Italian women travel through northern Syria

An Italian women's delegation is on a tour of northern and eastern Syria to find out about local women's work. Their last stops were Raqqa and Ain Issa.

An Italian women's delegation, which has been in northern and eastern Syria since last week, has also visited Ain Issa and Raqqa after Manbij and Kobanê.

In Ain Issa, the delegation members visited the women's council of self-government. They were received by Chairperson Cîhan Xidro and her deputies Maha al-Ali and Rūken Mela Ibrahim and were informed about the women's organization in northern and eastern Syria.

In Raqqa, the Italian women met with women leaders within the self-governing structures and learned about life during the ISIS rule and after the liberation of the city. Ramona from the women's delegation said during the conversation that women from the Middle East are often portrayed as backward in the Western media. "Our observations in Kobanê, Cizîrê and Raqqa are very different. The women in northern and eastern Syria are organized and free. They are represented in all institutions.”

Further program items of the delegation’s trip are the women's academies in the region.