Guerrillas strike Turkish troops from the ground and the air in Gare

The Turkish military operation in Gare continues in all its ferocity. Within 24 hours, the region has been bombed at least 18 times. The guerrillas are resisting and using their own air defense units.

The press center of the People's Defense Forces (Hêzên Parastina Gel, HPG) has released details about the Turkish army's invasion of the Gare region in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) and the guerrillas' resistance that started on Wednesday.

According to the statement, the latest information on the operation in Gare area is as follows:

“On February 11, our forces carried out two actions on the Turkish invading soldiers in the morning and at noon. Details of these actions will be released at a later date."

Operation zone expanded

"On February 12, in the morning, the occupation forces wanted to enter the Siyanê area with helicopters. These helicopters were attacked and hit by our forces from close distance. As a result, the helicopters had to move away from the area.

The operation launched in the Siyanê area has been extended towards Çêlka, Kani Ohran and the Wadi Kafya on February 12."

18 airstrikes in 24 hours

"The Turkish army is getting nowhere on the ground and in the air and cannot protect its soldiers on the ground. It is carrying out fierce airstrikes on Gare. On February 12, at 3:45 p.m., the Siyane-Ergenê area has been bombed three times, the Gare mountain range three times and the foothills of Hill Reşit three times. On the same day at 4 p.m., Hill Xêrê was bombed twice, the village of Yekmal was bombed three times at 4:20 p.m., and the Deşta Kafya area was bombed three times at 9:30 p.m. At 10 a.m. on February 13, fighter jets bombed the Deriyê Hirçê area. In the last 24 hours alone, fighter jets have bombed the Gare area at least 18 times."

Occupiers killed

"On the evening of February 12, the occupiers tried to advance on the Siyanê-Çêlka line. In the process they were observed and attacked by our forces. As far as could be clarified, at least one occupier was killed here, while the others fled. At a later hour those killed and wounded were taken away by helicopters.

On February 12, at 10:20 p.m., the occupiers tried to enter the Siyanê area with seven helicopters. After the intervention of our forces, the helicopters had to move away from the area."

Airstrikes on the Turkish army

"Our forces have inflicted effective blows on the Turkish army from the ground. At the same time, actions have also been carried out against the occupiers in Gare, led by the Martyr Delal Air Defense Units that struck the occupiers stationed in the Siyanê area at 2:30 p.m. on February 12. On February 13, the occupiers were hit again at 9:45 a.m. and successfully hit. The exact number of occupiers killed in these two actions could not be clarified, but dead and wounded were subsequently taken away by helicopters."

With the fury of February 15

"Despite the intense airstrikes, war technology and continuous movements of reconnaissance aircraft and fighter jets, the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla is fighting with great willpower and determination in Gare and continues to deal effective blows to the occupiers with the anger and hatred unleashed by the February 15 plot."