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13:30 Kurdistan Turkish warplanes bomb a village in Southern Kurdistan
13:20 News Clash in Tuz Khurmatu
13:05 Kurdistan KCK: France should put perpetrators of Paris killings on trial
12:05 Kurdistan Turkish army prepares for major military operations in Kurdistan
11:55 News Iranian soldiers kill a Kurdish kolber in Hamedan
10:40 News “UK 'inadvertently helped neuter' Middle East ally Iraqi Kurds"
09:37 News Armed attackers target Kurdish football player in Germany
00:25 News First commune established in Raqqa
00:20 News Over two thousand people detained in Iran and Rojhilat
00:15 Kurdistan 51 wounded in the earthquake in Kermanshah
00:10 Women YJŞ Command commemorates Sakine, Fidan and Leyla
00:05 Kurdistan Iranian regime deploys gangs to Kurdish cities
00:00 Rojava YPG releases 7-day balance sheet of Turkish army and gang attacks
20:55 News SDF downs three ISIS drones in Operation Cizire Storm
17:15 Kurdistan KDP, PUK agree on improving cooperation following talks
13:35 Kurdistan One Turkish soldier killed in Çukurca
13:30 News Turkey-ISIS relationship documented in Deir ez-Zor
13:00 Kurdistan KDP-PUK meeting kicks off in Sulaymaniyah
12:50 Human Rights Disciplinary punishment for prisoners resisting uniform
12:10 News Iranian parliament assembles to discuss popular protests
11:00 Human Rights Three teenagers sexually harassed in Turkish prison
10:25 Kurdistan Earthquake in Kermanshah wounds 21
09:30 News 2,000 Afghan soldiers killed in Syria
00:15 Kurdistan One doctor for 200 thousand people in Erciş
00:10 News HDP Co-chair Kemalbay to AKP: Try and do your worst!
00:05 Women Jalalian’s former cellmate found dead at home
00:00 Features Comte: MİT administrators’ statements are important for the case
17:45 Women Thousands demand trial for Erdogan for his role in Paris massacre
13:15 News Erdogan to release Yücel, Germany to provide arms in return
12:50 News Thousands rally for Sakine, Fidan and Leyla in Paris
12:25 Kurdistan Six soldiers killed in Uludere
12:00 Rojava Turkish soldiers wound a young Rojavan on the border
11:40 Features ISIS’ desperate militants seek salvation in Turkey
11:20 News Kurdistanis protest the murder of Sakine, Fidan, Leyla in Paris
11:00 News MIT administrators arrested by the PKK speak
10:40 News Ministry confirms connection between Turkey and Osmanen Germania
09:35 News Seven teachers arrested in Pazarcik
01:00 News People continue protesting in Iran and Rojhilat
00:20 News HDP: Prison sentences a political purge by the judiciary
00:15 Women FEMEN protests against “Cannibal Erdoğan” in Paris
00:10 News “MİT’s role is now certain, France should take action”
00:05 News HDP's Beştaş: “MİT members spoke, why is the government silent?”
00:00 Features What did the MİT administrators PKK holds say?
23:25 Freedom of the Press ANF statement about the cyber attack on the agency
14:50 Features Moment MİT officials were captured by HPG - UPDATE
14:00 News Baluken's first message after 16 year prison sentence
13:20 Rojava Justice Minister: French jihadists can be tried in Rojava
12:40 News “It’s time to fight” message in front of the Evin Prison
12:30 News Bayık: Erdoğan ordered the massacre, Hakan Fidan executed
11:45 Kurdistan 31 areas in Hakkari banned for public