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09:30 News AKP admits to plundering the olives of Afrin
09:00 News Argentina Senate approves controversial government budget
15:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Mine explosion injures three children in Shehba
14:45 Human Rights HDP MP: We will spread the struggle against the isolation
14:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Arab clans: We stand with the SDF, Turkish state can’t trick us
13:30 Kurdistan New Generation: Turkish state should be officially condemned
13:00 Kurdistan HDP MPs surrounded in Amed: We will stand tall
12:00 News Political genocide in Amed: 74 detentions, 38 arrests
11:30 Human Rights Families appeal to visit Imralı
11:00 Kurdistan Gerîla TV publishes footage from action in Sidekan
10:30 Culture Kurdish library opened in Sur, Amed
10:00 News New President of Mexico sets positions
09:30 News Many academics taken into custody
09:00 News Ballymurphy Inquest opens
08:30 News “PKK’s inclusion in EU Terror Organisations not motivated enough"
07:30 Kurdistan Seyit Rıza and companions remembered in Dersim
21:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Qamishlo people against US decision, Turkish attack and isolation
20:10 Rojava-Northern Syria People of Kobanê protest against Turkish attacks and US decision
16:30 News Police bans backpacks in Van
16:00 News There are 260 thousand people in Turkey prisons
15:15 Human Rights Lawyers staged 79th Vigil for Justice
14:50 Kurdistan Civilians killed by Turkish warplanes buried in Amadiya
14:30 News Germany forgets about 35 ISIS-member citizens in YPG custody
13:15 News German court issues scandalous sentence over protest for Afrin
12:45 Culture Lower attendance at Istanbul Book Fair
12:15 Kurdistan Turkish army tries to hide losses with lies
11:30 Rojava-Northern Syria MSD’s Ehmed: The door for dialogue is always open
11:00 News Demonstration in Switzerland: PKK is the people
10:30 News Turkey sentences Kurdish artist from Germany to 6 years in prison
10:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Gang leader captured in Raqqa, armory discovered in Deir ez-Zor
09:50 Kurdistan Turkish attack kills three civilians in northern Iraq
09:00 News Brexit deal 'moves on' as May wins cabinet support
08:30 Women Spanish writer dedicates her book to the women of Kurdistan
08:00 News London against the US decision and isolation of Öcalan
17:00 Rojava-Northern Syria People of Serêkaniyê protest Turkish attacks and US decision
16:15 Human Rights HDP MP: I am on a hunger strike until there is a visit to Öcalan
15:45 Rojava-Northern Syria Parents of Little Sara killed by Turkish attack ask for justice
15:20 News Syrian jets strike Kafar Hamra village under FSA control
15:00 Kurdistan Hakkari Governorate bans UAVs and drones after HPG action
14:40 Rojava-Northern Syria SDF: Dozens of ISIS terrorists killed in Operation Cizire Storm
14:10 News Hearing of HDP’s Demirtaş held in Istanbul
13:15 Kurdistan HDP: ECHR and UN must break the silence on Cizre and others
11:40 News At least 5 people detained in Amed
10:30 Women Program for 25 November in Kobanê launched
10:00 Culture Exhibition by painter Ömer Eken in Amed
09:40 Women Women in Raqqa plan actions for 25 November
09:20 News Demo for Öcalan in Cardiff
09:00 News German MP: The US wants the war in Kurdistan to deepen
08:30 Culture Kurdish Language Platform presented Final Document
08:00 News Summaries of proceedings against HDP co-chair and deputies