12:50 Kurdistan Mysterious Turkish delegation in Kirkuk
12:30 News Armenian parliament recognizes Yazidi genocide
12:10 Kurdistan Five unionists detained in Van
10:10 News Iranian student missing after being detained by the police
09:45 Freedom of the Press ECHR fines Turkey for closing Evrensel newspaper
09:20 Freedom of the Press Journalist Ozlu detained in Mersin
00:30 Kurdistan 30 areas in Dersim banned
00:25 Freedom of the Press 122 journalists behind bars in Turkey
00:20 Kurdistan Yekgirtû pulls out of Southern Kurdistan government
00:15 Kurdistan Prosecution says didn’t know bodies in Garzan had been identified
00:10 News EP reactions to Erdogan’s threats against Afrin
00:05 Rojava Turkish army and allied gangs shell villages of Afrin
00:00 Kurdistan Shengal: Êzidxan stands with Afrin, we are ready to do our part
13:45 Kurdistan Iranian regime detains two engineers in Rojhilat
13:25 News 'Freedom for Ocalan' vigil in Strasbourg in its 291st week
12:05 Features YPG Commander General Sipan Hemo: Afrin war will be the final
10:35 Human Rights Freedom House changes Turkey’s status to ‘not free’
10:22 Freedom of the Press Turkey sentences journalists to prison for solidarity action
10:10 News HDP’s Demirtas to attend two hearings tomorrow
09:55 News Another protestor killed in Iranian prison
00:20 Rojava Mehmet Aksoy’s last letter to his family