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17:00 News Occupying Turkish army and mercenaries set trees on fire in Afrin
16:10 News Regime forces deployment around Idlib continues
15:39 Women Kurdish women promoted conference in Russia
15:05 News Man wounded by Turkish soldiers in Gire Spi
14:44 News Four people detained in Urfa
14:37 News Explosion in Raqqa
14:19 Kurdistan HPG actions in Çukurca and Barzan
14:03 News PJAK presented recommendations for Rojhilat
13:21 News US delegation visited Raqqa
12:34 News Another citizen kidnapped in Afrin
12:00 News Rojhilat: Women are resisting with the spirit of 15 August
11:20 Human Rights Yazidi villages threatened by Turkish army
10:52 News Communal life in villages help refugees
10:21 News MSD's Eli: The liberation of Afrin is a priority
09:50 News Rebuilding Syria will cost 388 billion US dollars
09:31 News People meetings to assess latest political developments
09:20 Culture Circassian Association to open in Manbij
09:01 News MSD's Yusif: Solution to Syrian crisis in the hands of its people
08:45 News DBP executive Yuksel taken into custody
08:30 Human Rights Rome and Brussels demand freedom for Öcalan
08:00 News Britain prepares for Brexit oppression in the North of Ireland
07:30 Human Rights Rallies in Europe for Öcalan
19:15 Rojava Martyr Avesta Xabûr graveyard demolished by invaders in Afrin
18:50 Rojava MSD Education Office presents new regulation
17:00 News Another mass grave discovered in Raqqa
16:40 Human Rights Saturday Mothers meet in Istanbul for the 698th week
16:10 News As Lira freefalls, cooperation with Erdoğan comes out
15:30 Rojava TEV-DEM’s Erebo: We want to build a new democratic Syria
14:50 Women Third Women’s Council opened in Raqqa
13:55 Rojava Invasion forces in Afrin attack Sherawa’s villages
13:20 Women Rojbin in 50 photos
13:00 News Erdoğan regime admits to using football player Özil
12:20 Human Rights Kurdish writer on hunger strike in Urmia prison
11:55 Kurdistan Shengal Assembly: Withdrawal of Hashd al-Shaabi a positive step
11:30 Kurdistan HDP in Hewlêr looking for disappeared member
11:20 Rojava Nightmare tale of a citizen in Afrin
10:55 Rojava Another civilian kidnapped in Afrin
10:45 News Economic crisis in Turkey: 38 businesses are closing every day
10:35 Human Rights Öcalan’s family again refused right to visit
10:25 News What will happen in Idlib?
10:00 Kurdistan Hashd al-Shaabi to withdraw from Shengal
09:20 Rojava Occupation forces burn 5 thousand olive trees in Afrin
18:00 Kurdistan HPG: 8 Turkish soldiers killed in Hakkari
17:30 Rojava MSD official: Our talks with the Syrian regime continue
17:00 Rojava Turkish gangs raid a village and kidnap civilians in Afrin
16:00 News Trump doubles steel and aluminum tariffs on Turkey
15:40 Kurdistan History Professor: "We should all support the PKK"
15:05 Kurdistan 4 detained in Kurdish village under military siege
14:55 Rojava Serî Hilde Campaign will continue until goals are achieved
14:15 Kurdistan Beyond the State of Emergency in North Kurdistan