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00:15 News Protests against the arrest of Saleh Muslim
00:15 Rojava Thousands from Afrin: “We will resist until the end”
00:10 News European and Kurdish parliamentarians call for Muslim’s release
00:05 Freedom of the Press Turkey sentences journalist to eight years in prison
00:05 Rojava SDF: Turkish attacks against Afrin continue despite the ceasefire
00:00 Rojava Turkish operation kills 192 civilians in Afrin
21:45 Rojava Footage from YPJ action against invading forces in Afrin
20:07 Rojava Turkish helicopters attack Jindires
14:44 Rojava Fierce clashes in Afrin’s Rajo district
14:39 News Czech Republic claims to have nothing to do with Moslem’s arrest
14:28 Kurdistan Southern Kurdistan officials call for the release of Moslem
13:29 Rojava Fierce clashes and bombardment in three villages of Afrin
12:45 Rojava Turkish army kills 5 civilians in Jindires
12:39 Kurdistan Baghdad extends international flight ban to Southern Kurdistan
12:27 News Left Party: Interpol is abused, Moslem should be released
11:31 News Latest on the arrest of Saleh Moslem
09:28 News Erdogan says a little girl is ready for ‘martyrdom’
09:06 Rojava SDF forces repulse attack on Jindires
00:15 Rojava 70-year-old defends his village against invaders
00:10 Rojava PYD condemns Czechia over the arrest of Saleh Moslem
00:05 Rojava Footage from action that killed 8 soldiers-gang members in Afrin
00:00 Rojava On the road to Afrin – We are not afraid!
18:53 Rojava SDF: 44 Turkish soldiers and gang members killed in Afrin
16:17 News Police of Czech Republic: Moslem was arrested at Turkey’s request
16:09 Rojava Bombardment in Jindires, clash in Rajo
15:31 News TEV-DEM condemns arrest of Saleh Moslem
12:24 Rojava YPJ Spokeswoman: Kurdish women became a symbol for all women
12:03 News Footage from YPG action against invaders in Azaz
11:58 Features Hadrien Desuin: A Turkish victory in Afrin is impossible
11:14 News YPG: We will comply with the UN’s ceasefire decision
10:32 News Saleh Moslem detained in Prague on Turkey’s demand
00:30 Rojava “Turkey kills children of Afrin with NATO’s weapons”
00:25 News Prof. Dr. Trabert: “Afrin needs a helping hand urgently”
00:20 News Turkey arrests two wedding singers for singing Kurdish songs
00:15 News Deir ez-Zor Civil Council: Attacks only strengthen our unity
00:10 Women 30 Arab women join the SDF in Manbij
00:05 Rojava Tens of thousands take to the streets in Afrin against attacks
00:00 Features YPJ Commander Kobanê: We salute the resistance of Afrin’s people
21:55 Rojava Turkish attacks against Afrin continue
20:25 Rojava 35 gang members killed in Shera
18:27 News Turkish bombardment kills a child in Afrin
15:41 Kurdistan HPG: 13 Turkish soldiers were killed in Ağrı
15:06 Rojava Turkish army hits forces under the Syrian regime in Rajo
15:02 Women Representatives of Kurdish women’s organisations arrive in Rojava
13:04 News Protests for Afrin in Europe
12:41 News Investigate chemical weapons use in Afrin, put Erdoğan on trial!
11:50 Rojava Turkish army takes villagers hostage, places mines around them
11:10 News Investigation against German musician over YPG
10:38 Rojava Turkish army kills 5-year-old boy in Afrin
10:24 Human Rights Political prisoners attacked: 40 injured