Latest News

09:00 News Urgent call for strengthening international solidarity with Güven
08:45 News Action in Basel to support hunger strikers
08:30 News Women mobilised in Marseille for hunger strikers
08:15 News Women protest in Vienna against isolation
21:15 Rojava-Northern Syria Seven SDF fighters freed from ISIS captivity in Baghouz
20:40 News ‘Stuttgart Life against Isolation Platform’ established
17:20 News March in Brussels called on everyone to act
16:30 Freedom of the Press Prison sentence sought for solidarity with Özgür Gündem
16:00 News Leyla Güven: Solidarity shows we have already reached our goal
15:00 News Day 73 in Strasbourg: Permanent health issues set in
14:15 News Kurds rally in Brussels against the isolation of Öcalan
13:15 News Strasbourg activists commend SDF fighters
12:30 News Police raids HDP Nazilli offices
12:15 Kurdistan Yagiz unable to stand up, has weakened heart
12:00 News Taz reports on hunger strike in Strasbourg
11:30 News TKP/ML prisoners to go on hunger strike
10:20 Rojava-Northern Syria SDF Commander: We fought against organized evil
09:55 News Solidarity to Kurdish hunger strike from British trade unionists
09:40 News 8 people detained in Erzurum
09:20 News Hunger strike in Strasbourg reached day 73
09:10 Rojava-Northern Syria Several ISIS mercenaries surrendered to the SDF in Baghouz
09:00 News PYD members on 5-day solidarity hunger strike in Strasbourg
08:00 News Hunger strikes landed on Danish Parliament
07:30 Rojava-Northern Syria “Worldwide silence on Kurds who defended the world from DAESH”
21:25 News Turkish racist attack targets Kurds in Vienna
21:00 Kurdistan Yağız refused treatment, continues his hunger strike on day 98
20:45 Women TJK-E call to join the march in Brussels on Wednesday
19:55 News HDP’s Yüksekdağ sentenced to prison for “insulting Erdoğan”
17:30 News Basel group takes over Freedom for Öcalan Vigil
17:00 Kurdistan Report submitted to UN on detainees in Behdinan
16:40 News Motion on Kurds at Swedish Parliament
16:15 Rojava-Northern Syria “We are here thanks to security the SDF provided”
15:55 News 20 pro-regime soldiers killed in Idlib
15:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Turkish forces massacred 4 civilians in Dirbesiye
15:15 News Lawyers submit 793rd appeal to visit Öcalan
14:55 Kurdistan Guerrilla air strike against Silopi Hacilar Base
14:45 Human Rights HDP report on Turkey’s prisons
14:20 Rojava-Northern Syria SDF rescued 2 more Yazidi children from ISIS
14:00 News Hunger striker Koc: All should rush to Brussels
13:20 News Iraq wants to bring French ISIS jihadists to justice
13:00 Human Rights PKK and PAJK prisoners to go on hunger strike in all prisons
12:20 Kurdistan Yagiz on 98th day of fast losing his sight and hearing
12:00 News Welsh revolutionaries support Kurdish hunger striker Sis
11:45 News Protest against the German police in Krefeld
11:30 News MLKP prisoners to go on hunger strike against isolation
11:15 News Town Hall in Paris awards Gultan Kisanak medal
11:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Yazidi children rescued from ISIS tell what they experienced
09:45 Women March 8 banners in the streets of Tabqa
09:15 Rojava-Northern Syria SDF freed two thousand more civilians from ISIS
09:00 Women Women in Raqqa organised 8 March activities