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13:00 Features YPG's Sipan Hemo: Russia promised Kurdish participation in Sochi
12:50 Kurdistan Turkish airstrikes on Medya Defense Zones continue
11:50 News Karasu: The prison uniform policy will be rejected by resistance
11:05 Kurdistan Another kolber murdered in Rojhilat
10:35 News 300 ISIS members are hiding out in Turkey
10:10 News KRG suspends broadcast of NRT TV for another week
09:15 Kurdistan Co-chair of Tevgera Azadi released from police custody
00:20 News People of Tabqa respond to Assad: We are all SDF fighters
00:15 Rojava YPG declares 11th Regiment in Efrîn
00:10 Kurdistan PKK: “Attack on cemeteries is where humanity ends”
00:05 Rojava Bishop of Deir ez-Zor and Hesekê: “We want peace in Syria”
00:00 Kurdistan Turkish police attack Yeniköy Cemetery again
15:10 News HPG guerrillas kill 15 soldiers in Hakkari
12:35 Kurdistan Turkish jets shell Metina
12:15 Kurdistan Southern Kurdistan Parliamentary President resigns - UPDATED
11:25 News Letter from Barzani, conditions from Abadi
10:30 Women Russian woman rescued from ISIS by YPG
10:15 Kurdistan President of Southern Kurdistan’s Parliament resigns
09:30 News HDP MP Lezgin Botan arrested by Turkish police
00:35 Kurdistan The largest lake in the Middle East dries up
00:35 Rojava Christmas message from military and political forces
00:30 Kurdistan Students in Rojhilat protest against attacks on kolbars
00:25 Rojava Christmas in Qamishlo
00:20 Rojava 71 prisoners released in Shehba
00:15 Rojava Christmas in Hesekê Canton
00:10 Human Rights PKK and PAJK prisoners: “We will never give in to the uniform”
00:05 Features Karayılan: PKK will develop a more effective fight in 2018
00:00 Kurdistan KDP wants to hand over the Bradost area to Turkey
14:55 Kurdistan Tevgera Azadi official and 14 other detainees go on hunger strike
13:55 Kurdistan Gerîla TV releases footage from an action in Çukurca
13:30 Features Karayılan: Turkish colonialism failed in its war against the PKK
13:05 News Demirtas: We must break the isolation on Ocalan
12:10 Rojava Locals report increased Turkish military activity near Afrin
10:45 Kurdistan Closure of Perwezxan border gate left 3,000 people jobless
10:30 News Three Turkish soldiers killed in Semdinli
10:20 Kurdistan Wave of arrests continues in Southern Kurdistan
10:05 Women People of Jarablus clash with gangs harassing women
00:35 News ‘Art Against War’ symposium in Raqqa
00:30 News Heyva Sor provides medicine aid for Raqqan people
00:25 Rojava Turkish soldiers murder a farmer from Girê Spî
00:20 Rojava Thousands rally for Öcalan in Kobanê
00:15 Freedom of the Press Journalist Kaya jailed
00:10 Rojava YPG/YPJ fighters: We won’t allow anyone to invade our lands
00:05 Kurdistan 15 people commit suicide in Kermanshah after the earthquake
00:00 Kurdistan Journalist Rizgar Deniz laid to rest in Makhmur
21:20 News Syrian regime forces attack SDF positions in Deir ez-Zor
13:30 Rojava “Turkey deploys its gangs to Azaz and surroundings to fight us”
12:55 News Britsch: I was held hostage in Turkey
12:25 Kurdistan Kurdish Islamic Party decides to stay in KRG
11:10 Kurdistan All shops remain closed in Kelar to protest KRG