Operation against MIT-KDP agent network in Shengal

Shengal Autonomous Administration calls for support for the operation launched by the security forces of Shengal and the YBŞ against an agent network run by the Turkish intelligence agency MIT and South Kurdistan’s ruling party KDP.

On Tuesday, the special units of the Shengal Resistance Units (YBŞ) and the security forces of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of Shengal launched a joint operation against an agent network in the Yazidi region in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). A network of spies of the Turkish secret service and South Kurdistan’s ruling party, KDP, which closely collaborates with it, provides coordinates for deadly air attacks on representatives of the Shengal Autonomous Administration and its defence forces.

Since 2017, the Turkish state has been targeting the institutions of the Shengal Autonomous Administration and its representatives. After the signing of the agreement of 9 October 2021 between the KDP and Baghdad, the attacks on Shengal increased even more. In addition to airstrikes, assassination attacks have been taking place for some time. The attacks and assassinations are not possible without the involvement of forces on the ground. Therefore, the operation is also titled an "Operasyona Tolhildanê" (Revenge Operation) and is directed against the agents involved and their infrastructure. So far, security circles have reported that severe damage was done to the network on the first day and that the background of many of the attacks was cleared up. According to the RojNews, the forces had been preparing for the operation for a long time. The operation is set to continue until the network is dismantled.

RojNews reported that several suspected members of the network have already been caught and some of them have already confessed to spying for MIT or the KDP.

Meanwhile, the Shengal Autonomous Administration called for support for the operation, stating, "Yesterday, it became known that the YBŞ and Shengal security forces have launched a 'revenge operation' against agents. We support this operation and call on our people to do the same by sharing the information available to them."

Referring to the victims of the Turkish attacks and assaults of the past years, the Autonomous Administration said: "It is the duty of all those who have the interests of society at heart to hold the enemy and his accomplices accountable. We have repeatedly called on our youth not to fall into the trap of the KDP and not to play the enemy's game. We renew this call: Those who collaborate with the enemy will definitely be held accountable."

"We wish our defence forces success and declare that Shengal is safe thanks to them. Thanks to our defence forces, our society is able to live on its own land and preserve its faith," added the Autonomous Administration.