HSM publishes balance of the four-day war in Gare

The command of the Central People's Defense Headquarters has published a detailed statement on the Turkish invasion and the resistance of the guerrillas in the region of Gare in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq).

The command of the People's Central Defense Headquarters (HSM) has issued a detailed statement on the occupation attack on the region of Gare and the guerrilla resistance in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq).

"The attack launched by the colonialist Turkish state forces on February 10 in the early morning has ended after four days on February 13 at night. This attack carried out by the AKP/MHP/Ergenekon regime obviously had a number of serious political and military objectives. We do not consider it necessary at this point to go into the political purpose of this comprehensive attack. From a military point of view, however, the attack exhibits certain novelties in its scope and content.

"Occupation attack designed for annihilation"

The fascist regime is in a difficult position and wanted to score political points with this operation based on sophisticated technology. Therefore, risks have been accepted in the planning of the attack. In the course of the intensive bombardment of the entire Gare region, which lasted four days, the Turkish army wanted to establish a permanent foothold in the area and at the same time get its hands on the prisoners who were with us. It is clear that this operational attack was carried out knowing that no one will survive. For certain, the attack was not aimed at freeing the prisoners, but at destroying them. In addition, it is certain that a permanent deployment in a strategically important perimeter in Gare was planned if the army could have held the locations targeted in the first advance as planned. For Tayyip Erdoğan and Bahçeli, the essential reason for the operation was to present their alleged success stories as reality and thus extend the life of their regime. Therefore, the attack had strategic significance for them. It was planned and executed at the highest level and organized in the form of a special attack. The attack operation was planned with the knowledge of the forces dominating the affected area and, at some level, with their support, and aimed at an absolute result.

"Devastating blows against the enemy"

The guerrillas led by the heroic commander Şoreş Beytüşşebap have responded to the enemy's plan prepared for months in the harshest form. Right at the first step, the enemy took a heavy blow. The Turkish state wanted to achieve its goal by bombing the entire area by more than forty fighter jets accompanied by armed and unarmed drones. This attack was brought to naught by our guerrilla forces in Gare with the Apoist selfless spirit, with great mastery, with tactical creativity and the right way of moving. On this basis, serious blows have been dealt to the enemy at the points of direct contact. In the disadvantageous conditions for the guerrillas of an open terrain without any cover, the new way of fighting, based on professional small groups (tim), has led to a clear success. As previously observed in the Heftanîn resistance (Cenga Heftanînê), the enemy's attacks based on intelligence information and technology have been unsuccessful due to the new way of guerrilla fighting and proper maneuverability. On this basis, it has been possible to deal crushing blows.

"Six killed in the defense of the prisoners"

During the siege of the camp at the village of Siyanê, where prisoners were located, on one side the fascist occupation forces were prevented from spreading in the area. On the other hand, the forces besieging the camp were themselves surrounded and immobilized. The Turkish army could defend these forces only by intensive air attacks. The camp with the prisoners was initially attacked intensively from the air. As a result of the enemy's efforts to penetrate the camp from the ground, a physical battle situation occurred that spread to the interior of the camp. No one can claim that the prisoners could have survived in this combat situation that lasted for days and hours. In order to defend the prisoners, six of our companions fought and died until the end. As a result, twelve prisoners belonging to the Turkish security forces and one temporary detainee from Southern Kurdistan died.

"The dead were executed with shots to the head"

After two people fell into the hands of the enemy on the fourth day in a way that is not yet clear to us, the Turkish colonialist army attacked the camp in a martial manner, using gas. At this point, a cowardly attitude has obviously shown itself, which has not relied on a fight by its own strength, but on the use of technology and gas to achieve results. Apparently, after the massive use of gas, the people who had lost their lives inside were executed with shots to the head. The Turkish state had suffered a major defeat on the battlefield and could not penetrate inside the camp. It only managed to do so with the information of the people it had captured and with this kind of dirty methods.

"The defeat in Gare is the beginning of the end"

The Turkish state must account for the fact that it does not shrink from cruelly killing even its own people and using them to disguise its own reality and to save its prestige. The representatives of this fascist mindset, who waste the children of the people in this way in order to maintain their power, can do whatever they want, yet they will not find their way out of the deep hole into which they have fallen. The brutal military attack with which the AKP/MHP regime wanted to keep itself in power and which was based exclusively on war technology has suffered a total defeat in Gare. For the fascist regime, which always presents itself as successful and thus deceives society, the defeat in Gare shows that its end is not far away. The AKP/MHP regime did not achieve any of its goals in the four-day war in Gare. It has been nose-dived by the guerrillas and defeated. Just as the defeat in Zap in February 2008 was the beginning of the loss of the army's supremacy, the defeat in Gare in February 2021 means the beginning of the end of the fascist regime.

"Enemy losses: At least 37 dead"

During the four days of war in Gare, 37 losses of the Turkish army have been established by our forces with clear certainty. Besides, dozens of wounded have also been seen. Since some of our units fell before they could transmit their war report, the number mentioned is not the totality of the enemy losses. It is believed that the enemy has even greater losses. The figure given is only those cases that have been confirmed with certainty. In addition, two Sikorsky helicopters were hit by our forces. They did not crash but had to move away from the area.

"15 guerrilla casualties"

In this war, six of our friends under the command of Heval Şoreş, who protected the camp with the prisoners, fell in heroic resistance. Five other friends fell at different times during the attacks on the enemy forces. Three of our friends fell outside the area of operations while en route to a task in a paramotor during the enemy's escape. One friend was killed in his position during an air attack. During the four-day operation, 15 of our friends were martyred in heroic combat. Two persons fell into the hands of the enemy. The personal details of the martyrs will be published in the coming days.

"Names of the killed prisoners"

The captured soldiers, police officers and MIT members who died in the combat situation are Adıl Kabaklı, Aydın Köse, Hüseyin Sarı, Mevlüt Kahveci, Muhammed Salih Kanca, Müslüm Altıntaş, Sedat Sorgun, Sedat Yabalak, Semih Özbey, Süleyman Sungur, Ümit Bıcır and Vedat Kaya. In addition, Cotyar Muhsin from Duhok, who was temporarily arrested, also died in the incident.

We offer our condolences to the families of the prisoners and arrestees who died in the attack by the fascist AKP/MHP regime. The peoples of Turkey and our people should know that we have protected these people for six years and tried to defend them until the end. We are not responsible for their fate, but the representatives of the AKP/MHP regime who decided and planned this attack. They will have to justify themselves before history.

"Victory achieved thanks to the martyrs"

As a result, it remains to be said that the resistance in Gare was a great and historic resistance against modern technology and proved the will and creativity of the militants equipped with the Apoist ideology. In the person of Heval Şoreş as the commander of this great resistance in a historically important time, we remember all our heroic martyrs. We express our condolences to their relatives, to all the patriotic people of Kurdistan and to the friends of our people. This great resistance was the work of our brave martyrs. We are indebted to them for the result achieved. With their struggle, they have shown how victory can be achieved. As torches of victory, they will always live on in our struggle.”