"We educate our children for the first time as Yazidis"

The "Mala Êzidî" in the Cizîre region of northern Syria has for the first time set up an educational program on Yazidi culture and religion in Tirbespiyê.

For the first time in the the Cizîre Region, the Mala Êzidî (Yazidi Hause) in Tirbespiyê has launched an educational program on Yazidi culture and religion. The program, named after the fallen Yazidi HPG fighter Lava Cendo, is attended by about 40 Yazidi people of different ages.

The Cizîrê Region Religious Affairs Office has published a textbook named “Êzîdiyatî” (Yazidiness) in Kurdish. The book deals with the Yazidi culture, tradition and religion.

Nesîm Şemo from the Education Committee describes how ISIS attacked the main settlement area of ​​the Yazidis in the Middle East on August 3, 2014 to destroy the Yazidi society. Now he teaches children the Yazidi culture and faith in their native language.

The co-chair of Mala Êzidî in the Cizîrê region, Leyla Ibrahim, comments on the new educational offer: "For the first time, we train children as per Yazidi religion and culture."

Eleven-year-old Sewsen Selo, who is attending classes, says it makes him very happy to learn his culture in his native language, and thanked everyone who has contributed to this service.