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12:00 News German activists on three-day solidarity hunger strike
11:30 News Ken Loach sends solidarity to 7000 Kurdish hunger strikers
11:00 News Hunger striker Yusuf Iba taken to hospital
10:30 News Kurdish Women's Movement paid tribute to Emiliano Zapata
10:05 News HDP's Özsoy: International bodies should follow post-election
09:31 News Sinn Féin president McDonald: There is no good Brexit
09:01 News Economist and writer Sönmez detained
08:31 Women Seven women went on solidarity hunger strike with Aydemir in Rome
08:02 News Protests against isolation in Zurich and Lausanne
07:29 News Tahir Elçi Foundation founded in Sur
20:05 News Silent protests from Germany to Greece
19:50 News Demo against silence in Frankfurt
19:25 News Internationalists visited Kurdish hunger strikers in Berlin
19:05 News Hunger strikers Koç and Sürgüt refused treatment
17:10 Rojava-Northern Syria 7000 trees for Raqqa
16:45 News Two hunger strikers in Strasbourg hospitalized
16:00 Features Foza Yusif: ISIS is not only our problem
15:30 Kurdistan 25 Yazidis rescued by SDF set out for Shengal
14:55 Rojava-Northern Syria ISIS terrorists settled in Afrin
14:25 News Sweden hunger strikers met with Amnesty International officials
13:50 Kurdistan HPG reports Turkish air raids in southern Kurdistan
13:25 Kurdistan Yagiz on day 144 of hunger strike against the isolation of Öcalan
13:00 News Police prevents HDP from issuing statement on isolation
12:45 News EP group warns AKP to “recognize the election results”
12:25 News Clash between ISIS and Hashd al-Shaabi in Khanaqin
11:15 News Sinn Féin MEP Ní Riada: Fighting for a radically transformed EU
10:50 News Italian Metal Workers Union sent solidarity to hunger strikers
10:15 News Families of prisoners in Imrali refused visit once again
09:46 News Internationalist YPG fighters Asperti and Orsetti remembered
09:16 News Academics and artists wrote to Merkel on hunger strikers
08:47 News HDP Batman MP Uca visited hunger strikers in the Hague
08:16 News Solidarity action in Dortmund continues
23:50 Kurdistan Another mass grave opened in Kocho village in Shengal
23:35 News Police attacked demonstration against YSK fascism in Van
23:20 Human Rights Prisoner on day 118 of hunger strike put in solitary confinement
16:30 Kurdistan Latest in hunger strikes in Southern Kurdistan
16:00 News HDP delegation meets with EP Secretary General and PACE president
14:20 Kurdistan Airstrikes against Zap and Avashin
14:00 Kurdistan AKP’s scandalous objection to Ahmet Turk
13:30 News Isolation discussed in Geneva Canton Parliament
12:45 News Hunger strikers visit Swedish Parliament
12:15 News Europe’s silence to be protested in Paris with silent protest
11:45 News Group of German activists to go on hunger strike
11:00 News Strasbourg hunger strike: Day 117
10:35 News Switzerland against isolation
09:36 Features Turkey: Mass Prosecution of Lawyers
09:00 News Leyla Güven: 156 days on hunger strike
08:34 News Brexit deadline moved to 31 October
08:00 Women Women's World March of Euskal Herria in solidarity with Leyla
07:30 News Turkey launched mortar shells against Til Rifat