AANES: National dialogue is needed for a solution in Syria

Speaking at the 4th congress of the MSD in Raqqa, Hisên Osman, Co-Chair of the Executive Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, said that national dialogue should be established to end the suffering in Syria.

Hisên Osman, Co-Chair of the Executive Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES), spoke at the 4th Congress of the Syrian Democratic Assembly (MSD) in Raqqa.

Noting that the crisis that has been going on in Syria for more than 10 years has caused great suffering, Osman said, "The pain and suffering of Syrians still continues and we are still far from finding a solution or agreement as a result of the intervention of local and international powers."

Remarking that the governance model implemented in North and East Syria is the most appropriate solution to end the conflict, Osman pointed out that the Autonomous Administration is a national project based on justice, equality and the creation of a democratic Syria.

Osman continued: "The Autonomous Administration experience is a clear national model that strengthens Syria's national identity and unity. This project has resisted all attempts of political and social genocide and confusion."

Osman stressed that the current conditions, the plans and conspiracies of the anti-democratic forces, the constant threats and attacks of Turkey and the occupation of the region are a clear policy aimed at destroying the experience of the local people and destroying their hopes. He remarked that the people’s struggle against terrorism and for the establishment of a democratic Syria is the basis of the social and geographical solution.

Osman pointed out that the organisation of the congress and the remarkable participation are proof of the reality of the direction the region is heading, adding: "The MSD is the successful umbrella of Syria and has proven that it can overcome the Syrian reality. The opposition, which aims to move towards democracy, is far from offering a solution. The war against the MSD has caused great difficulties, but the important thing is that these obstacles have not become barriers to development."

"We believe that the MSD, which has struggled in difficult years, will be successful and can become an umbrella," Osman said, wishing the congress to be successful and a strong start for this process and the hopes of the people.

Osman emphasised that accepting moderation in dialogue and insisting on maintaining it as a strategy is the way to win in the end.

Suhêl Senûh, executive member of the Syrian Women's Assembly, also spoke and said: "The Syrian crisis has prolonged and expanded. Thousands of people have been victimised. For more than 10 years this crisis has been going on and no effort has been made to find a solution. At the same time, there has been no national will to resolve this crisis."

Suhêl Senûh called on all Syrians to unite and actively participate in the process of creating a political solution, "Syrian women have played an important role in making the voice of women heard. They took part in all areas of life. They were pioneers in the war. All women should be given the opportunity to create peace and a constitution as representatives of this country."