YPG announces death of German fighter Kevin Jochim

YPG Press Office announced the death of German fighter Kevin Jochim (Dilsoz Bahar) in a clash in Silûk town of Girê Spî, Rojava (West) Kurdistan, on 6 July, 2015.

YPG Press Office announced the death of German fighter Kevin Jochim (Dilsoz Bahar) in a clash in Silûk town of Girê Spî, Rojava (West) Kurdistan, on 6 July, 2015.

In a press statement on its website, YPG said that Rojava continued to set an example of fraternity of peoples despite all the counter approaches, adding; "All opponent forces, the ISIS gang organization in the first place, desire to turn Rojava into a place or center of conflicts among peoples on the grounds of their nation, belief and sects. This is why they have put all such attempts and provocations into practice. Still, the wariness of our people has eliminated these plans despite all their efforts and despicable plans."

Pointing out that the philosophy embraced by the people of Rojava played a major role in the elimination of these plans, YPG said this philosophy which was based on sharing culture, neighborhood, embracing of each other had today proved the democratic nation project to be the most contemporary instance of solution.

YPG continued, underlining that; "This stance has an influence on not only the neighboring Kurdish, Arab, Persian, Assyrian and Turkish peoples, but also all the freedom adorers throughout the entire world, thanks to which the support for the revolutionary struggle in Rojava always remains high and strong. Youths from across the world are coming to Rojava, uniting here and taking their place in the defense of free life on the fronts of resistance. The sacred land gets wet with blood and tear."

YPG said that one of these heroes was comrade Kevin Jochim (Dilsoz Bihar), of German origin, who was born into an esteemed family in the German city of Karlsruhe on 2 November, 1993. He joined the ranks of the freedom struggle in 2012, after which he took place in numerous daring battles and played an important role in the liberation of ISIS-occupied villages and settlements within the Operation Commander Rubar Qamishlo.

YPG said that comrade Dilsoz unfortunately fell a martyr in clashes in the Şergirat village of Silûk town on 6th July, 2015.

Pledging to pursue the objectives and dreams of comrade Dilsoz, and to do the best to succeed against darkness, YPG extended condolences to martyr Dilsoz's family, and the Kurdish and German people.

YPG gave the following information regarding the profile of the fallen German fighter;

Nom de guerre : DILSOZ BAHAR
Mother's name: MAORİNE KOSTLUK
Father's name : FREİDİ BENKLER
Place of birth : KARLSRUHE- GERMANY
Martyred : 6.7.2015, ŞERGIRAT VILLAGE, SULUK