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13:25 Rojava Looters start treasure hunting in historic graves in Afrin
13:10 Rojava Looting, robbery and torture in Afrin
12:30 Features Nephew of Turkish intelligence head fights Turkish invasion
12:00 News Mother of Icelander internationalist issues open letter
11:40 Freedom of the Press Kurdish journalist receives Front Line Defenders Award
11:20 Rojava What’s happening in Afrin?
11:00 News PUK Co-founder Adel Murad dies in Germany
10:10 Kurdistan 'Womanly state of the mountain' by YJA-Star Commander’s camera
00:40 News Kurdish migrant toddler dies after police chase in Belgium
00:30 Human Rights Seriously ill prisoner denied medicines and water
00:20 Women National Kurdish Women's Workshop to be held on 20-21 May
00:10 News Reflections on social media and struggle
00:00 News 81 deputies call for emergency meeting of Iraqi Parliament
21:50 Rojava Gangs abduct 16 people in a village of Afrin
21:40 Kurdistan Turkish jets bomb Hakurk
16:50 Kurdistan HPG: 11 Turkish soldiers killed
15:30 Rojava Turkish border guards prevent Kobanê City Council's efforts
15:15 News HDP's Yüksekdağ: Free our Presidential Candidate Demirtaş
14:15 News Demirtaş announces personal assets
13:45 News Members resigning from Vatan Party want to join the HDP
13:30 News Journalist Ahmet Şık applies to be a candidate from the HDP
13:15 News Erdoğan spends 6 million Liras every day
13:00 Human Rights Lawyer Altıparmak: “ECHR cancelled the Roboski appeal”
12:45 Human Rights International Tribunal to announce verdict on Turkey
12:25 Features Husson: “Kurdish women’s struggle is for all women of the world”
11:00 News German leftist to give DNA sample for PKK investigation
10:30 News Blood spilled again in Iran
09:15 Kurdistan Guerrillas: Turkish army is stuck in southern Kurdistan
00:20 Human Rights Health of 4 prisoners on hunger strike quickly deteriorating
00:15 Kurdistan YBŞ fighter from Shengal martyred in Afrin
00:10 Rojava 238 new recruits join the SDF ranks in Girê Spî
00:05 Women Women’s communes being established in Girê Spi
00:00 News Why did Erdoğan go to Britain?
14:25 Kurdistan Guerilla actions in Barzan, Lêlîkan and Hakkari
13:55 Kurdistan 53 areas in Besta and Cudi Mountain banned
13:30 Rojava Medical workers and rights defenders abducted in Afrin
13:20 News Turkey sends troops to Idlib’s Jisr al-Shughour city
12:40 Rojava Turkish state and their gangs now pillage the wheat in Afrin
12:20 News New records from USD and Euro in Turkey
12:10 News OPCW confirms likely use of chlorine in Idlib
11:55 Kurdistan Kirkuk and Duhok results announced, discussions continue
10:55 News Towards the end for ISIS in Deir ez-Zor
10:30 News Germany still turns a blind eye to Afrin
10:15 News Anna Campbell's friends occupy Airbus roof overnight
10:00 News Police operation against ESP members in Istanbul
09:55 Rojava Explosion kills 2 in Qamishlo
09:00 News Venezuela to vote for new President on Sunday
00:30 Rojava The Rojava Revolution favours new education system
00:20 Features Palestinian writer: Jerusalem is the dream we have grown up with
00:15 Culture NAV-DEM: Kurds should defend their language