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14:09 ROJAVA-SYRIA Nattoreh: No attack will go unanswered
13:40 HUMAN RIGHTS AI: At least 304 killed, thousands injured in Iran
13:08 KURDISTAN Footage from guerrilla action in Xakurke
12:41 NEWS Commemoration of "December massacres" in Basel
12:03 NEWS European Democratic Forces Union: Let's meet in Geneva!
11:36 NEWS Unemployment rate in Turkey hit a new high in September
10:55 NEWS FEDA calls on people to join protest against Erdoğan in Geneva
10:31 NEWS Finland's new government facing al-Hol Camp crisis
09:57 NEWS Defend Rojava: Let's meet in Geneva against Erdoğan
09:21 WOMEN Women in Istanbul performed "Las Tesis" against violence
08:56 NEWS CDKS to organise event against Erdoğan's visit to Geneva
08:15 NEWS Maraş and Roboski massacres commemorated in Montpellier
07:43 NEWS Internationalist martyr Constantine commemorated in Kiel
22:28 NEWS Memorial service for Rojava martyrs in Vienna
22:01 NEWS Houses of Alevis marked in Istanbul: “You will die”
21:46 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation forces attack a village of Gire Spi
18:42 NEWS Civil society campaign against the PKK ban in Saarbrucken
16:37 NEWS Kurds and internationalists protest Turkey in London
16:10 KURDISTAN Co-mayor of Kızıltepe jailed
15:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA Children of martyrs from Manbij call to “protect children”
14:59 NEWS 11 civilians from Afrin tortured and sentenced
14:34 NEWS Vienna: As long as bombs fly, nobody flies here!
14:07 KURDISTAN 11 Turkish soldiers killed in Heftanin and Xakurke
13:40 NEWS Human chain for Rojava in Bremen - LineUp4Rojava
13:05 KURDISTAN Remains of 8 guerrillas buried amidst obstacles by police
12:34 HUMAN RIGHTS Kurdish organisations mobilize to protest Erdoğan in Geneva
11:58 NEWS KCDK-E calls on people to protest Erdoğan's presence in Geneva
11:32 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Journalist Oruç: I was tortured and left to die
10:57 NEWS Turkish occupation of Rojava protested in Oslo
10:27 NEWS Syrian civil society must be defended*
09:57 NEWS Amsterdam, Graz and St. Gallen marched for Rojava
09:24 NEWS Demos in solidarity with Rojava in Sweden
08:51 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Social networks campaign for journalist Aziz Oruç
08:17 NEWS Erdogan to arrive in Geneva today for UN 1st Global Refugee Forum
07:44 KURDISTAN Ban on demos extended for an extra 15 days in Hakkari
21:05 NEWS Marseille, Athens and Vienna in solidarity with Rojava
20:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish state attacked two villages of Girê Spî
19:50 NEWS Demos for Rojava in Germany
19:02 ROJAVA-SYRIA People in Tebqa marched against Turkish occupation
18:18 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS HDP Başaran: Oruç case reveals media are puppets of the AKP
17:42 ROJAVA-SYRIA Martyr Reşad Ali lied to rest in Dirbêsiyê
17:04 HUMAN RIGHTS Actions for sick prisoners in Ankara and Istanbul
16:31 NEWS Police banned night in solidarity with Rojava in Berlin
16:02 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF issued 3-day balance of Turkish attacks
15:44 NEWS Free Engineers Architects City Planners Platform established
15:06 CULTURE Paintings by children living in Rojava exhibited in Moscow
14:36 KURDISTAN HPG: Three Turkish soldiers killed in Şırnak
14:01 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS HDP: Iran abandoned journalist Oruç barefoot in border area
13:33 KURDISTAN Footage from guerrilla action in Heftanin
13:05 ROJAVA-SYRIA Yazidi refugees: We do not give up Serêkaniyê