Mothers say Justice Vigil action will take new course

MED TUHAD-FED co-chair Eylem Birtane said that they will take the Justice Vigil action to a different phase and will make a statement when the preparations are completed.

The Justice Vigil was launched by the relatives of the prisoners in many cities to support the prisoners’ action and demand freedom for Abdullah Öcalan and a political solution to the Kurdish question. The prisoners’ relatives said they will continue the vigil with different actions. The program for the vigil actions in Amed, Van, Batman, Adana, Mersin, Istanbul and Izmir is expected to be published in the coming days. MED Detainee and Convict Families Federation of Legal and Solidarity Associations (MED TUHAD-FED) co-chair Eylem Birtane spoke about the protest carried out by the prisoners' relatives.

Birtane said: "Isolation is no longer a political problem, but has become a humanitarian and conscientious problem." Pointing out that the isolation has spread to the entire society, Birtane said: "On 27 November, hunger strike resistance began in prisons. Later, the mothers launched the Justice Vigil protests and a Freedom March was held."

Works continue

The vigils need to take a different dimension, said Birtane, adding that the prisoners have turned their hunger strike into a new action, involving family visits and phone calls. Birtane said: "We listened to the mothers at the Justice Vigil, and we will soon announce the new course of action."

Birtane said that the new actions they will initiate will see the participation of women and young people. "We want all political parties and institutions to approach our action sensitively and embrace our action. We believe that we will succeed. We have succeeded before. It is possible again."