Eighty-year-old Beşiri Yıldırım arrested after being tortured

Beşiri Yıldırım, 80, who was tortured in the village of Timoq, was arrested.

Beşir Yıldırım (80), who was detained in the raid carried out by Turkish soldiers in the village of Timoq inf Kozluk, in the province of Batman on 31 March, was detained and brought to Batman Provincial Security Directorate, where he went to sign for judicial control practices.

Yıldırım was transferred to the Criminal Judgeship of Peace with a request for arrest by the prosecutor's office, from which he was dismissed. Yıldırım was arrested on charges of "membership in a terrorist organization".

Yahya Karabaş, who was tortured for 4 days after being detained by the soldiers on 15 April in the village of Timoq, was arrested after being detained for the third time.

The Turkish state's blockade and attacks on the village continue.