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00:05 Women YPJ assassin Amara out for revenge in Deir ez-Zor
00:00 Features Karasu: Erdoğan ordered, MİT perpetrated the murder of Sara
19:50 News Leyla Zana stripped of parliamentary seat
16:20 Kurdistan HDP’s Zeydan sentenced to eight years in prison
13:30 News The only Chaldean in Silopi arrested
12:35 Kurdistan Two Turkish soldiers killed in Sirnak
12:25 News 721st appeal by Öcalan’s lawyers
11:45 News Syrian forces capture key airbase in northwest Syria
11:25 News Execution of two Kurdish prisoners imminent in Iran
10:30 Kurdistan Three arrested by Turkish police in Diyarbakir
09:20 News Strong earthquake hit Southern and Eastern Kurdistan
00:25 News Turkey bans dissident writer’s wife from travelling abroad
00:15 News Iraqi Federal Court reserves a seat for Ezidis in the parliament
00:10 Women First Jineology Conference to be held in Northern Syria
00:05 News U.S. calls for immediate release of political prisoners in Iran
00:00 Human Rights Arrestee with amputated foot awaits surgery in solitary
00:00 Rojava Turkish soldiers kill a civilian at Syrian border
00:00 News 500 soldiers died suspiciously in four years
00:00 Rojava French jihadi Thomas Barnouin: “I was trying to go to Turkey”
17:50 Rojava Turkish army attacks a village in Afrin with mortars
14:40 News The protests continue in Iran and Rojhilat
12:45 Rojava 151 ISIS gang members killed in Deir ez-Zor
11:50 News Turkish police detains the only Chaldean living in Silopi
11:40 News Iranian forces attack people demanding release of protesters
10:55 News Demirtaş to be present in a hearing for the first time
10:30 News House raids in Istanbul: 29 detentions
10:00 News Turkey prohibits reading and sharing the MIT article
09:45 News MIT officers’ confessions about Paris Massacre
00:15 Human Rights Peace mother Oruc: I was left breathless once again
00:10 News German Constitutional Court: There is risk of torture in Turkey
00:05 News Keskin: The courts are covering up the Paris murders
00:00 News Monument erected in memory of Sakine, Fidan and Leyla in Paris
00:00 News Leyla Zana is under threat of being dismissed from the parliament
14:10 News Remains of 20 women found in mass grave in Mosul
13:25 Kurdistan Turkish soldiers attack Fidan Doğan commemoration
13:20 Kurdistan Besê Hozat: The Paris Massacre will be called to account
13:00 Kurdistan KNK visits PUK for national unity workshop
12:15 Kurdistan Two Kurds killed in Kirkuk
12:05 Women Women herald the founding of JIN TV
11:10 News Iraqi Parliament votes to ban Kurdish oil company from Kirkuk
10:55 Human Rights Three demonstrators killed in custody in Iran
09:40 News Curfew in 69 villages in Diyarbakir
00:20 Rojava Second military regiment formed in Tabqa
00:15 Women Fighting with Sara’s spirit will be the guarantee of a free life
00:10 Kurdistan Turkish war planes hit civilians again
00:10 Women YJCR’s call for women in Iran and Rojhilat
00:05 Kurdistan Barzani protects Turkish state
00:00 Features Who is Sebahattin Asal, the man behind the Paris killings?
16:22 News KCK to release confessions of MIT officers about Paris killings
14:10 Women French jihadist woman responds the allegations of YPG torture