Autonomous Administration: Turkish state should be tried instead of HDP

Officials from the Autonomous Administration of North-East Syria denounced Turkey’s violations of human rights and called for legal action to bring it to account.

Officials from the Autonomous Administration of North-East Syria, Justice Council and Constitutional Council made a press statement in Kobanê about the “Kobanê trial” targeting the leading politicians of the HDP in Turkey. The defendants are 108 figures from politics, civil society and the Kurdish liberation movement who are accused of terror crimes and murder in dozens of cases in connection with the protests during the ISIS attack on Kobanê in October 2014.

Representatives of many institutions gathered for the press statement in front of Kobanê Autonomous Administration building. The statement was read by the Constitutional Council Co-president Fewziye Ebdi.

The statement recalled that HDP was the first to answer the call of Kobanê Autonomous Administration when ISIS, FSA and al-Nusra Front attacked Rojava in 2014. It continued, “After 6 years, the AKP government opened a case against 108 people who stood with the people of Kobane. The Turkish state claims to be democratic and multi-cultural country with diversities. The case filed against 108 people, however, prove that Turkey tramples on the Constitution and human rights.”

Remarking that the Turkish state seeks to take revenge on HDP for the defeat of ISIS in Kobanê, the statement continued,

“The European Court of Human Rights called on Turkey to release HDP former co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş, yet the Turkish state did not answer this call. HDP’s support to the people of Kobanê helped our liberation from ISIS mercenaries. We address to all international organisations and courts from Kobanê, the city of revolution. The case filed by the Turkish state is against laws on human rights. Pressure should be put on Turkish courts to close this case and the Turkish state should be sued instead, and brought to account for attacks that go against human rights.”