Autonomous Administration condemns Turkish attacks and threats

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria said the Turkish state wants to hinder efforts for a solution to the crisis in Syria with their threats of invasion and attacks.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria issued a written statement and condemned the Turkish state’s invasion attacks, threats and military stockpiling.

The statement said, “Turkey wants to destroy peace and security in the region with their policies of invasion. The Turkish state’s stockpiling at the Gire Spi border and their threats against Shehba and Til Rifat where hundreds of thousands of Afrin residents live are a continuation of the invasion policy and aim to hinder the efforts for a solution to the Syrian crisis.”

The Autonomous Administration added, “The AKP government wants to transfer the deep domestic crisis abroad with these threats. Erdogan wants to hide his crisis and defeats from the public and in a bid to divert attentions, supports gang groups in Syria as well as ordering invasion attacks.”

The statement also pointed to the Turkish state’s attacks in Iraq and Libya: “The Turkish state attacks in Iraq and Libya show that Turkey wants to disrupt the region and achieve their interests thusly.

As the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, we stress that the only path to a peaceful solution is through dialogue and we announce that we do not accept any invasion attacks or threats in any way. We are calling on the international powers and legal organizations in the name of the peoples and faiths in the region to clarify their stance on the Turkish state’s constant threats and attacks against the peoples of the region. Our people will continue to work for a democratic solution to all of Syria with every means they have.

All democratic powers should put forth a joint stance against the chaos Turkey creates in the region and to pressure Erdogan to return to dialogue. We stress that we will defend all gains by the people in North and East Syria.”