Refugees in Shehba face harsh winter as Damascus regime prevents access to fuel and medical supplies

In the Shehba region, where winter months are harsh, life in the camps is becoming increasingly difficult as the ongoing siege by the Damascus regime prevents access to fuel and medical supplies.

The Turkish state occupied Afrin in March 2018. More than 300 thousand people were displaced to Shehba and Aleppo. Camps such as Berxwedan, Serdem and Şehba were established to receive the new internal refugees.

In addition to the fact that the people living in the camps are under embargo, the conditions of the winter season negatively affect life as a whole. Especially in the region where the 4th Division of the Damascus regime has tightened the embargo, a major disaster is occurring as a result of the lack of supply of gas and heating materials.

As a result of the fuel shortage, Afrin Hospital and Til Rıfat Hospital, as well as Heyva Sor a Kurd and affiliated health points in Shehba, may soon be out of service. While there is a shortage of medicine in the region as a result of the blocking of medicine supply, the lack of fuel also brings health services to a halt.

Due to the tightening of the embargo and lack of fuel, most of the crops were damaged. Difficulties in supplying materials for ploughing the fields and supplying the necessary parts for electricity and generators also caused a decrease in productivity.

Attacks by the Turkish state and affiliated mercenaries continue. International humanitarian organizations do not work in the region.