10 Turkish soldiers killed in guerrilla actions saluting August 15

Three soldiers were killed as the guerrillas hit the Turkish base in Kani Masi for the second time. Seven other occupiers were killed in sniper operations and sabotage.

The press office of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) released a statement announcing the details of the latest actions carried out by guerrillas against Turkish occupying forces in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). The actions were dedicated to the 38th anniversary of 15 August 1984 when a guerrilla force led by the legendary commander Mahsum Korkmaz - also known by his nom de Guerre Egîd ("the Brave") - carried out the first attack against the Turkish occupying forces in Eruh district of Siirt province in northern Kurdistan.

“In the mountains of Kurdistan where the spirit of victory created by the August 15 Initiative is represented most strongly, our historic resistance against the occupiers continues growing. Desperate in the face of our forces’ historic resistance, the criminal Turkish state is bombing the guerrilla areas with nuclear bombs and chemical weapons in defiance of all legal and moral values for all the world to see. The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla, fighting selflessly and confronting all heinous attacks in the footsteps of martyrs, will assuredly crown their honorable stance with victory,” said Sunday’s statement by the HPG.

According to the statement, mobile guerrilla teams carried out their latest actions against Turkey's occupation of southern Kurdistan in the past 24 hours to pay tribute to August 15 Resurrection Day, killing at least ten soldiers and destroying a drone and camera systems. The Turkish army, on the other hand, bombed the guerrilla areas 10 times by nuclear bombs and chemical weapons, 13 times by fighter jets, 11 times by attack helicopters and dozens of times by heavy weaponry.

HPG announced the details of the actions as follows:

On August 14, guerrillas discovered a surveillance camera attached to the positions in Werxelê resistance area with an explosive device mounted on it. The device could be detonated in a controlled manner.

On August 13, four soldiers were killed as guerrillas from YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops) struck the invaders advancing towards the battle positions in Saca Resistance Area.

On August 13, a drone flying over Çemço Resistance Area was shot down by guerrillas.

On the same day, guerrillas struck a Sikorsky helicopter on a mission to airdrop troops in Çemço Resistance Area. The helicopter was forced to retreat without completing the mission.

On August 14, guerrillas intervened in the drones flying over the Çemço Resistance Area on an attack flight on the defense positions of the guerrillas, forcing them to turn away.

On August 13, YJA Star guerrillas targeted the Kani Masi outpost in Metina region. The action focused on a dugout with two soldiers inside, leaving both dead.  The guerrillas also targeted a group of soldiers moving near the destroyed position. One soldier was killed and a camera surveillance system was destroyed.

On the same day, three soldiers were killed by guerrilla snipers in the Gire Hakkari Resistance Area.

In the Gire Amediye Resistance Area, guerrillas were able to prevent a chemical weapons attack by the Turkish army against the Gire Şehid Pirdoğan battle positions. An attempt by the occupying forces to advance on the area shortly afterwards was thwarted by a sabotage action and the unit was forced to retreat after the guerrilla intervention.”

Regarding Turkey's increasingly ongoing attacks in southern Kurdistan, HPG reported that chemical weapons were used ten times on August 13. The attacks combined with explosives were directed against the resistance areas Werxelê, Çemço and Şikefta Birîndara. At Girê FM, the Turkish army is carrying out massive tree clearing, apparently for the expansion of its illegal infrastructure. The Golka area in Metîna as well as the areas of Saca and Çemço were bombed 13 times by fighter jets during the same period. Eleven other airstrikes by combat helicopters were recorded by the HPG in Werxelê, Saca, Girê Hekarî and Girê Amêdî. The Çemço area was also shelled dozens of times by ground artillery fire.