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19:15 Kurdistan Iraqi Turkmen Front official killed in Kirkuk
15:25 News Khamenei: “Enemies of Iran have created chaos in our country”
15:00 News Turkish Religious Affairs Directorate: Adults can marry children
14:30 News Young fury in Iran: 90% of protesters under 25
14:15 Features Karayılan: 2018 will be the year of all forces of freedom
13:55 News Iranian regime threatens demonstrators with execution
12:50 News HDP’s Aysel Tuğluk receives 18-month prison sentence
12:10 Rojava Rojava Asayish announces 2017 report
11:25 Kurdistan Forests cut down in Sirnak
10:50 News Iran reopens border crossings with Southern Kurdistan
10:30 News Anti-regime protests spread in Iran and Eastern Kurdistan
09:45 News YJA Star: 201 Turkish soldiers killed in 2017
09:25 Kurdistan Mortar attack in Kirkuk
00:20 Women Turkey: 409 women killed, 387 children abused in 2017
00:15 News SDF Commander Lilwa: “The end of ISIS is near”
00:10 Features PKK’s Engin: “We will continue to be Che’s followers”
00:05 News Five more people killed during protests in Iran
00:00 Kurdistan What do the people in Iran want, why do they protest?
13:30 Kurdistan Seven Kurds sentenced each to 6 years in prison over magazines
13:15 News 12 killed, over 400 detained in Iran in five days
12:50 Kurdistan KCK: 2018 will be the year of collapse for AKP fascism
12:45 Kurdistan Two Turkish soldiers killed in Southern Kurdistan
11:50 News Hashd al-Shaabi opens artillery fire on Kurdish villages
11:30 News Call for general strike in Iran
10:35 Rojava Mastermind of Qamishli massacre killed in Deiz ez-Zor
10:10 Women KJAR calls upon women to join protests in Iran
09:25 Rojava Attacks on Afrin in 2017
01:15 Women YJA Star guerrillas: 2018 will be the year of revenge and victory
00:40 Culture Kurdish artist Zehra Dogan’s exhibition on tour in Europe
00:05 News SDF liberates Sabha village of Deir ez-Zor
00:00 News Government blocks social media as protests spread in Iran
14:00 News Eight people released in Raqqa
13:45 Rojava New year celebrated in Hesekê
13:30 Rojava New year celebration in Tirbespiyê
13:20 Freedom of the Press Journalist Aslan detained after release from prison
12:20 Kurdistan 30 regions declared restricted zones in Dersim
11:45 Kurdistan Iranian soldiers kill another kolber in the border region
11:35 News Fourth day of protests in Iran
11:25 Kurdistan HPG guerrilla action against Turkish army in Hakkari
11:20 News SDF wishes a happy new year to all peoples
10:25 News Iran detains 20 protestors in Kermanshah
10:05 News 11 Turkish soldiers killed in Turkish military base near Zaxo
00:15 Kurdistan PJAK calls on peoples of Iran to fight and stand together
00:10 Features War for will and labor in the deserts of Deir ez-Zor
00:05 Kurdistan 10 quadrillions of investment in Hakkari: 200 Kalekols, 18 HEDs
00:00 Kurdistan “Stealing bodies is an expression of everything going haywire”
20:40 News 30 ISIS members killed as SDF liberates a village of Deir ez-Zor
20:25 Kurdistan Two demonstrators shot dead by Iranian forces in Loristan
15:30 News Protests continue in Iran: “End dictatorship!”
14:40 Women Another mass grave of 80 Êzidî women discovered