“It is the AKP/MHP regime that should be prosecuted in Kobanê trial, not the HDP”

Viyan Çiyazan fought in the Kobanê resistance against ISIS. Regarding the Kobanê trial in Turkey, she says, "It's not the HDP that needs to be prosecuted, but the fascist AKP/MHP regime that supports terror."

When ISIS was at the gates of Kobanê in late summer 2014, Viyan Çiyazan, like many other young women, went to the front lines of the YPJ (Women’s Defense Units) to defend the city. Even after the victory of Kobanê, she stayed to continue the fight. Viyan Çiyazan went to Raqqa and participated in the liberation offensive. There she was injured and has been paraplegic ever since. ANF spoke with the fighter about the resistance of Kobanê, the importance of the uprisings in North Kurdistan and the consequences of the victory over ISIS.

How did you get involved in the Kobanê resistance?

In September 2014, the brutal mercenaries of ISIS attacked the city of Kobanê with the support of the Turkish state. Human rights were suspended in these attacks. The ISIS wanted to establish a "state" according to its own understanding of Islam and gain domination over the Middle East. But when the resistance of Kobanê broke out, it spread to the whole world and formed a massive global solidarity movement. 

As a Kurdish woman, I wanted to join this resistance and fulfill this dignified duty like any human being with a conscience. Therefore, I went to the front and joined the fight for Kobanê. The first thing we did was shout the slogans "Bijî Serok Apo" [Long Live Leader Öcalan] and "Bijî Berxwedana Kobanê" [Long Live Kobanê Resistance].Then, as the fighting intensified, I picked up my gun and joined the battle. We were all very excited. We gave our word to liberate Kobanê. 

How did the defense of Kobanê turn into a popular uprising and thousands of people in North Kurdistan crossed the borders and joined in? What was decisive for the victory?

With the beginning of the attacks on Kobanê, the people in the North flocked to the border in the spirit of an uprising to defend the city of the Kurdish Spring, Kobanê. From young to old - this solidarity did not break until the victory. Attacks by the Turkish regime on the support actions have killed 37 people.

Especially after the call to mobilize for Kobanê, young people from the North formed themselves into human shields by the hundreds and turned their faces towards Kobanê. As fighters, we were filled with joy and excitement when we saw the tremendous support of our people at the border. Thanks to the resistance of these people, our morale and motivation increased even more. All of us who fought around the clock at the front, who did not sleep for days, who could not eat anything, received incredible energy from our people at the border despite all these difficulties. This energy led to the epic resistance of Kobanê.

When a companion fell beside us, we renewed our pledge to liberate Kobanê. The hearts of millions beat for Kobanê. Thanks to the efforts and sacrifices of selfless martyrs, a victory was won in Kobanê. Of course, we received the strength and will to achieve and maintain this victory from Rêber Apo (Abdullah Öcalan). Of course, the commitment of women from all over the world, socialist and internationalist people from everywhere who took their place in the resistance front also played a decisive role. The support of all people in Kurdistan, especially from the North, also contributed to the victory.

When the defeat of ISIS in Kobanê became apparent, the Turkish state proceeded with a wave of detentions against the protesters. What do you think was the reason for this?

The ISIS and the AKP/MHP regime were accomplices in the attack on Kobanê. With this attack, they wanted to commit genocide against the Kurdish people. Black flags were intended to fly over Kobanê. The resistance of the YPG and YPJ and the support of the people of northern Kurdistan thwarted these plans. So it can be said that with Kobanê, the dignity of humanity was preserved. When Erdoğan, the head of this fascist gang, said that Kobanê would fall, the Kurdish mothers and the youth who tore down the border fence and stormed into Kobanê gave him the appropriate answer. Erdoğan's fascist dreams were shattered.

The Turkish state had expected the ISIS attacks to wipe out the Kurdish people. Its plans failed and the ISIS project blew up in its face. Before the eyes of the entire world, the Turkish state had encouraged the ISIS. When it was defeated, the regime suffered a real syndrome and brutally attacked the Kurdish people and their political representation. In this way, it wanted to take revenge on the HDP and Kurdish politicians for its defeat in Kobanê. On the basis of the so-called Kobanê trial, 108 deputies and democracy advocates have been indicted.

What do you think about the intentions behind the trial?

The purpose of this trial is to liquidate the HDP. It is the fascist AKP/MHP regime that should be prosecuted, not the HDP. Because it was this regime that wanted to raise dark clouds over humanity by its support for the ISIS. This attitude should be brought to justice in Europe. The HDP has fulfilled its duty in the Kobanê resistance. It has stood against the ISIS, which seeks to destroy the values of humanity with its constructed understanding of Islam. It is the policy of AKP and MHP that must be condemned. What do they want from the HDP, which fights for unity, freedom and equality?

The de facto situation is that all democratic and free-minded people and especially resisting women are on trial as representatives of the criminalized Kurdish politicians. The Kobanê trial has been constructed in order to defame the HDP as a terror supporter and to destroy it through a plot. The regime knows only too well that the HDP has shed light on the dirty government policies. All the defenders of freedom and democracy, our people who acted as human shields at the border, should show solidarity with HDP and support them. They should be in permanent action to save their elected deputies from this plot.

Is there anything else you want to say?

For years, the Turkish state and NATO member countries have been dreaming of achieving their goal and destroying the freedom movement. It is now 2021 and they still have not been able to fulfill this dream. The freedom movement continues its struggle today stronger than ever. Turkish fascism is trying to liquidate the Kurdish people and the freedom movement with the help of MIT (Turkish Intelligence) and various traitors. With the successes in Heftanin and Gare, the racist dreams of the Turkish state came to an abrupt end. The regime suffered massive political, military and economic losses. The AKP/MHP fascism, which could not stop bragging about its technology, failed with it against the Gare resistance.

Since April 23, 2021, these troops have been attacking Metina, Zap and Avashin. What a coincidence that this attack started just before the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. This is to send the message that they want to slaughter us just like the Armenians. The attacks on the guerrilla areas cannot be considered separately from attacks on other parts of Kurdistan. This is because they are precisely planned and part of a series of attacks throughout Kurdistan. Of course, these attacks are carried out jointly with the KDP and the United States. These forces are attacking because they see that the PKK is an obstacle to their racist and power-oriented way of thinking.

The peoples of the Middle East should not forget that their salvation lies not in the states but in the ideas of the PKK. The guerrillas have mastered state-of-the-art war tactics and are trained in the ideology of Leader Öcalan. It will thwart the plans of the states. All peoples, especially the Arab people, should condemn the Turkish state, not accept these attacks and support the guerrilla resistance.”