YJA-Star guerrillas Havîn and Cûdî: Öcalan is a leader for all

YJA-Star guerrillas Bêrîtan Havîn and Zeyneb Cûdî said that the emergence of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan provided a historical exit for humanity as he is a leader for all.

YJA-Star (Free Women's Troops) guerrillas Bêrîtan Havîn and Zeyneb Cûdî stated that the Kurdish people gained their historical and cultural identity thanks to Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Reminding that there were many rebellions in Kurdistan in the past, but for some reason, these rebellions could not progress and ended in failure, guerrilla Havîn said: "It seems that Leader Apo's [Abdullah Öcalan] emergence was different from these rebellions. Because Leader Apo did deep analysis of personality, family, society and history. He started fighting at a young age and is still fighting.


Leader Apo saw the anti-Kurdish ideas at a young age and experienced contradictions with the system. Especially in the field of language and culture, he started to think about contradictions such as "Why are the Kurds ignored and why can't they speak their native language?" At the same time, his contradictions deepen when he sees the attitudes towards women and the status of women. Leader Apo sees these contradictions at a young age and does not accept them. The truth is that Leader Apo not only experienced contradictions in his childhood, but also fought against them and developed an alternative to the current situation. This made his struggle even stronger."

Guerrilla Havîn added: "Indeed, Rêber Apo became a hope for all humanity. With the emergence of Rêber Apo, a historic opportunity was created for women. The Leadership made women the main source of life and society, and thanks to him, women managed to counter their current situation. That's why women can make a historic breakthrough today and continue their struggle in every field. Of course, it will not be easy to overthrow the female slavery created by the 5 thousand-year-old male-dominated system. Breaking the patterns of slavery is not that easy. This requires struggle and time. The establishment of the party and the work of Rêber Apo, as well as the ideology, philosophy and ideas he developed regarding women and society, have inspired women. Women became aware of their existence and identity with the emergence of the Leader."

We need to fight more for freedom


Stating that Kurdish children started life by making a victory sign, guerrilla Zêyneb Cûdî said: "In our childhood, we heard the name of Leader Apo, saw his pictures and felt the excitement of knowing him. We want to reach Leader Apo's level of truth, even if just for a moment. The leadership taught us to struggle and resist. We may be physically distant from Leader Apo, but he is a philosophy and science for us women. We are struggling to achieve that truth. The Leader also talks about reaching Nirvana in its evaluations. When we achieve this, we can say that we have achieved true comradeship with Leader Apo. This will enable us to walk more accurately on the path of the Leader and to know him correctly. Of course, we are just at the beginning of the road. We need to fight harder for a free life."