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11:05 Kurdistan Iranian bombardment starts fire on Mount Shaho
10:45 Women 73 women’s communes founded in Til Hemis in a month
10:20 Rojava-Northern Syria Mercenaries steal the olives in Afrin
09:50 Women Nomadic life, guerrillas and the choice of dignity
09:25 Kurdistan Racist military siege in Lice
09:10 Freedom of the Press Journalist Kaplan detained in Istanbul
08:30 Women Women of the Philippines fighting to get their rights respected
16:15 Rojava-Northern Syria Explosion kills 4 in Azaz
15:45 Women Women from around the world attend the international conference
15:10 Rojava-Northern Syria Mercenaries stuck in Deir ez-Zor use civilians as human shields
14:20 Rojava-Northern Syria Violent explosion in Azaz
14:05 Features Urfa Antiterror Police: SADAT’s 40-person unit targeted HDP
13:30 News MIT activity in Germany considered “state secrets”
13:00 Women Shengal commends Nadia Murad
12:30 News At least 49 people detained
12:00 Kurdistan Lawyer highlights tragedy of kolbars
11:30 News HDP MP, Güven: Isolation of Öcalan must end
11:00 Women Nadia Murad: This Nobel is for all women
10:45 News Five people detained in Ankara and Urfa
10:30 News Legal action to lift the immunity of 15 MPs from HDP and CHP
10:10 Women Women’s conference kicked off in Frankfurt
10:00 News October 9th protests in France and Norway
09:45 News Turkey arrests Belgian citizen in Mersin
09:30 Kurdistan Turkish military forces threaten the people in Lice
09:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Families of fallen internationalists visit Kobanê
08:00 Women Five hundred women expected at Frankfurt Conference
15:45 Kurdistan Turkish fighter jets bomb Amadiya
15:35 Features KCK: The October 6-8 uprising brought the end of ISIS in Kobanê
15:00 Rojava-Northern Syria One day balance in Deir ez-Zor: 38 mercenaries killed
14:45 Freedom of the Press Journalist Bilen detained in Van
14:00 News October 9 international plot to be protested in various centers
13:10 Kurdistan Military operation continues in Siirt
13:00 Kurdistan Several HDP and DBP members detained in Mardin
12:50 News Antiracist campaign in Switzerland uses Erdogan on posters  
12:15 News Protest against the isolation of Ocalan in Switzerland
11:50 Kurdistan House raids in Van: Co-mayor Bagci detained
10:00 News Arrests in raids in Adana
16:15 Women MSD Women’s Bureau opened in Serekaniye
15:45 News Protest against the isolation of Ocalan in Vienna
15:15 Rojava-Northern Syria SDF: At least 18 terrorists killed, several bases destroyed
14:45 News Court issues forced appearance warrant for Buldan
14:15 News Demirtas to remain a hostage
14:00 Features SADAT’s Urfa unit disappears dozens in Northern Syria
12:10 Human Rights Prisoners made to work under slavery conditions in Van
11:50 Rojava-Northern Syria 2.450 Iraqi migrants return home in two months
11:20 Rojava-Northern Syria Co-chairs for Autonomous Administration’s committees elected
10:15 Kurdistan Blast kills 7 Turkish soldiers in Batman – UPDATE
09:30 Kurdistan Iranian forces kill another kolbar
08:45 Kurdistan A life in restricted military areas of Kurdistan
08:25 Kurdistan Blast in Batman kills 4 soldiers, wounds 5 others