İrmez: Three Kurdish woman politicians were deliberately executed

HDP Şırnak MP Aycan İrmez said DBP Assembly member Sêvê Demir, Silopi People's Assembly co-chair Pakize Nayır and KJA activist Fatma Uyar were deliberately executed by state forces.

It came out yesterday that DBP Assembly member Sêvê Demir, Silopi People's Assembly co-chair Pakize Nayır and KJA activist Fatma Uyar were among the four people murdered by state forces in Şırnak's Silopi district the day before. Body of another slain civilian killed alongside them is yet to be identified. The four people were killed as state forces opened heavy and random fire on civilians in Karşıyaka neighborhood for hours on Monday. Casualties were revealed only after the bodies of four slain civilians were brought to Silopi State Hospital yesterday.

HDP Şırnak MP Aycan İrmez described the killing of these four people -3 of whom are prominent Kurdish woman politicians- as deliberate execution.

İrmez said she first learned about the incident when people called and told her that police opened cross fire on a group of people who included DBP PM member Sêvê Demir and got wounded in Karşıyaka neighborhood.

"We tried to reach her but we couldn't. Then I called 112 emergency service but that didn't help either, because the emergency service for Silopi had been linked to the emergency service in Batman.


İrmez said she later called Silopi State Hospital, Ministry of Health and even Turkish Medical Association, but wasn't answered by anyone. On the other hand, Turkish officials told that they would by no means send ambulance to the area because of the "armed people there".


HDP MP said they also called Şırnak Governor and told him about the situation, but the governor disallowed an ambulance on alleged grounds of clashes in the area. İrmez stressed that these 3 Kurdish woman and the other unidentified civilian would have survived if an ambulance had been sent to retrive them from the scene.

İrmez said the HDP deputies in Şırnak went to the hospital to see that faces of all the four were in pieces and unrecognizable, while Demir, Nayor and Uyar could be recognized from their hair. İrmez underlined that; "Everything is happening within the knowledge of the state. Our friends were executed and tortured deliberately. This is barbarity."


Pointing out that the three Kurdish women played a leading role in the Kurdish movement, İrmez described their death as a major loss for the Kurdish movement, and likened it to the murder of Sakine Cansız, Fidan Doğan and Leyla Şaylemez in French capital Paris three years ago. "The perpetrators are same. Still, if they think they can finish us by executing our women and children, they are wrong. We will follow in their footsteps and wage a struggle until their goals are made real."