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10:00 Kurdistan Guerrillas strike Turkish military vehicle in Van
09:30 News Demonstration against Turkish invasion of Kurdistan in Rome
09:00 Kurdistan Turkish army starts forest fire in Cudi
17:45 Rojava Bringing clean water to Tabqa
17:15 Rojava Shehba tribes are getting organised
16:45 Rojava Rojava Youth Union rally against Turkish occupation of Kurdistan
16:15 Kurdistan Elections in Kurdistan Region to be held on 30 September
15:45 Freedom of the Press Two hundred euro for a Kurdish book in jail
15:15 Rojava Young people ready to defend South Kurdistan
13:15 Features AKP’s armed group in Kirkuk
12:30 Women 76-year-old to remain in prison despite deteriorating health
12:00 News 7 ISIS members killed in Iraq
10:40 Women Women build their own system in Northern Syria
10:20 Kurdistan Armed group attacks a Kurdish village in Khanaqin
10:15 Rojava YPG: 11 terrorists have been killed in Afrin
10:00 Culture Culture against Turkish occupation of Afrin
09:45 News Protests against Turkish war policy in Europe
09:30 Culture Dengbej culture among guerrillas
09:00 News Permanent People’s Tribunal on Turkey discussed at Westminster
19:20 Rojava YPG: Invasion forces accelerated their contra actions in Afrin
19:00 Kurdistan “Kurds will play a vital role in shaping the new Middle East”
18:00 Kurdistan Relatives of disapperared people ask for justice in Amed
17:30 News Vaccination campaign in Raqqa
17:05 Human Rights Saturday Mothers meet in Istanbul for the 696th week
16:45 News People’s Council opened in Kesra
15:45 Kurdistan Iranian forces kill another kolbar at border
15:30 News HDP’s Temelli: Next eight months will be a critical time
14:20 Rojava TEV-DEM’s Muslim: No negotiation yet with the Syrian government
13:30 Kurdistan Two YPS members martyred in Van
13:10 Kurdistan Conference on “Kurds in the region’s future” in Sulaymaniyah
12:50 Rojava Three more civilians kidnapped in Afrin
12:40 News 300 landmines neutralized in Raqqa
12:20 Human Rights Political prisoners strip-searched and threatened with death
12:00 Kurdistan Turkish army starts forest fire in Lice, violent clashes continue
11:45 Kurdistan People of Şırnak: The state’s mass housing is virtually prison
11:00 News Explosion in Siirt countryside
10:50 Rojava Cultivated lands and thousands of trees burned down in Afrin
09:40 News A new commune opens in Sheikh Maqsoud
09:30 News Unrest in Iraq continues
09:20 Rojava Migrants from Ghouta protest against invaders in Afrin
09:00 Rojava MSD statement after the meeting with the regime
17:20 Kurdistan Attack by Iranian forces leaves two kolbars wounded in Sardasht
17:00 Human Rights New statement against the isolation imposed on Öcalan
16:30 Women Martyr Viyan Amara remembered in Kobanê
16:00 Rojava Italian doctors confirm refugees in Shehba need urgent aid
15:25 Human Rights IHD publishes report on rights violations in the Kurdish region
15:05 Women TJA calls on UN to recognize August 3 as Global Day of Action
14:40 News HDP sends letter of solidarity to Greece
14:20 Kurdistan Action against military convoy on Şırnak-Cizre road
14:10 Rojava Rojava youth’s action against Turkish occupation continues