Appeal from journalists in Sêrekaniyê to international community

Journalists in Sêrekaniyê said that civilians lost their lives in the Turkish air and land attacks last night and that they could not reach the areas where civilians were massacred due to the intense movement of war and reconnaissance planes.

The invasion of the Turkish army against Northern and Eastern Syria, which began on 9 October, has entered its 4th day.

So far, 14 civilians have died and hundreds of civilians have been wounded. Especially in attacks targeting civilian settlements, the loss of lives increases by day.

Journalists in Sêrekaniyê reported that they could not follow the news due to intense attacks and that many civilians lost their lives in air and artillery attacks.

Calling on international forces to stop the war, the journalists said: "The clashes in Sêrekaniyê have tripled in comparison with the first day. In some areas where bombings were carried out, civilians lost their lives. However, due to the activity of war and reconnaissance planes, we are unable to reach the areas where civilians are massacred.

We, the journalists in Serekaniyê, call on the international public to act and stop this war thus to prevent further killing of civilian people."