New forest fire broke spreads on Mount Cudi

A forest fire broke out on Mount Cudi in Şırnak for unknown reasons.

A forest fire broke out on Monday evening for reasons unknown near the village of Spîndarok on the slopes of Mount Cudi in the province of Şırnak. The fire spread quickly due to the wind. Nothing was done to extinguish the fire.

The province of Şırnak is particularly hard hit by such fires. In the Besta area, wildfires have been raging in ten places for days.

The fires are often started by the military to take cover from the guerrillas and operate. Likewise, fires are used to drive the population out of the region. Even if fires break out for other reasons, the military often prevents the extinguishing work. The fauna and flora of the region are exposed to destruction. While news of forest fires in western Turkey in general, and especially in holiday regions, has reached the European public, systematic special warfare using forest fires is being waged in Kurdistan but nobody protests about it.