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08:30 Human Rights Panahi’s lawyer: Death penalty has no legal basis
00:25 News Ivan Duque and Gustavo Petro go to second turn in Colombia - NEW
00:20 News Protest at Italian arms factory in support of Afrin
00:15 Rojava TEV-DEM: Dirty policies played on the heads of Afrin people
00:00 Features Turkey-Russia relations deepen in Afrin
22:00 News HDP’s Temelli: We’ll send 180 deputies to Parliament
21:00 News HDP’s Buldan: Our struggle is for peace and democracy
17:30 News YPG volunteer from Spain falls a martyr in Deir ez-Zor operation
16:15 News Civil Assembly in Deir ez-Zor meeting people’s needs
15:00 Women Women’s Council exposes Turkish crimes in Afrin
13:15 Women Occupying forces harass women in Afrin
12:45 News Votes in Kurdish provinces are in danger at June’s elections
12:15 News Attempts to prevent voting in Kurdish cities
11:40 News 4 Russian soldiers killed in Deir ez-Zor
11:30 Women The resistance of Grandma Ewaş from Afrin
11:10 Rojava Ecological system improved in Cizire Region
10:45 Rojava Tabqa Cemetery of Martyrs renovated
10:30 Rojava Delegation from Germany visits Northern Syria
10:00 Culture "We sing songs of the revolution"
00:20 News Colombia to elect President
00:10 News HDP’s Demirtaş: We are heading for victory
00:00 News Turkish invasion of Afrin protested in Europe
21:00 Women Women’s equality is a daily commitment in Rojava
18:00 News Protest against the Turkish invasion of Afrin in Sweden
17:30 News Demonstration for Afrin in Linz
17:00 News HDP Co-chair Buldan: We will win together
15:10 News HDP’s Demirtaş begins electoral campaign in prison
14:50 News Attack against the Kurds at Lesbos: 7 injured
14:30 Rojava Rojava cities rally against the Turkish occupation
14:00 Rojava Afrin Canton Council calls for action against Turkish invasion
13:45 News Song for Öcalan from British musician
13:35 News Turkey to send 3.000 gang members to Afrin as police officers
13:25 Rojava People of Kobanê protest against Turkish invasion
13:15 Rojava Thousands march against Turkish invasion in Dêrik and Girkê Legê
13:00 Kurdistan Protest against Turkish invasion in Kirkuk
12:50 Rojava People of Manbij condemn Turkish invasion
12:35 Kurdistan Nobody went to trustee’s fast-breaking dinner in Van
12:30 Features Afrin resident: “Invaders take men away and rape women”
12:15 Rojava People of Afrin and Shehba protest against Turkish invasion
11:25 News HDP nominates new candidates to replace the vetoed
11:00 News Joan Ryan MP writes to PM May over remarks against the Kurds
10:55 Kurdistan Attempts to move the ballots where HDP gets high votes
10:30 Kurdistan Participating in the struggle in the home front
10:15 Human Rights Appeal to EU by Panahi’s mother: Do not allow the execution!
08:00 News Exit polls predict victory for pro-abortion campaign in Ireland
00:15 Rojava TEV-DEM meets with Afrin and Shehba people
00:10 Rojava A story to be told inside each refugee tent
00:05 Rojava Gangs ask for ransom for the locals they abduct in Afrin
00:00 Rojava Northern Syria Delegation visits Egypt
21:15 Women JINWAR: Putting words into practice