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13:51 Rojava Afrin Autonomous Administration’s call to the UN Security Council
13:37 Kurdistan Turkish warplanes bomb Medya Defense Zones
13:16 News Death threats against Thuringia's PM over solidarity with Afrin
13:11 News Saleh Moslem: Turkey kills Kurds in Afrin with European weapons
12:30 Rojava People of Kobanê on the way to Afrin
12:25 Rojava Socialists go to Afrin as human shields
12:20 News Murdered in Paris, banned in Hannover
12:13 Rojava Northern Syria Federation: Victory belongs to Afrin
11:54 Rojava ANHA: 450 invaders killed in the past 48 hours
11:23 News KCK urges international powers to intervene in Afrin
10:26 Rojava Human shield action starts in Afrin
09:12 News Ten-year-old boy killed in an explosion in Hakkari
09:01 News German police confiscate thousands of books and CDs
08:10 News Turkish warplanes continue bombing of Afrin city centre
00:15 Human Rights A third of HDP members detained over last three years
00:10 Human Rights Prisoner with brain cancer put in solitary confinement in Turkey
00:05 Rojava PYD co-chair: Kurds should turn everywhere to resistance fronts
00:00 Rojava Thousands of Kurds protest invasion of Afrin in European cities
21:49 Rojava Turkish warplanes bomb outskirts of Afrin
20:41 News Asya Abdullah calls for urgent action for Afrin
20:17 News Thousands protest Turkish attacks on Afrin throughout Europe
16:02 Rojava 18 Turkish soldiers killed in Xalta village in Afrin
13:13 Kurdistan 4 soldiers killed as YJA-STAR hits operation forces in Gabar
13:06 Rojava Jaysh al-Thuwar: If necessary, we will send more units to Afrin
12:28 Women Pregnant women in Afrin lose their babies because of bombardments
12:08 Rojava Turkish army kills another civilian in Afrin
11:54 News “Another gift from Germany to autocrat Erdoğan”
11:34 Kurdistan 24 people jailed in Van
11:27 Rojava Images from the resistance in Afrin
10:42 Rojava Turkish warplanes bomb Afrin city centre
10:24 Rojava Heavy fighting in three fronts in Afrin
09:44 Kurdistan Iranian army ambushes kolbers: 1 killed, 4 wounded
00:30 Human Rights Current situation in Turkish prisons: Torture and death
00:20 Rojava Residents of Afrin refute UN claims: YPG are our children
00:15 News “As long as the UN remains silent we will continue to resist”
00:10 News Footage proves Firefiye massacre committed by Turkish army
00:05 Rojava Water supply ensured in Afrin again
00:00 Rojava Hêvî Mistefa invites UN to Afrin: "Come and see for yourself"
20:16 Rojava 7 Turkish soldiers killed in Shiye
15:09 Rojava Three MLKP fighters fall in Afrin
14:30 News Abadi incorporates Hashd Al-Shaabi into the Iraqi army
13:45 Rojava Hundreds of invaders killed in Afrin in four days
13:24 News Kurds protest the German police operation on Kurdish institutions
13:06 Freedom of the Press Two journalists sentenced to three years each
12:53 Rojava People on the way to Afrin: Attacks cannot break the resistance
12:40 Rojava At least 10 members of invading forces killed in Bilbile
12:18 News Open letter to the United Nations on Turkey’s Afrin operation
12:10 News Turkey uses Western Technology to hack internet users
11:29 News Turkish army kills civilians in Shera
11:20 News Nauert: US has a lot to discuss with Turkey