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14:44 News AKP-MHP irregularities in elections continue
14:25 News HDP appeals to the YSK to prevent violations in Urfa
14:04 News AKP bringing mercenaries from Afrin to Hatay to vote
13:44 News AKP out for theft even on their last day!
13:27 News AKP terror in Suruç: HDP supporter stabbed
13:19 Kurdistan Election fraud in Van
12:58 News HDP and CHP take action against violations in Urfa
12:22 News People rush to the ballots in Amed and other demolished cities
11:36 News OSCE statement: Urfa is not safe
11:26 Kurdistan AKP's Yıldız threatens voters in Suruç
11:10 News Voting slips handed over to soldiers in 3 Kurdish cities
10:45 News Irregularities in the elections
09:58 News Demirtaş: I believe the outcome will be beautiful
09:50 News Men caught with empty envelopes in Amed
09:33 News HDP members attacked amid irregularities during voting
08:36 News Voting begins in Turkey
08:20 Features Elections’ possible scenarios
00:11 Features 56 million voters called to the polls
21:27 News Demonstration for Öcalan’s freedom in Rennes
21:00 News HDP's Demirtaş: Authoritarian regimes eventually collapse
18:43 Kurdistan HPG reports guerrilla actions in Şırnak and Siirt
18:19 Kurdistan March in Suleymaniyah against Turkish occupation
18:06 News HDP’s Buldan: Let’s use this opportunity to write our future
17:44 News HDP closes election campaign with huge rally in Van
17:27 Women Thousands join the Zilan Women’s Festival in Dortmund
17:15 Features KCK’s Bayik: Erdoğan’ lies won’t fool anyone
16:36 News Italian observers delegation to monitor elections in Turkey
16:06 Kurdistan People of Shengal: HDP’s victory will prevent massacres
15:44 Rojava MMC Commander: Turkey has not crossed Sajur river
15:10 Kurdistan KCK decision for elections: Military activity halted for 24 hours
15:04 News Did the AKP obtain the addresses from German authorities?
14:02 Culture Historic buildings demolished after historic cemetery
13:41 Features KCK's Karasu: AKP is lying to the people about Qandil
13:28 Kurdistan Protests against Turkish invasion continue in South Kurdistan
13:16 Rojava Invaders set fire to the land that belonged to Afrin people
12:11 Features AKP’s fear of the HDP: Murders, arrests, attacks, torture
10:23 Features Parliamentary election factsheet
10:01 Rojava MMC fighters: We are ready to respond to the invasion attempts
09:43 News Sandstorm in Raqqa
09:32 News Detention operation against HDP members in Ankara
09:24 News Kurdish singer from Germany detained in Turkey
09:14 Women From the plains of al-Bab to the mountains of Kurdistan
08:09 News Peace in Kurdistan Campaign sends solidarity message to the HDP
07:07 News Demirtaş: “Running for president from my prison cell”
22:44 Rojava Farewell to YPG Commander martyred in Cizire Storm campaign
22:29 Rojava Another Kurdish family expelled from home in Afrin
19:17 Rojava YPG refutes Turkey’s allegations on Manbij
18:36 News HDP’s Pervin Buldan: The AKP is afraid of Demirtaş
17:47 Rojava Conference for the Liberation of Afrin held in Shehba
17:38 Kurdistan HPG: 33 Turkish soldiers killed in Hakkari