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00:00 Rojava Mine explosion in Gire Spi wounds two
00:00 News "The only left party in Turkey today is the HDP"
15:50 Human Rights UN rights expert urges Iran to halt imminent execution of Panahi
15:15 Features Demirtaş: HDP and the left can defeat the AKP
15:00 Kurdistan Rights violations increase in southern Kurdistan before elections
14:20 News HDP to announce candidate and election campaign on Friday
14:15 News SDF to act in coordination with the Iraqi army
13:50 Kurdistan Two Turkish soldiers killed in southern Kurdistan
13:30 Kurdistan PKK Executive Committee meeting completed
12:30 Rojava Blast in Hasakah kills 3 children
12:00 Rojava "International community should fulfill their responsibilities"
10:25 News 5 new summaries of proceedings for HDP MPs
10:10 Kurdistan Panahi’s nephew ends his life after the execution order
08:40 News Terrorist groups to be evacuated from Homs and Hama countryside
00:35 News Afrin resistance saluted in Sweden
00:25 News The Coalition affirms its support and confidence in the SDF
00:15 News Armenia fails to elect Prime Minister
00:10 Features Kobanê: Football to promote solidarity
00:05 News Switzerland: Labour Day for Rojava
00:05 News 84 people detained in Istanbul on May Day
00:00 Rojava Invaders kidnap another youngster in Afrin
17:35 Rojava Turkish army attacks villages of Kobane
17:30 News Protest against Turkish invasion of Afrin on Labor Day in Europe
17:15 News Thousands in Istanbul shout: AKP-MHP will fall!
16:30 Kurdistan Iranian regime to execute Kurdish political prisoner Panahi
16:15 Rojava Report on Turkish crimes in Afrin
16:05 Kurdistan May 1 in Diyarbakır: Time to stop AKP-MHP
15:35 News Mass detentions in Istanbul on 1 May Workers' Day
15:25 News Workers in Iraq and Southern Kurdistan in the streets
15:05 Kurdistan May Day celebrated in Van
14:35 News Kurds in May 1 squares in France and Austria
14:15 Kurdistan May Day rally in Mardin: We will build a new life
13:40 News Workers take to the streets despite the regime ban in Iran
13:05 News SDF relaunches Deir ez-Zor operation - UPDATED
13:00 News Masses join the May Day rally in Istanbul against AKP-MHP fascism
12:15 News Giant PKK flag in May 1 Square in Berlin
11:30 Rojava Ilham Ehmed: “There can be no solution without reconciliation”
10:50 News Group marching to Istanbul's Taksim Square for May Day detained
10:45 News High tensions continue in Deir ez-Zor, SDF to give statement
09:00 Women Tribute to Alina Sanchez in Buenos Aires
08:45 Kurdistan Iraqi elections: PADÊ candidates meet with the people in Shengal
08:00 News Women take over the vigil for Ocalan in Strasbourg
07:45 News The complicated puzzle of the Iraqi elections
00:35 Culture Rojava made Kurdish language revival a reality
00:25 Rojava MSD calls for international action against war crimes in Afrin
00:15 News KNK statement on May Day
00:05 News Who fears Demirtaş candidacy?
00:00 News PKK’s message for May 1 and a “united struggle against fascism”
17:45 Rojava Afrin and Shehba people march against Turkey’s occupation
16:45 Rojava Mass ceremony for American YPG fighter Klebs