KNK celebrates Çarşema Sor, calls on the Kurdish people to unite

KNK calls on the Kurdish people to unite and to embrace and protect the Yazidi community.

The Executive Council of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) congratulated the Kurdish people, the Yazidi community and the peoples of the region on the "Çarşema Sor" festival, which marks the New Year in the Yazidi culture, and the day on which the creation of the earth was completed in Yazidi faith.

In its written congratulatory message, the KNK Executive Council called on the Kurdish people and the peoples of the region to unite, especially against the ongoing occupation attacks.

KNK said, "Attacks and threats against those of the Yazidi faith continue in Shengal, Afrin and Serêkaniyê. The situation in Shengal has not yet been fully clarified. While the problem in Shengal is getting deeper and deeper, the Turkish state continues its attacks against Shengal. We are with the people of Shengal and the forces of Êzîdxan (Yazidi land) and we will continue to give them all kinds of support. Today’s aggression on Shengal is the continuation of the ISIS attack and the 74th genocide. An agreement on Shengal was made between Hewlêr (Erbil) and Baghdad through the organisation of the Turkish state without asking the people of Shengal. The representatives of Shengal do not accept the agreement between the governments of Hewlêr and Baghdad and, they react to it. With this agreement, their will was ignored.”

Stating that Shengal has been a target for hundreds of years due to its characteristics, KNK said, "The attacks carried out by ISIS have caused deep wounds to the people of Shengal. Shengal, the situation of the people of Shengal and the problems of Shengal should be specially evaluated and resolved. The will of the people of Shengal must be taken as a basis. In order to protect the Yazidi community, all our forces and people must be conscious and embrace our Yazidi people."

The statement concluded: "Celebrating our festivals freely depends on victory. The meaning of the 'Çarşema Serê Nîsanê' festival demands this from us. With this hope and belief, as KNK, we once again celebrate the 'Çarşema Serê Nîsanê' Festival of all Kurdish people, the Yazidi community and the peoples of the region."