96 legal and civil society institutions call for the closure of North-East Syrian airspace

Syria's 96 legal and civil society institutions reacted to Turkey's attacks on North and East Syria and called for the closure of the region's airspace.

96 legal institutions and civil society organizations in Syria protested against Turkey's attacks on North and East Syria.

The statement said that Turkey carried out a comprehensive attack on the territory of North and East Syria using armed unmanned aerial vehicles, artillery and mortars. The statement added that Syrian airspace and Syria's independence were violated according to international rules and standards, and that Turkey's attacks caused great damage to the infrastructure of the region, strategic buildings, health centers, service institutions, private and public properties. As a result of the attacks, many citizens were killed and dozens of others were injured.

The statement made the following appeal to the UN and all institutions and organizations concerned with human rights: "Close the airspace of the region against the attacks of the occupying Turkish state. Remove the forces of the Turkish state from Syrian territory. Establish a committee to investigate the crimes committed by the occupying Turkish state in the region. North and East  Syrian components, institutions and legal organizations, stand up against the attacks."