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15:00 News Police attacked Peace Mothers in front of Gebze Prison again
14:42 News At least 14 people against isolation detained in Istanbul- UPDATE
14:27 Rojava-Northern Syria HRE: Six Turkish soldiers killed, seven others wounded in Afrin
13:55 Kurdistan HPG statement on Çukurca: 12 Turkish soldiers killed
12:46 Kurdistan 65th group took over the hunger strike in Sulaymaniyah
12:32 Kurdistan Hunger strike in Maxmur on day 127
11:34 Features Epileptic prisoner on hunger strike since 1 March
11:00 News Europe protesting isolation in solidarity with hunger strikers
10:00 News Solidarity with the hunger strikers in London
09:30 News Social media campaign for hunger strikers: Speak up for life
09:00 News Hunger striker's mum: They are resisting for a just demand
08:52 News Blasts in three churches and three hotels in Sri Lanka: many dead
08:30 Features The tale of a Kurdish refugee family fighting for reunification
08:00 News Hunger striker Iba's health worsening
07:30 Features Gejwer Aydın: Mothers will do whatever for their children fasting
17:15 News Hunger strikers Velat Kaya's mother: Silence kills our children!
16:45 Rojava-Northern Syria Turkish state settles gangs in homes confiscated in Afrin
16:15 Kurdistan NCE, TAJE and NAV-YEK visited hunger striker Nasir
15:50 News Another police attack: Mothers dragged on the ground
15:25 Features “ISIS prisoners will either be returned home or tried here”
15:00 Rojava-Northern Syria 3 Yazidis in Hol Camp handed over to Cizire Region Yazidi House
14:45 Kurdistan HDP members not given mandates in Baglar, Amed
14:25 Rojava-Northern Syria Families of ISIS members from Kosovo return to their country
14:00 News Tuncel and Irmak: Resistance will prevail
13:40 News Ozdemir on day 20 of hunger strike in Paris
12:50 Kurdistan Shengal Municipality Conference kicks off
12:20 Kurdistan 4th group takes over protest in Van
12:14 News TUAY-DER: Action needed to prevent death in prison
11:31 News Solidarity with the hunger strikers in Reims and Newport
11:03 News Nasır Yağız has reached day 150 of his hunger strike
10:30 Human Rights Human Rights Association announced its 2018 Violations of Rights
10:15 News Two men arrested in connection to murder of journalist in Derry
10:00 News Leyla Güven reached day 164 of her hunger strike
09:30 News Mothers set to continue vigil for children in Gebze prison
09:05 News Soldiers dead and wounded in Çukurca action
08:28 News Gever municipality in debt after trustee government
08:00 News Mother of hunger striker Tufan: "Let’s make our children live"
07:30 News Berlin hunger strikers visited by Latin American activists
16:43 News Rojava delegation met with French President Macron
16:00 Kurdistan DTK, HDP and TJA visited Nasir Yagiz
15:40 News ESP, SKM and SGDF members on hunger strikes
14:30 Women Women Camp in Southern France
13:30 News German teachers union shows support for hunger strikers
12:54 News Strasbourg resistance on day 124
12:35 Features Sinn Féin: The murder of Lyra McKee is an attack on peace process
11:46 Rojava-Northern Syria Leishmaniasis epidemic in Shehba
11:19 Rojava-Northern Syria Flood and ignorance exacerbate the suffering of the refugees
10:53 News Letter by the hungerstriker HDP parliamentarians in Turkey
10:26 News DBP members visited HDP MPs on hunger strike in Amed
10:10 News Solidarity from Basque political prisoners with hunger strikers