HPG: Chemical weapons used in Siyanê prison camp

HPG stated that chemical weapons were used in Siyanê camp where Turkish soldier prisoners were staying in Gare and said: "It's impossible to enter the camp because banned chemical weapons have been used.”

The People's Defence Forces (HPG) Press Center revealed that chemical weapons were used during the Turkish state’s military operation in the prison camp in Siyanê, Gare.

The HPG statement is as follows:

“We are trying to establish the results of the invasion attack in Gare, launched by the colonialist genocidal Turkish state between 10 and 14 February through our forces in the field.

Although the invading Turkish state suffered a heavy defeat on the ground, it still continues its air strikes against the Medya Defense Zones and especially the Gare region. These  air strikes delay the establishment of facts.

Chemical weapons used in Siyanê

Our forces have reached this camp in order to understand clearly and concretely what happened in the camp where the [Turkish soldier] prisoners were held in the Siyanê area. However, although three days have passed, there is still a heavy smell of gas and chemicals in and around the prison camp. Since chemical weapons, which are banned within the scope of war crimes, were used by the fascist Turkish army, you cannot enter the camp. Probably everyone in this camp was shot after being killed by chemical gas. These are the first information we gathered.

Efforts to establish what exactly happened in the massacre carried out by the Turkish state against the prison camp continue. The clear and final results and the 4-day Gare clashes will be revealed to our patriotic people and the public in detail.

A guerrilla fell martyr in an air attack

In our statement dated 14 February 2021, we stated that between 11 pm on February 13 and 1 am on February 14, the vicinity of the village of Şikeftiyan village in Gare was bombed 5 times. Our comrade Gelhat Tolhıldan fell a martyr in this bombardment.

Under the leadership of the brave Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla, an epic resistance was displayed for 4 days against the invasion operation launched by the invading Turkish army against the Gare on February 10, 2021, and the Turkish army was defeated with a historical victory. Our comrade Gelhat Tolhildan joined the army of martyrs by playing his historical role in the Gara resistance, which resulted in a great military success.

Our comrade Gelhat, originally from Cizre, Botan's ancient city of resistance, was forced to migrate to one of Turkey’s big cities as a result of his village been burned by the colonial Turkish state as part of te genocide against the Kurdish people. Our comrade Gelhat, who grew up in an environment with a patriotic and insurgent tradition, got to know the practices of the genocidal Turkish state at an early age. He took part in youth activities by fighting against this murderous mentality since his youth. He joined the guerrilla in 2016, realizing that participating in the struggle in the free mountains against the attacks of the invading Turkish state which seeks to destroy the Kurdish people and the freedom guerilla was the only way of emancipation.

Especially in 2015-2016, the Self-Government Resistance that developed in Cizre, once again revealed the true genocidal face of the Turkish state which suffered a serious defeat and martyred our civilians by burning and murdering in the basements of Cizre and led our comrade Gelhat to participate in the guerilla.

We extend our condolences to all the people of Cizre and the patriotic people of Kurdistan, especially the precious family of our hero comrade, and we promise that we will certainly crown our freedom struggle from Bınevş Agals to Mehmet Tunç and Gelhats.

Air attacks continue

On 15 February, at 1 pm, the Xêrê mountain in Gare was bombed three times by fighter jets.

On 15 February, at 2 pm, the Kunişka area of ​​the Zap region was bombed by fighter jets.

On 15 February between 1.20 pm and 1.40 pm, the Geliyê Avaşîn area was bombed four times with warplanes.