Deir ez-Zor women urge international bodies to act for Çiçek Kobanê

Women in Deir ez-Zor condemned the life sentence given to the YPJ fighter Çiçek Kobanê by a Turkish court. They called on international organizations to put pressure on Turkey to release Kobanê.

YPJ fighter Çiçek Kobanê (civil name: Dozgin Temo) had fallen into captivity of the jihadist militia Ahrar al-Sham in Ain Issa in northern Syria in October 2019. The group is part of Turkey's jihadist proxy troops and is involved in the invasion of Rojava. After her capture, the Kurdish woman from Kobanê, who was born in Raqqa, was taken across the border into Turkish territory. Since then she has been held in a high-security prison in Urfa province bordering Syria. On March 23, the YPJ fighter was sentenced to life imprisonment in Urfa following her deportation to Turkey in violation of international law. Yet, the court in Urfa considered it proven that the young woman had destroyed Turkey's state unity and integrity and committed murders.

Members of the Deir ez-Zor Women's Council condemned the crimes of the occupant Turkish state and its violations of international law and treaties.


Mone El-Uweyd condemned the crimes of the Turkish state against political prisoners and the life sentence given to  Çiçek Kobanê and said that this was unlawful and illegal. Mone El-Uweyd stated that they will be standing with Çiçek Kobanê and all women in North and East Syria. She called out to international bodies to “take action immediately for Turkey to release her” and to “put pressure on the Turkish state so that it stops its crimes against North and East Syria and the women there”.


Fatma Salim, a member of the Hajin Women's Council, condemned the life sentence given to Çiçek Kobanê. “Çîçek Kobanê defended her rights and the rights of all women in North and East Syria. She didn't commit any crime. She just defended her land, country, and herself against gangs,” Salim said.


Salim urged international organizations to do their duties with regard to Çiçek Kobanê. Salim added that North and East Syrian women are doing their best for freedom.