Footage from Turkish attack on the detention center of Turkish prisoners in HPG custody

The Turkish army attacked a camp in the Gare region where prisoners of war belonging to the Turkish security forces were held.

Gerîla TV has published footage from the Turkish bombardment on the detention center at five o'clock on February 10 in the area of Gare in the guerrilla held Medya Defense Zones in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq).

The aerial footage by Gerîla TV shows the moments of the bombardment on the camp which is located in the Siyanê region.

Another footage published by Gerîla TV earlier today showed two entries of the cave where the prisoners are held, as well as some Turkish soldiers appearing around these entry points. Shots could also be heard in the mentioned footage.

The command of the People's Defense Forces said today that the death of the prisoners of war was intentionally caused by Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar. The statement said, "A camp has been attacked in Gare where prisoners of war belonging to the Turkish security forces were held. The camp was intensively bombed from the air at five o'clock on February 10. This was followed by a ground attack in which every form of war technology was used. In order to protect themselves and the prisoners, our forces located in the camp under bombardment gave the necessary response to the occupiers and hit them effectively. After this strike, the occupying Turkish army retreated a bit. Although it knew that there were prisoners there, the camp was again intensively bombed by fighter jets. The bombardment, which lasted for three days, and the fierce battles inside and outside the camp resulted in the death of some of the MIT members, soldiers and policemen we had captured. That no one would survive such a fierce attack was clear to anyone with basic military knowledge. The attack was not aimed at liberating the prisoners of war, but at destroying them. The only person responsible for the death of these people is Hulusi Akar. He gave the order for such an attack and has no human feelings whatsoever."