Health center for women and children in Qamishlo becomes reality

The construction of the health center for women and children in Qamishlo has been completed, says the construction collective “Avahî”. As a project partner, the WJAS women's foundation is now taking care of interior design and staff.

As the construction collective “Avahî” reported, the building of the health center for women and children in Qamishlo in the democratic federation of North and East Syria-Rojava has now been completed. The Foundation of Free Women in Syria (WJAS), as a project partner, is currently taking care of the interior design and the employment of staff. The plan is to open the health center as soon as possible, initially with seven employees, and to offer free medical treatment to women and children. 

"We are building in a war zone"

“When Avahî was founded in 2016, nobody expected that it would take so long before a building was finally constructed,” said the collective. In 2018, Avahî managed to organize delegation trips to Rojava twice to prepare the ground, “but ultimately we had to admit that the situation on site and the possibilities of entry cannot be planned reliably enough to send groups of people at the supposed times”. And so the Foundation of the Free Woman began construction with local workers in the spring of 2019. But even after that there were always major problems and long, forced breaks during construction. Turkey's war of aggression and the occupation of neighbouring areas since October 2019, the coronavirus pandemic, inflation and the rise in the price of building materials on site, closed borders, embargo and many other problems have repeatedly led to delays in the construction process.

103,000 euros raised

A little over 103,000 euros have been raised for this project so far. 80,000 have been spent on construction. The rest will now be given to the foundation for interior decoration and medical equipment. "Medical equipment and drugs are really expensive and there is always room for improvement in treatment options and medical equipment," said Avahî.

The donation account for the health center in Qamishlo is:

Kurdistan Aid e.V.

IBAN: DE40200505501049222704

Reason: Construction

Donations can also be made to the work of the Free Women Foundation in Syria in general. The donation account is the same, the reason to write is: Women's foundation.

The WJAS will also soon start a more general campaign to secure the salaries of its employees, Avahî said, adding: “The economic situation and inflation are worsening the possibilities of local financing and at the same time the employees are increasingly dependent on their income to feed themselves and their families and ensure their independence as women.”