Private Koçpınar: The commander met with Ogün Samast

Private Recep Koçpınar gave a deposition in the hearing as a witness and said he saw Sergeant Satılmış Sahin speaking with Ogün Samast.

The case of the murder of Hrant Dink, Armenian journalist and Agos newspaper’s editor in chief, continued with the 92nd hearing held today. The police, intelligence and gendarmerie officials with responsibility in the matter are on trial, and in today’s hearing Adem Polat, who was a private in the Trabzon Province Gendarmerie at the time of the murder, gave a deposition as a witness over the video conferencing system SEGBIS. Polat said the Pelitli town was under their responsibility and that they had set up a mobile outpost.


Private Recep Koçpınar from the Trabzon Province Gendarmerie Command gave a deposition after Private Polat. Koçpınar also spoke through the videoconferencing system and said he saw Ogün Samast before the Dink murder. He said: “I was in the car, we were in the Pelitli town. Commander Satılmış said ‘How are you Ogün?’ and he said, ‘I’m fine’.”

Satılmış (Volkan) Sahin took the stand and denied seeing Ogün Samast.

Koçpınar said: “I saw with my own eyes that Commander Satılmış spoke with Ogün Samast. Why would I lie.”