90 thousand students deprived of education due to latest Turkish attacks on North-East Syria

In a statement regarding the bombardment of the occupying Turkish state, the Education and Training Committee in North-East Syria announced that 89 thousand 418 students could not go to school.

The Education and Training Committee of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria made a press statement regarding the wave of attacks carried out by the occupying Turkish state against the region on 23-25 December.

The statement was read in Arabic and Kurdish in front of the Committee building in Raqqa.

Semira Hec Ali, Co-Chairperson of the Education and Training Committee, who read the statement in Kurdish, stated that the occupying Turkish state constantly attacked service, health and education centres.

Semira Hec Ali stated that the attacks were against all human standards and international laws and drew attention to the impact of the attacks on education, saying: "The aggression had a great impact on education, especially in the border areas. The planes of the occupying Turkish state bombed the Simav printing house, which printed textbooks. 5 employees were martyred. Education was stopped in 712 schools in Cizre, Euphrates and Afrin/Shehba cantons. 89 thousand 418 students were deprived of education."