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14:45 Kurdistan HPG: “5 soldiers killed in Hakkari and Lêlîkan”
14:30 News EHP and SMF announce support for the HDP in the elections
14:15 News 9th “Honorary Citizenship” ceremony for Öcalan
13:55 News Three CHP MPs’ call for Demirtaş: “Release him!”
13:35 News HDP Co-chair Temelli's passport confiscated at airport
10:40 News Demirtaş: We will be talking about the tragic end of the dictator
10:15 News 7 detained in operation against HDP members in Istanbul
10:00 News HDP is a party where differences come together
09:30 Rojava Afrin people tell of horror they experienced
09:10 Culture Festival Theatre in Amed
09:00 Culture Kurdish Culture in Nuremberg
05:10 News HDP electoral campaign kicked off in Istanbul
00:30 Human Rights Prisoners on hunger strike for their right to be treated
00:20 Human Rights AKP is building more prisons in Amed
00:15 Kurdistan Victims of Dersim genocide remembered
00:10 Features Holidaying in Turkey? Think it twice
00:00 Kurdistan HPG Commander: The guerrilla will defend the people of Bradost
20:20 Features Selahattin Demirtaş: The people’s candidate
18:18 Features Demirtaş: The HDP will be the best surprise of the election
16:30 News HDP announces candidate for presidential elections: Demirtaş
16:15 News HDP, DTK and DBP meet with HAK-PAR
15:38 News Kurdish parties: Building a broader alliance
15:00 Kurdistan Kurdish parties forge election alliance
13:45 Rojava YPG: Anyone in cooperation with the invasion forces is our target
13:00 Kurdistan HPG hits the Turkish army in Cukurca and Lelikan
12:45 Kurdistan Footage from HPG action in Lelikan
09:30 News Labor Party to support HDP in presidential elections
09:00 News Colombia peace process faces difficult time
08:55 News HDP to announce Demirtaş’s candidacy for elections today
08:00 Features ETA dissolution: consistency, honesty and political vision
01:15 Kurdistan Crowded march in Shehba against Turkish invasion
00:30 News Democratic and Left forces should unite around the HDP
00:20 News HDP invites observers to the elections
00:10 News Raqqa: A city is being rebuilt
00:00 News Demirtaş wrote: “As AKP collapses”
21:35 News Italian cities give honorary citizenship to Abdullah Öcalan
14:45 Freedom of the Press 190 journalists behind bars in Turkey
13:50 Rojava Mines kill displaced people of Afrin in Shehba
13:15 Kurdistan Strike continues in Rojhilat: “Until our demands are met”
13:00 Kurdistan Footage from the guerrilla action in Barzan
12:25 News JUSO calls on Switzerland: “Freeze Erdoğan’s accounts”
11:15 News Collapse in Turkish economy unstoppable
10:30 News Election security precautions in Iraq
10:00 Kurdistan Wife of Kurdish man burned alive in Cizre released from prison
09:45 Human Rights Execution of Kurdish prisoner Panahi temporarily halted
09:30 Freedom of the Press “For journalists, Turkey has become a dungeon”
09:10 News 30 injured in explosion in London
00:15 Human Rights People’s Tribunal on Turkey to deliver its verdict
00:10 News Global Action Day against Turkish occupation of Kurdistan
00:05 News PAK: We are ready for Kurdish national unity