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10:10 News Solidarity from Basque political prisoners with hunger strikers
09:28 News Solidarity with the hunger strikers in Wuppertal and Vienna
09:00 News Hunger striker Özkan Özdemir continues his action in Paris
08:35 News Leyla Güven: Day 163
08:00 Freedom of the Press RSF: Turkey the most prolific jailer of professional journalists
07:27 News STUC supports Kurdish hunger strikers
20:40 News Hunger striker in Berlin suffers from heart trouble
20:20 Rojava-Northern Syria Occupation forces kidnapped several civilians in Afrin
18:45 Kurdistan Many soldiers killed as guerrillas hit Turkish troops in Cudi
18:15 News Prisoner on 114th day of hunger strike: “We are determined”
17:45 Rojava-Northern Syria Two years of the Civil Council of Raqqa
17:15 News Meeting on Öcalan’s isolation in Italian parliament
16:45 News Famous Dutch doctor visited Kurdish hunger strikers
16:15 News Sit-in against the isolation continues in front of EP
15:45 News Repression against ecological campaign 'Make Rojava Green Again'
15:15 Freedom of the Press Turkey banned Nuce Ciwan News Agency for 27th time 
14:50 News Activists in Strasbourg: The isolation will end if we unite
14:20 News Öcalan’s book promoted in Switzerland
13:55 News Hunger strikes continue and grow in Sweden
13:25 News German activists: The fight against the isolation is our fight
13:00 Kurdistan Wall put up by trustee torn down in Kiziltepe
12:35 Features Öcalan's lawyer Bilmez: Ending isolation will open way to peace
12:00 Women DBP Silvan District co-chair Amine Gündüz detained
11:34 Women Teacher Ayşe Çelik jailed
11:00 News Internationalist Lorenzo Orsetti commemorated in Rome
10:32 Features Raise Your Voice for Leyla: Not numbers but women and men fasting
10:00 News FARC Senator Sandino: Stop the killings of former FARC guerrillas
09:30 Culture Appeal for Kurdish cinema
09:00 News Action to support hunger strikers in Paris
08:30 News Europe against isolation and in support of hunger strikers
08:00 News Solidarity with the hunger strikers in Copenhagen
07:30 News Actions against isolation in London and Brussels
21:30 Kurdistan Three Kurdish kolbars froze to death in Rojhilat
21:00 Rojava-Northern Syria 4 Turkish-backed terrorists killed in Afrin
17:00 Features Bab-centered ISIS organization by the Turkish state
15:15 News Trial of Kurdish politicians started in Germany
14:40 News MEPs visit hunger strikers in Strasbourg
14:10 News Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif met with Erdogan after Assad
13:45 News Switzerland: We are monitoring the hunger strikes closely
13:20 News Kurds to EP: “Don’t be party to the crime, develop a solution”
12:55 News Police attacked HDP people, injured MP Tosun in Amed
12:30 News Die Linke Co-chair met with PYD delegation in Berlin
12:00 Kurdistan Final declaration of the 1st Mesopotamia Water Forum in Sulaimani
11:30 Human Rights FARC mourned killing of 7-month-old baby
11:00 News HDP Hakkari MP Leyla Güven reached day 161 of hunger strike
10:34 News Hunger strikers in Stockholm: End the silence!
10:02 News Hunger striker Erol Aydemir reached day 27 of fast in Rome
09:30 News Athens against isolation
09:00 News Request submitted by Öcalan's lawyers refused
08:34 News HDP members detained in Istanbul