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16:54 Rojava A doctor killed by Turkish attacks on Jindires
16:48 Rojava Turkish army kills two civilians in Afrin
14:20 Rojava Fierce clashes around Metina village of Afrin
14:15 Rojava YPG Press member wounded in Turkish airstrike in Afrin
13:59 News Jaysh Al-Thuwar retreats from Raqqa and goes to Afrin
12:44 Rojava Turkish forces bomb Afrin city center
11:53 Women Thousands of women on their way to Afrin
11:37 Rojava Delila, fighting in Rajo: We are not afraid of their weapons
11:22 Rojava People of Afrin to go to Mabata district under attack
11:00 Kurdistan HPG hits a military vehicle in Igdır: 8 soldiers dead
10:49 Rojava Turkish forces bomb civilians in Afrin again
10:15 Kurdistan IHD report: Turkish army executed four in Erzurum
00:40 Rojava 77-year-old couple: We were born and raised and will die in Afrin
00:30 Rojava Rector and students in this university part of the resistance
00:20 Women Martyr Viyan: I will defend Afrin with the last drop of my blood
00:10 News Norman Paech: Cizre events correspond to crimes against humanity
00:00 Features Commander from Afrin in Deir ez-Zor: "Erdoğan strengthens ISIS"
23:19 Rojava Turkish jets bomb Jindires
21:56 Kurdistan 30 people detained in several villages of Van
21:50 Rojava New footage from Jindires under Turkish army attack
21:07 Kurdistan Six people detained amid curfew and military operation in Mardin
20:37 Rojava Turkish jets target civilians in Afrin again: 2 killed, 8 wounded
14:59 News HDP report on Cizre announced in Geneva
13:43 Rojava Three of those wounded by Turkish attack in Rajo die
13:31 News KNK: Turkey continues Afrin bloodshed amid UN resolution
12:56 Rojava New massacres and war crimes by the Turkish army in Afrin
12:40 Kurdistan In the footsteps of their son, who fell in Afrin
12:35 Rojava Atrocity in Jindires: 13 civilians martyred, including 3 children
12:14 Kurdistan Two kolbers step on mines, two others freeze to death in Rojhilat
12:02 Women Turkey: 47 women killed by men in February
11:53 Women Afrin to host March 8 women’s meeting
11:16 Kurdistan Curfew declared in Mardin's Nusaybin district
11:05 Rojava Barbarism in Jindirese: Many civilians killed
10:29 Rojava Scores wounded in Turkish attack in Afrin
10:19 Rojava Howitzer and mortar attacks in Afrin
09:52 News Iranian General: “Turkey is an invader in Syria”
09:41 Rojava Turkish state continues to target civilians in Afrin
00:30 Rojava SDF rejects Amnesty International’s claims
00:25 Rojava Third military brigade declared in Manbij
00:20 Rojava SDF: 21 members of the Turkish army and allied gangs were killed
00:10 Rojava Thousands protest Turkish attacks amid bombardment in Jindires
00:05 Rojava YPG releases footage of military vehicle destroyed in Afrin
00:00 Rojava 33 civilians killed in Afrin since the UN ceasefire resolution
19:59 Rojava Two military vehicles destroyed in Afrin
14:56 Women YPJ: Our will is stronger than any weapon
13:43 News UN official: We continue to receive disturbing reports from Afrin
12:44 Rojava Fierce clashes on 8 fronts amid intensified attacks in Afrin
11:50 Rojava Turkish soldiers kill a 60-year-old woman in Afrin
10:11 Rojava Thousands pour in Jindires
08:38 Rojava Clashes in Shiye, bombardment in Jindires