Kurdish director Mansour Karimian to be buried in Rojhilat

The remains of Kurdish director Mansour Karimian have been recovered by his family. Kerîmiyan will be buried in his hometown Sinê, in Rojhilat.

The remains of director Mensûr Kerîmiyan (Mansour Karimian), who lost his life on 26 December during Turkish airstrikes against Northern and Eastern Syria, have been returned to his family, who came to Dêrik.

A memorial ceremony was held here for Kerimiyan on Saturday. Hezne Temê, a member of the Girkê Legê Martyrs' Families Council, condemned Turkey's attacks on the region and said that Mensûr Kerîmiyan had come to Northern and Eastern Syria to tell about the people's revolution.

Xelil Tehlo, member of the Aram Tigran Cultural and Art Center, said that they will continue to follow the path of Mensûr Kerîmiyan until they succeed.

Bêrîtan Kerîmiyan spoke on behalf of the family.

After the ceremony, the family took the body of the filmmaker and headed towards the Sêmalka border post with a convoy of several hundred people.

The family returned to Rojhilat via South Kurdistan and will bury Kerîmiyan in the town of Sinê (Sanandaj), where he was born.