HPG warns village guards against participation in Turkey’s invasion of guerrilla areas

HPG issued a warning to village guards not to take part in the planned large-scale invasion of the Medya Defence Zones, stating: “Those who betray their own people will sooner or later be brought to account.”

The People's Defence Forces (HPG) warned the village guards [local Kurdish villagers who are used against the guerrillas either by force or for a lot of money in the service of the Turkish army] against participating in the Turkish occupation of the guerrilla-held the Medya Defence Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

The statement released by the HPG Press Office on Monday said the following:

“The invasion operations developed by the occupying Turkish army against the Medya Defence Zones in the last three years have been inconclusive in the face of the historic resistance of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas. In particular, the Revolutionary Operations and effective actions developed by the guerrillas since autumn have dealt heavy and crushing blows to the occupying army, and the occupiers have become unable to hold on against the guerrillas. The occupying army, which wants to overcome this blockage, is again trying to resort to familiar methods, to involve the village guards in the occupation operation in the Medya Defence Zones and to use them by driving them to the front lines.

With this policy, the occupying Turkish state aims to create a counter-guerrilla army from the village guards. In recent days, the names of some of the village guards brought to the Medya Defence Zones have been reflected in the press. We are aware of the names of other village guards who have been and are being brought to the Medya Defence Zones. We warn all village guards who have been brought to the Medya Defence Zones and those who are trying to be brought there. No village guard should accept to be taken out of his own village, to be used in occupation attacks in different areas, like an orderly of the occupying army, should not participate in these operations developed for the occupation of Bashûrê (Southern) Kurdistan, should not come to the Medya Defence Zones and should not enter the positions of the occupying army, which are the target of the guerrilla. In history, no one who has knowingly and willingly used weapons against his own people and committed treason by playing a role in the occupation of his country could escape the accountability of the revolutionary forces. It should be known that the village guards who will play a sinister role in this way will also be judged one day and brought to account.”