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18:04 News French MPs and politicians visited hunger strikers in Strasbourg
17:29 News HDP met Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner
16:52 News St. Gallen Church sends message of support for Guven
16:09 News Germany: We are working to prevent Turkey’s attack
15:41 News Simonnet: For peace, PKK must be removed from the list
15:11 Rojava-Northern Syria Autonomous Administration calls for resistance for Afrin
14:33 News Appeal to visit Leyla Guven in the ward
14:14 News Angela Davis calls on Turkey to free Leyla Guven on hunger strike
13:47 News HDP held talks in Strasbourg on hunger strikes against isolation
13:21 Rojava-Northern Syria Reactions to the Manbij attack: The partnership will expand
13:03 News Macron offers condolences for Manbij
12:51 News Three more prisoners go on indefinite hunger strike in Şırnak
12:29 Rojava-Northern Syria MMC statement on Manbij suicide attack
11:57 Freedom of the Press Turkey deports Dutch journalist
11:37 Human Rights HRW reports continued human rights violations in Turkey
09:54 News “Ankara’s only goal in Syria is exterminating Kurds”
09:00 News "Europe’s inaction left no alternative other than hunger strike"
08:53 News Young people rallied in Sweden against isolation
08:47 News New actions promoted by Kurdish youth against isolation
07:30 News British PM May clings to power
21:15 Rojava-Northern Syria Death toll in Manbij rises to 15, including 4 US soldiers
19:30 Women Women in Van in solidarity with the hunger strikers 
19:00 News Protest for Leyla Guven in front of Swedish Foreign Ministry
18:30 Women Socialist Women’s Union: Isolation must end at once
18:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Manbij Health Committee: 13 people died in the suicide attack
17:30 Rojava-Northern Syria SDF’s condition for a ‘safe zone’: International guarantee
17:00 News HDP’s Başaran: Let’s raise our voice for Leyla Güven
16:45 Rojava-Northern Syria Moment of the suicide attack in Manbij
16:30 News Clear message from Strasbourg: We must all resist!
16:00 News Iran: We will continue our presence in Syria
15:30 News Rally in front of the EP: We will break the isolation
15:15 News British Trade Unions not intimidated by Turkish pressure
14:45 Kurdistan Life of Kurdish activists arrested in Rojhilat in great danger
14:15 News Reception for freedom for Ocalan in London City Hall
13:50 News Protest against the isolation in front of European Parliament
13:25 Rojava-Northern Syria Explosion in Manbij: 11 dead including 2 US soldiers
13:05 Human Rights Six more prisoners on indefinite hunger strike against isolation
12:45 Rojava-Northern Syria Blast in Manbij
11:50 News Damascus “against any form of aggression and occupation”
11:30 Kurdistan One Kurdish kolbar killed, another injured in Urmia
11:15 News Russia opposes a "safe zone" under Turkish control in Syria
10:45 Kurdistan Marivan’s Bashmakh border, Iran's export pole
10:00 Features Xabûr: Prisoners resist with the spirit of the July 14 resistance
09:30 News Kurdish youth in Europe protest the isolation of Ocalan
09:15 Kurdistan 86-year-old woman arrested for terrorist charges in Van
09:00 News MPs said no to Brexit deal, May faces no confidence vote
08:30 Women Letter from Leila Khalid to Leyla Güven
08:00 News Europe-wide demonstrations in solidarity with hunger strikers
07:30 Features Yazidi child speaks of ISIS brutality
21:50 Human Rights 781st appeal to visit Ocalan rejected