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10:50 Human Rights Prisoners will be forced to wear single-type uniform in Turkey
10:35 Human Rights Seriously injured prisoner tortured by Turkish police
09:50 Kurdistan Earthquake victims in Kermanshah are left to their fate
00:45 Kurdistan Kurdish poet interrogated by Iranian security forces
00:40 Rojava Öcalan’s portraits exhibited in Qamishlo
00:35 Kurdistan Iran sets up tents for earthquake victims in mined terrain
00:30 News Demonstrations for Öcalan in Oslo and Stavanger
00:25 Rojava Syrian victims of migration find shelter in Efrîn
00:20 Kurdistan Dozens still in custody in Southern Kurdistan
00:15 Rojava Gangs backed by Turkey attack Efrîn with mortars
00:10 Women United Kurdish Women’s Platform founded in Amed
00:05 Rojava Northern Syrian Army being formed
00:00 Features Bayık: A new, democratic gov’t can resolve the issues in Bashur
19:55 News Turkish-backed gangs kidnap 40 Kurdish civilians in al-Bab
19:00 News YPG Commander General Sipan Hemo in Moscow
14:20 News “Freedom for Öcalan” billboards in Zurich
14:00 News Woman to be jailed with baby for saying “Don’t let children die"
12:35 Kurdistan Academic tortured under detention in Rania
12:05 Kurdistan Attack on kolbers: Three seriously wounded
11:50 Rojava 1570 youths joined the SDF, YPG and YPJ in one month
11:00 News Germany should investigate Turkish plans to attack opposition
10:30 Rojava Hesen Qamishlo: The attacks will not hinder us
09:55 Freedom of the Press 39-year prison sentence sought for three journalists
00:45 News Turkish Parliament approves war budget for 2018
00:40 Human Rights Kurdish political prisoner threatened by intelligence in Rojhilat
00:35 Kurdistan Turkish army operation in Cudi and Gabar regions
00:30 Kurdistan KDP forces shut down office of an NGO in Hewlêr
00:25 Rojava Hunger strike for Öcalan in Efrîn
00:20 Kurdistan 42 fighters join YBŞ ranks in Shengal
00:15 News 30 ISIS members killed as SDF repels an attack near Deir ez-Zor
00:10 Kurdistan 31 areas in Hakkari declared restricted zones
00:05 Human Rights Turkey rejects another appeal for a meeting with Öcalan
00:00 News Mayer: “Ottoman gang led by Turkish government”
14:20 Kurdistan Housing aid for Şırnak from Heyva Sor a Kurdistanê
13:40 Freedom of the Press Journalist sentenced for calling Ankara bombing a massacre
13:20 News 21 ISIS members killed in Operation Cizire Storm
13:05 Features Saleh Moslem speaks to ANF about Assad’s comments and Sochi
11:45 Kurdistan HPG: Military vehicle carrying an outpost commander destroyed
11:00 Kurdistan KDP escorts Turkish troops expanding their invasion in Bashur
10:10 News Canada holds weapons intended for Southern Kurdistan
09:35 Human Rights Scores of children on prison hunger strike in Turkey
09:30 Human Rights Prisoners in Tarsus: “We have been tortured with electricity”
00:00 Kurdistan 267 corpses in Garzan Cemetery of Martyrs exhumed and taken away
00:00 News Raqqa churches to be cleared of mines by the New Year
00:00 Kurdistan University student detained during protests goes on hunger strike
00:00 Kurdistan Four ecologists detained in Rojhilat
00:00 Kurdistan Two Kurdish tradesmen killed by Iranian forces in Sardasht
00:00 Culture New play from the ‘Mountain Theater’: Tree of Life
00:00 Freedom of the Press CPJ: Kurdish authorities should stop harassing media outlets
00:00 Rojava Military build-up by Turkish troops on Derik border