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09:30 News Kurdish youth in Europe protest the isolation of Ocalan
09:15 Kurdistan 86-year-old woman arrested for terrorist charges in Van
09:00 News MPs said no to Brexit deal, May faces no confidence vote
08:30 Women Letter from Leila Khalid to Leyla Güven
08:00 News Europe-wide demonstrations in solidarity with hunger strikers
07:30 Features Yazidi child speaks of ISIS brutality
21:50 Human Rights 781st appeal to visit Ocalan rejected
20:20 Women Peace Mother detained in Ankara sent to prison
20:10 Rojava-Northern Syria Blast hits mercenaries’ location in Afrin
19:55 News Conference at the European Parliament: Isolation must be lifted
18:45 Kurdistan Iranian regime continues to kill Kurdish kolbars
18:15 Human Rights Hunger Strike Prison Initiative: Action needed now
17:45 News Hunger strikers in diplomatic rounds in the EP
17:15 News KCDK-E calls for participation in Strasbourg rally tomorrow
16:45 News HDP’s Temelli: International community must act
16:15 Human Rights Italian lawyers: Hunger strike to continue until isolation lifted
16:00 News 11 summaries of proceedings for 4 HDP MPs
15:45 News MEPs hold “Freedom for Ocalan, end the isolation” demonstration
15:15 Features Leyla Guven: Don’t expect us to end the hunger strike
14:45 News French public calls on CPT for Ocalan: Fulfill your duty!
14:15 News Yagiz’s health deteriorates on day 56 of hunger strike
13:45 News 45 French MPs issue call for Rojava
13:15 Women The martyrs of Paris and Silopi commemorated in Toronto
13:00 News Kurdish MP chairs first session in Armenian Parliament
12:45 Kurdistan 13 people detained in Ercis district of Van
12:30 Rojava-Northern Syria MSD calls for the protection of refugees in Syria
12:10 News Strasbourg hunger strikers continue their fast against isolation
11:50 Rojava-Northern Syria Egyptian SDF fighter laid to rest in Til Temir
11:40 Human Rights Prisoners in Van to continue their hunger strike
10:55 Women 65-year-old Peace Mother detained in Ankara
10:05 Rojava-Northern Syria People in Shehba marched one year after Turkish attacks on Afrin
09:45 News Hunger strike in Wales reached day 30
08:30 News Solidarity actions with hunger strikes in Wuppertal and Aachen
08:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Human shield action continues in Kobanê
07:30 News Sinn Fein: stop isolation against Ocalan
22:30 Women Kurdish women murdered in Paris and Silopi remembered in Sweden
22:00 News Die Linke member: Isolation of a people's leader is unacceptable
21:30 News French Communist Party calls on Europe to act
21:00 Human Rights IHD shared information on Leyla Güven’s health
19:45 Kurdistan Hunger strikes against isolation in South Kurdistan
15:45 News Sister of Mazlum Doğan arrested in Istanbul
15:30 News Solidarity visits to the hunger strikers in Strasbourg continue
15:00 News Tuncel and Irmak to go on indefinite hunger strike in prison
14:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Yazidis call on the world to stand up against Turkish threats
14:00 News Imrali isolation on German Federal Parliament’s agenda
13:30 News Vigil in Dublin for Leyla Güven
12:30 News Arrests following meeting with Swiss committee in Amed and Mardin
11:30 News Trump vows to “devastate Turkey economically if Kurds are hit"
10:30 News Kurdish musician Ferhat Tunç arrested in Istanbul
10:00 Kurdistan PJAK: Recent arrests a new project to suppress Kurdish activists