Latest News

17:40 Human Rights Over 13,000 rights violations registered in Van during OHAL
17:20 News HDK’s Hamzaoğlu and ESP’s Çelebi released from prison
17:00 News Heavy balance in Iraq protests
16:25 Kurdistan Turkish jets bomb Qandil and Mount Karox
16:15 Rojava MLKP Rojava celebrates the July 19 Rojava Revolution
15:30 News Concern for Idlib as Turkish army crosses the border
14:30 News Iraqi President meets parties in an attempt to solve crisis
13:15 Kurdistan Co-mayor of Bulanık jailed one day after her release from prison
13:00 Kurdistan Six people jailed in Van
12:15 Rojava “Afrin is no more a land of peace and tranquility”
11:30 Rojava DKP/BÖG salutes the Rojava Revolution
10:45 Features PKK: Rojava Revolution paved the way for democratic Middle East
10:00 Rojava Kobanê remembers martyrs of the revolution
09:30 Rojava YPG: Rojava revolution is a trailblazer for Syrian revolution
09:00 Women Women took the lead of the Rojava Revolution
08:30 Rojava PYD: Rojava Revolution is the renaissance of the Middle East
08:00 Rojava March to commend 19 July Revolution in Shehba
07:30 Rojava Football to commemorate the 19 July Rojava Revolution
07:00 Rojava Seminar in Kobane on 19 July Rojava Revolution
01:00 Women YPJ: Rojava Revolution became an inspiration for all women
00:00 News KCK: Rojava Revolution will be the foundation of Democratic Syria
22:50 News Explosions result in injuries in Kirkuk
22:45 Rojava Mine explosion injures one in Manbij
21:20 Kurdistan Co-mayor of Bulanık detained after her release from prison
21:15 Kurdistan Kurdish human rights activist tortured and executed
18:30 News Support for KODAR and PJAK roadmap growing
17:55 Kurdistan HPG reports guerrilla actions in Mardin, Amed and Bitlis
17:20 News Worldwide actions to mark 3 August genocide against Yazidis
16:30 Women Kongreya Star establishes three councils in Qamishlo
16:15 Rojava Saleh Moslem refutes claims of a meeting with Syrian official
15:50 Women The important role of women in Northern Syria
15:15 News Selahattin Demirtaş to remain in prison
14:30 News HDP’s Bilgen: The new regulation will make OHAL permanent
13:15 Rojava Memorial wall for Suruç massacre victims in Qamishlo
13:05 Kurdistan 4 detained as police raid the funeral home of a guerrilla in Amed
12:45 Rojava Final declaration of the third MSD Congress in Tabqa
12:00 Rojava High security precautions before revolution celebration in Kobanê
11:50 News Forest fires: for profit in the West, a weapon of war in the East
11:30 Kurdistan High prison sentences for 22 Kurdish politicians in Urfa
11:10 Rojava Another civilian tortured to death in Afrin
11:00 Rojava 5 killed as gangs involved in Afrin’s invasion were hit in Idlib
10:30 Women Faces of the revolution of Rojava
10:15 News Austrian Chancellor: Turkey’s accession talks should end
10:00 News Arabization, Islamization and Kurdish ban in occupied Afrin
09:40 Kurdistan Turkish attacks start huge wildfire in Şırnak countryside
09:30 News Syrian Democratic Council meets after Congress
09:00 Women Kongreya Star holds Conference in Aleppo
08:30 Women Two Women's Councils opened in Raqqa
08:00 Human Rights HDP congratulates the Human Rights Association on its anniversary
07:30 News HPG hit Turkish forces in Barzan