DEM Party and HDK: Kurdish press will never surrender

The DEM Party and HDK condemned the attacks against the Free Press and stated that the government would not be able to achieve any result with the attacks, adding, "The Free Press will not kneel down."

The Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Istanbul Provincial Organisation and Peoples' Democratic Congress (HDK) made a statement at DEM Party Istanbul headquarters regarding the detentions and attacks against Free Press in Ankara, Istanbul and Belgium. The press conference was attended by (HDK) Istanbul Co-spokesperson Ali Bal, DEM Party Istanbul MPs Çiçek Otlu, Özgül Saki and provincial executives, as well as labour organisations.

'The Free Press will not kneel in the face of attacks'

Speaking at the meeting, DEM Party Istanbul Co-Chair Murat Kalmaz stated that the detention of Kurdish journalists on Kurdish Journalists' Day was meaningful and drew attention to the visit of AKP President Erdoğan to Iraq and Erbil. Kalmaz said, "These operations took place after the visit. Although these operations against the Free Press are also a harbinger of the upcoming process, the tradition of the Free Press is a tradition of nearly 40 years; it will not kneel in the face of these attacks."

HDK Co-Spokesperson Ali Bal drew attention to the fact that AKP-MHP knocked on the doors of imperialist countries after their defeat in the 31 March local elections.  Bal said, "The Belgium-based operations in particular are unacceptable. We express our condemnation of this aggressive attitude that contradicts European law. They are trying to maintain their power through war and plunder. These war policies must be abandoned as soon as possible. This will not benefit the people of Turkey."

'Press labourers who write and speak the truth can never be silenced'

DEM Party Istanbul MP Çiçek Otlu stated that the attack against the Free Press was due to the defeat of AKP in the local elections. She said: "We have seen how desperate the government is in the face of this defeat. Its first move was to usurp the mayor’s office in Van, but our people gave an organised response. This attack on the press is also related to the usurpation of will in Van. Press labourers who write and speak the truth can never be silenced. The Free Press is the successor of Apê Musa. The Kurdish press will never surrender."