HPG: Turkish army retreated from Gare with the blood of its own people on its hands

The Turkish cross-border operation in the guerrilla area of Gare, which started on Wednesday night, has been ceased on Sunday. The Turkish army has retreated after suffering major blows during the course of the operation.

The Turkish army's occupation operation in the Gare area in Medya Defense Zones, which started on Wednesday night, has been ceased on Sunday. The press office of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) has published an overview of the Turkish military's attacks on the guerrilla area in southern Kurdistan since yesterday. The balance also gives details of counter actions by the HPG and YJA-Star.

Attacks and guerrilla actions on February 13

6:30 a.m.: The Yellow Bridge hamlet in Meyrokê bombed by reconnaissance aircraft

9:30 - 10:30 a.m.: At least five air strikes in Siyanê by fighter jets

3:40-10:45 p.m.: Continuous bombardment of Bergarê area by fighter jets

4:40 p.m.: Immediate airstrikes by fighter jets following sounds of gunfire at the entrance to the camp in Siyanê

6 p.m.: Air strike on the Middle Field area by fighter jets

6:30 p.m.: Six air strikes in Siyanê by Cobra helicopters

10 p.m.: A total of nine helicopters (3+4+2) came under fire while approaching to Gare and were forced to turn back. One helicopter was effectively hit and damaged.

11:30 p.m. - 1:00 a.m. (Feb. 14): Five bombardments in the vicinity of the Şikeftiya village.

Attacks on February 14:

00:45 - 1:45 a.m.: Six air strikes on Hill Martyr Berxwedan by reconnaissance aircraft.

1.00 - 6.20 a.m.: Six air strikes on Hill Martyr Baran by fighter jets.

"In the past 24 hours, 46 bombings have been registered in the Gare region by reconnaissance aircraft and fighter jets."

Actions by Air Defense Units

HPG further reported that the Martyr Delal Amed Air Defense Units struck the Turkish army twice on Saturday, adding, "In both actions, the specified targets were successfully hit."

Regarding the end of the occupation operation, the statement said, "The attempted invasion of the Turkish occupation army in the Gare region has met the effective resistance of our forces and failed from the first moment on.

The so-called elite forces of the Turkish army were hit hard and suffered defeat. With the blood of its own people on its hands, the Turkish army withdrew from Gare. More details about the guerrilla resistance that lasted four days will be shared with the public as soon as all information is secured."

Airstrike in Avashin

In addition to the airstrikes in Gare, the guerrillas also recorded bombardments by Turkish fighter jets in the Avashin region last night. At around 9:15 p.m., warplanes hit the Kartal area.