HPG reports continued Turkish and Iranian attacks on guerrilla areas

The Turkish army carried out 78 attacks by combat helicopters and nine attacks with chemical weapons while the Iranian army is also attacking guerrilla areas in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) on Monday.

According to the press centre of the People's Defence Forces (HPG), Turkish combat helicopters carried out 78 attacks on guerrilla areas in southern Kurdistan on Monday, in addition to nine chemical weapons attacks and dozens of artillery attacks by the Turkish army. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards also continue to bombard the Xakurke region, using howitzers and mortar shells. The guerrilla forces of HPG and YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops) continue to resist the Turkish army invasion launched in mid-April, and five soldiers were killed in the Zap region on Monday.

In its daily statement in Kurdistan, the HPG gave the following details about the ongoing war in Southern Kurdistan on 3 October:

Guerrilla actions in the Zap region

In the resistance area of Sîda, one soldier was shot dead by a guerrilla sniper unit and another soldier was killed in an action carried out with heavy weapons. In Saca, mobile guerrilla groups carried out a coordinated action against the invading forces. The first action group used heavy weapons and killed two soldiers. When a Turkish unit tried to intervene, the second group came into action and shot another soldier. In the evening, guerrilla fighters shot at a transport helicopter that was about to airdrop troops in the resistance area of Saca. The airborne operation was thus prevented.

Attacks by the Turkish army in Zap and Metîna

The latest Turkish attacks with chemical weapons were directed against guerrilla positions in the Sîda and Çemço areas in the Zap region. The helicopter attacks affected Saca, Karker, Şehîd Fedakar, Girê Hekarî and Girê Amêdî. The areas of Çemço and Girê Hekarî were also attacked dozens of times with howitzers, mortars and tanks. In the Karker area, the Turkish army again tried to demolish guerrilla positions with construction machinery. Drones were observed in the airspace over Zap and Metîna.

Attacks by the Iranian Army in Xakurke

The Iranian army has been attacking Hornê and Girê Berbizinê in the Goşînê area in the Xakurke region with howitzers and mortars since Monday morning.